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US Codex Office Seeks Comments On Draft Guidelines To Control STEC In Raw Milk Cheese
Among the items on the agenda for the 52nd session of the CCFH that will be discussed during next month’s US Codex Office meeting,.
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Number Of Milk Samples Testing Positive For Drug Residues Declines
The Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) requires that all bulk milk tankers and/or all raw milk supplies that have not been transported in bulk milk tankers, regardless of final use, be sampled and analyzed for animal drug residues before the milk is processed.
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USDA, DOT Urge Ocean Carriers To End Reduced And Poor Service For US Ag Commodities
Ocean carriers have made fewer containers available for US agricultural commodities, repeatedly changed return dates and charged unfair fees as the ocean carriers short-circuited the usual pathways and rushed containers back to be exported empty, according to USDA and the US Department of Transportation (DOT).
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November PPDs All Positive; Class III Volume Highest Since Aug. 2019
That’s the highest monthly Class III volume for those seven orders since August 2019, when it totaled 5.4 billion pounds. Since then, Class III volume on the seven orders has only been above 4.0 billion pounds six times, including four months in 2020 (January, March, April and May) and two months in 2021 (August and September).
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Past Issues
Jen Pino-Gallagher, Bob Cropp, Brandis Wasvick, Dan Strongin, John Umhoefer You can e-mail our contributors at: [email protected].
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US Butter Trade Seems Nicely Balanced, At Least For Now
During the first 10 months of 2021, the US exported 83.4 million pounds of butter, up an impressive 122 percent from the first 10 months of 2020. Also during the first 10 months of 2021, the US imported 81.9 million pounds, up 9 percent from a year earlier.
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Administration Launches Plan To Strengthen US Trucking Workforce
The agencies are accelerating the expansion of Registered Apprenticeship programs for drivers that put more skilled, safe drivers on the road; taking immedicate steps to address the pandemicdriven delays in getting a commercial driver’s license...
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Frozen Dessert Brand Coolhaus Acquired By The Urgent Co.
Since 2009, Coolhaus has disrupted frozen dairy with innovative novelties, bringing its social mission to the forefront of its products, according to The Urgent Company. The company’s products include Sammies (sandwiches), cones and pints, and it makes both dairy and dairy-free products.
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Simulation Models Can Evaluate Effects Of Bioprotective Culture On Yogurt Spoilage
Spoilage of yogurt by yeast poses a problem for the dairy industry that includes economic losses from wasted product, the article pointed out. Understanding the effects of factors such as storage conditions, yeast species, and bioprotective cultures on yeast spoilage can help yogurt producers make decisions that improve quality and minimize loss.
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Dec. 16, 2011: Brussels, Belgium—Hundreds.
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Resilient Demand, Slowing Growth In Milk Supplies To Boost 2022 Prices
Milk supplies in the US and around the world will tighten in 2022 as dairy farmers reduce herd sizes in response to declining margins, the report noted. European and New Zealand milk production in particular will continue to face headwinds with stricter environmental regulations discouraging any growth in cow numbers.
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BelGioioso Cheese To Renovate In Schenectady County, NY, Add Cold Storage Space
BelGioioso Cheese will renovate Building 403, a 120,000-square-foot building located at the Glenville Business & Tech Park. The renovated building will include 60,000 square feet of new cold storage/cooler space plus offices and room for future xpansion.
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Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program Finds No Violative Milk Samples
In fiscal 2019, FDA also analyzed 365 animal food samples for pesticides. The agency found that 98.4 percent of domestic and 95.4 percent of import food samples were compliant with federal standards. No pesticide chemical residues were found in 40.9 percent of the domestic and 43.
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ParmCrisps Brand Acquired By Hain Celestial Group
The total purchase price is approximately $259 million. That’s How We Roll generated approximately $108 million of net sales for the 12 months ended Sept. 30, 2021, and is expected to generate mid-teens net sales growth in calendar year 2022, according to the Hain Celestial Group.
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EU Milk Production Growth To Slow; EU To Remain Top Cheese Exporter
Over the next decade, EU milk production will need to comply with higher environmental standards, leading to emissions’ reduction, also via reduced replacement rates, the report said.
