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Ithaca, NY—Cornell will host its Preventive Controls for Human Food FSMA Qualified Individual Training course Feb. 15-17, 2022 live via video conference.

Participants will receive a certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials certifying their training as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual.

The course will be led by staff from Cornell Dairy Foods Extension and the Cornell Institute for Food Safety. Instructors will cover topics like food safety plans, GMPs, and biological food safety hazards, along with chemical, physical and economically-motivated hazards.

Students will go through the exercise of developing a food safety plan and hazard analysis/preventive controls determination.

Time will also be devoted to process preventive controls, food allergen preventive controls determination, sanitation controls, environmental monitoring and supplier preventive controls.

The final day of the course will wrap up with verification and validation procedures, record-keeping procedures and establishing a recall plan. A final course wrap-up will be followed by the exam.

Tuition is $725-$880 for in-state registrants and $880-$1,100 for out-of-state registrants.

Cornell will host three more workshops in 2022 to accommodate students. An in-person course will take place May 17-19 on the Cornell campus. Instructor-led live video workshops will also be held Aug. 9-11 and Nov. 8-10.

To register online and for a complete list of 2022 dairy workshops, visit

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