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While many retailers published advs covering two weeks ahead of the holidays, total conventional dairy ads slipped 20 percent from last week, and organic dairy ads melted away 33 percent. The most advertised dairy item this week is conventional ice cream in 48- to 64-ounce containers. The national average price for 1-pound conventional butter is $2.95, down 14 cents from last week. The national average price of organic 1-pound butter is $5.69.

Total conventional cheese ads were frozen from last week. However, conventional 8-ounce shreds and blocks each grew in ad numbers, while ads for 1-pound and 2-pound packages fell. The average price for conventional 8-ounce shred cheese is $2.37, 13 cents higher than last week. The average price for conventional 8-ounce block cheese is $2.43, down 2 cents.

This week, conventional yogurt ad numbers dropped 49 percent, while organic yogurt ads grew 88 percent. A multitude of ads for regular organic yogurt in 32-ounce containers appeared this week, up 540 percent. Advertisers took away 26 percent of the total conventional milk ads and 52 percent of the organic milk ads compared to last week.

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