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EU’s Geographical Indications Scheme Offers Wide Range Of Benefits: Study
The evaluation is a “backwardlooking exercise”; it covers the period from May 2008 to the end of 2020. It assesses the extent to which the GI and TSG policy has achieved its objectives, and examines the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value of the GI and TSG framework.
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USDA Providing $1.5 Billion For School Meal Programs To Purchase Food
With funding made available through USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), USDA will provide $1 billion for schools to purchase food for their meal programs and another $300 million for states to purchase foods to be distributed to schools. An additional $200 million will be used for cooperative agreements.
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Milk Production Fell 0.1% In November; October Revision Turns Production Decline Into Increase
For the entire US, November milk production totaled 18.0 billion pounds, down 0.4 percent from November 2020. October’s production estimate was revised up by 110 million pounds, so output was up 0.1 percent from October 2020, rather than down 0.5 percent as initially estimated.
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US Expected To Become Leading Skim Milk Powder Exporter In 2021
Skim milk powder/nonfat dry milk shipments through October had already reached 689,000 tons (1.52 billion pounds), accounting for nearly one-third of the $6.4 billion of dairy exports already shipped, the report noted. For the year, SMP exports are forecast to reach a record 887,000 tons (1.
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Inflation Is Everywhere, Except in the Dairy Case
The folks at Merriam-Webster (which describes itself as “America’s leading provider of language information”) have declared “vaccine” to be their “Word of the Year” for 2021, following up on their declaration of “pandemic” as the word of the year in 2020.
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Past Issues
Jen Pino-Gallagher, Bob Cropp, Brandis Wasvick, Dan Strongin, John Umhoefer You can e-mail our contributors at: [email protected]
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Global Dairy Trade Price Index Falls 1.5%; Only Whole Milk Powder Declines
In this week’s GDT auction, which featured 158 participating bidders and 117 winning bidders, prices were higher for Cheddar cheese, skim milk powder, butter, anhydrous milkfat and lactose; and lower for whole milk powder. Buttermilk powder wasn’t offered on this week’s auction, and an average price wasn’t available for sweet whey powder.
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2022 Shaping Up For Higher Milk Prices
But prices started to rally after that reaching $1.9475 per pound only to fall back to now at $1.86. Cheddar barrels were $1.75 per pound early November and had fallen to $1.4450 mid-November. They rallied reaching $1.6925 per pound early December, but they also have fallen to $1.
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Dec. 20, 1996: Fort Lee, NJ—.
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Virginia, Maryland Offering Aid To Dairy Farmers Signing Up For DMC Coverage
“This reimbursement removes some of the volatility for producers while also providing risk management for dairy farms,” Copenhaver said.
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USDA Makes Available New Dairy Export Certificates For Products Destined For EU
The new EU dairy export certificates for US dairy product exports destined for or transiting through the EU are available through USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) Agriculture Trade Licensing & Attestation Solution (ATLAS) web-based software.
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Jeff Giffin, Bob & Richard Wagner To Receive Cheese
Dederich has also played a significant role in advocating for supplier and cheese manufacturer participation in WCMA through membership and activities, and worked to encourage the growth and development of the Championship Cheese Auction. He served on the WCMA board of directors from 2006-2011.
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Hagerty most recently served as executive vice president of Performance Food Group and CEO of Vistar since 2018..
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ACS Cheese Contest Returns With New Category, More Specific Sub-Categories
“We’re looking forward to maybe dividing up more of the International Styles to reflect the fact that people are using two different cultures to create a hybrid from two European Styles like Gouda and Manchego; Parmesan and Havarti; things like that are coming through,” Greeley said.
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Jerrold “Jerry” Meissner,.
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FSMA Preventive Controls For Human Food Course To Be Feb. 15-17 Online
The course will be led by staff from Cornell Dairy Foods Extension and the Cornell Institute for Food Safety. Instructors will cover topics like food safety plans, GMPs, and biological food safety hazards, along with chemical, physical and economically-motivated hazards.
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Registration Open For WCMA Spring Front-Line Leadership Training Courses
“Research shows a clear link between training and worker retention – and WCMA members know from firsthand experience the value of keeping great employees,” said Rebekah Sweeney, WCMA senior director of programs and policy..
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Port of Los Angeles’ Gene Seroka Will Talk Supply Challenges At Dairy Forum
A partial list of industry leaders slated to speak includes Émile Cordeau, Agropur Cooperative; Patrick Criteser, Tillamook County Creamery Association; Tim Doelman, Fairlife; Ron Dunford, Schreiber Foods; Pedro Goncalves, Tetra Pak; Sheryl Meshke, AMPI; Philomena Satre, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
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NYSCMA 2020 Spring Meeting Is March 7-8 In Syracuse, NY
Online registration for the twoday meeting will begin early next month. The hotel reservation deadline is Friday, Feb. 4, 2020..
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• New York State Cheese Manufacturers Association:.
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Classified Advertisements should be placed by Thursday for the Friday issue. Classified ads charged at $0.75 per word. Display Classified advertisements charged at per column inch rate. For more information, call 608-316-3792 or email [email protected]
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While many retailers published advs covering two weeks ahead of the holidays, total conventional dairy ads slipped 20 percent from last week, and organic dairy ads melted away 33 percent. The most advertised dairy item this week is conventional ice cream in 48- to 64-ounce containers.
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In general, NDM market tones are bullish based on limited availability..
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Butter operations are likely to cash in on the extra cream and ramp up production this week. Demand in the foodservice and retail sectors has not shown a significant decline, as of yet, but remains rather steady. Active buyer purchases appear to address Q1 2022 butter needs.
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Nonfat Dry Milk Comment:.
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