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Merieux NutriSciences Acquires Dyad Labs
“We are enthusiastic about having the talented team at Dyad Labs join us and welcome them to our network of laboratories,” said Sebastien Moulard, president of Merieux NutriSciences, North America.”This acquisition supports our position as a major player in the dietary supplement market and strengthens our presence in the United States.
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Nominations For Milk Processor Promotion Board Due Jan. 14
The geographic regions with vacancies are Region 1 – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont; Region 4 – Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina; Region 7 – Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin; and Region 10 – Texas.
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He brings over 15 years of executive leadership experience in the specialty food category, most recently serving as president and chief operator of Roland Foods, a specialty importer and distributor. Hawes started his cheese industry career at Artisanal Premium Cheese in 2003, and later with Larkin Cold Storage in 2006.
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Few Policies Affecting Food Bank Donations Prioritize Nutrition: Report
The coronavirus pandemic has triggered unprecedented financial and health hardship for millions of US households and placed tremendous stress on the charitable food system (CFS), the report noted. At least 60 million individuals turned to the CFS in 2020, and food banks are serving 55 percent more people than before the pandemic.
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FDA To Open Voluntary Qualified Importer Program Application Portal On Jan. 1, 2022
The VQIP is a voluntary feebased program that provides expedited review and import entry of human and animal foods into the US for participating importers. Those importers are able to import their products to the US with greater speed and predictability, avoiding unexpected delays at the point of import entry, FDA noted.
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World Championship Cheese Contest Adds New Curd Category, More Classes
The marketer/processor would be noted in a secondary position to the cheese maker. Processors that cut and package products applicable to the categories for shredded cheese may directly enter these classes The shipping deadline is Feb. 16. Entries are sent to WOW Logistics Warehouse in Little Chute, WI.
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Finland’s Valio Launching Project To Research Potential Of Cellular Agriculture
The new joint project by Valio and VTT will develop technology for biotechnologically produced proteins. In the method, the producer organism, such as a fungus, is instructed to produce the desired protein. To live in the fermentation tank, the fungus uses sugar and other nutrients, and secretes protein into the growth medium.
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Cacique Changes Company Name To Cacique Foods LLC
The name change follows the company’s recent groundbreaking for an $88 million dairy processing facility in Amarillo, TX.
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Neogen To Combine 3M’s Food Safety Business With Its Existing Operations
Neogen is a leading food security company with product offerings spanning food safety, animal safety and genomics. The company’s food safety solutions include rapid diagnostics for the detection of unintended substances, sanitation verification tools and pathogen tests.
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PLMA Cancels Live Trade Show; Online Version March 28-31
The show was scheduled for Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2022. Outbreak of the new Omicron variant, coupled with the negative effects of COVID-19 on business travel, prompted PLMA to scrap the show for a second time. It was originally scheduled to be here last month..
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CheeseExpo Expands Education Lineup; Early Registration Deadline Is Feb. 1
Krysta Harden, president and CEO of USDEC, will moderate the RELCO Opening Keynote on April 13. Harden will lead a panel of industry executives exploring opportunities for US dairy processors to advance international sales and sustainability efforts..
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• Feb. 6-8: New Date & Location -.
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Classified Advertisements should be placed by Thursday for the Friday issue. Classified ads charged at $0.75 per word. Display Classified advertisements charged at per column inch rate. For more information, call 608-316-3792 or email [email protected]
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‘Tis the season for more dairy retail ads. Conventional and organic dairy ad numbers increased by 13 and 23 percent, respectively. Conventional ice cream, in 48- to 64-ounce containers, is the most advertised dairy item this week. The most ads in the organic section were for milk half-gallon bottles, which had an average advertised price was $4.
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USDA Seeks Butter, Fluid Milk For Delivery In First Quarter Of 2022
Offers are due on Jan. 4, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. Central time. On Wednesday, USDA invited offers to sell a total of 16,200 half gallons of fresh fluid 2 percent milk for use in federal food and nutrition assistance programs.
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Australia, United Kingdom Sign Free Trade Deal That Liberalizes Dairy Trade
“While the Australian dairy industry has no expectations of a return to levels of trade seen prior to the UK entering the European Union, what is envisioned are the emergence of high value, niche opportunities, leveraging our counter seasonal supply to the Northern Hemisphere,” said Grant Crothers, ADIC deputy chair.
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Nonfat Dry Milk Comment:.
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