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Context, Because it Matters
Lower the Confederate battle flag — from the official places of reverence across the Deep South, from your front porch and the back window of your pickup, from your bumpers and dorm rooms and belt buckles and ball caps.
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The People of Diversion
When it comes to the people caught up in our criminal justice system, the first 24 hours are the most crucial. From the second a person is locked behind bars, a countdown is underway for them to get released from jail in 24 hours or less.
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Edwards, who leads the Democratic Caucus in the House, runs second in nearly every poll and is Vitter’s most likely opponent. However, Edwards’s campaign is hampered by a lack of name recognition and lackluster fund-raising.
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Binge for breakfast
It’s been a general rule of mine over the years that if a restaurant has a specific dish in the name, you don’t order anything other than that dish and expect a positive result. Obvious exceptions abound, but if you go to Catfish Shack (Chevy Tahoe Time Machine back to Lafayette circa 1995) don’t order anything other than fried catfish.
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A Poboy By Another Name
Even Son Do, owner and proprietor of Do’s Deli in the South College Shopping Center, can’t quite explain what took so long for banh mi to truly arrive in Lafayette.
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Sizzlin’ supper
There’s nary a better spectacle in dining than a sizzling hot plate arriving with seared goodies to your table.
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Belly up to the lunch bar
Perhaps more so than lunchtime traffic, finding a midday meal that won’t sit in your belly like a bowling ball is a nearly insurmountable challenge. Let’s face it, you drive out of any parking lot in Acadiana and run smack into a gauntlet of burger temptations, mocking your dietary discipline.
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To Boldy Go
More than 100 years ago, conventional wisdom was that building a utility system in a one-horse town like Lafayette wasn’t a good idea. The big corporations that provided electricity decided that it wouldn’t pay them enough to bring light to the city, and so they told Lafayette’s people they would just have to wait.
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What’s next: citywide WiFi?
“There has to be a blend here of offering this to the community, but more importantly helping us grow our business,” Huval says. “It needs to be tied into our continued success in expanding our customer accounts with fiber, because that’s what is funding it.
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What I know for sure is that when I wake up in the morning I stand up straight rather than bent at the waist, creaky and stiff. I am stronger and more agile than when I moved to Lafayette five years ago from the San Francisco Bay area. I was not a couch potato in California.
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Jeffery McCullough comes from a very small town in Georgia. Educated at Georgia Southern University as a designer, he has divided his time among Atlanta, New York City and Lafayette over the last decade. Though sadly he is relocating to NYC, the show isn’t over, as McCullough will continue to call Lafayette his part-time home.
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All About That Base
Ain’t no size 2s around here. Curvy girls heat it up this summer in flirty rompers, bold-colored dresses and carefree prints. Look for shapes that work with your natural assets, a pair of sexy heels and just a bit of bling to take easy dresses from office to evening.
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Amp up your Fourth of July style with versatile local FINDs that will work whether you’re bound for the beach, a boat or a barbecue and last long after the fireworks finale. Genterie Supply Co.
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I never have been a size 2. Not once. Ever. I was a little girl, and then I was a woman. I’m a healthy size 12 these days and super proud about it. And so whenever Yours truely (at right in Vanessa V. dress) showing a skeptical Carrie Leonard how to strike a pose.
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A New Nest
A sweet new shop has landed in Downtown Lafayette filled with funky pieces and a fresh young vibe. Shop Three Little Birds set up shop on Vermilion Street at the former Genterie Supply Co. (the menswear store moved to Jefferson Street into a larger space and began carrying womenswear just months ago).
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The Bacchanalia at Petroleum Club brought out supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters for a wine soirée. The event included a wine tasting competition with varieties from crisp whites to rich reds. Liz Webb Hebert was looking refined in a little black dress while Nancy Barker was summer effortless in a chic jumpsuit.
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Between ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’
Bryce Romero knows what he wants — a career on the silver screen — and he’s on his way to getting it. A Comeaux High grad who earned a degree in performing arts from UL this past spring, Romero is, like so many before him, cracking into the biz the old-fashioned way: crawl before you walk, walk before you run.
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What’s New in HEALTH CARE
What’s New in HEALTH CARE.
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Seeing a doctor for a simple wellness exam should be a relatively painless experience. However, for many patients it can be an all-day ordeal of having to wait hours on end in a crowded waiting room only to finally see their doctor for a cursory 15...
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The alliance is composed of hospitals nationwide that are committed to advancing women’s heart health via a partnership that seeks to ensure that women with heart disease in every community have access to information, education and patient support services.
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The Lafayette native has more than 10 years of professional experience with a background in public relations, marketing, strategic planning, and policy and procedure development.
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They were told he wouldn’t make it to full term or survive delivery most likely. The condition (also known as brittle bone disease), for which Bergeron and her husband, Michael, are carriers, is not common. They are the fourth couple recorded to both carry the gene and make a baby.
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recently became the latest site for a program that provides continuity of care for the elderly. Program for Allinclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, caters to low-income seniors living in the community to provide a central location for delivery of their health care in a more social, adult day-care atmosphere.
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Thompson is not alone. The term “gentle C-section” or “familycentered C-section” is a movement toward a new approach to the surgery that makes modifications to make mother and baby feel more connected during the procedure. And at LGMC, one small change could mean a big step for some mothers toward feeling more connected to birth in C-sections.
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Women’s and Children’s new Skin to Skin initiative has put babies in their mothers’ loving embrace just minutes after birth. According to Jennifer Daigle, Women’s Well Baby Nursery, Post-Partum and Lactaction director, new mothers have welcomed the initiative with open arms.
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A haul of purple-hulled snap peas was the hot water cooler talk around the Ambassador campus of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital a few weeks ago.
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Even brain surgeons could use some GPS navigation. Imagine the difference in precision between planning a trip with a paper map versus a GPS. Now do it in someone’s brain. Lafayette General Medical Center is the second in the world to have and use the Servo Machine, which is changing the brains behind brain surgery.
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