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New Baked Sheets Of Parmesan, Cheddar & Jarlsberg Available From Lotito Foods

Edison, NJ—Folios, lightly baked sheets of cheese made from Parmesan, Cheddar or Jarlsberg, have just been released by Lotito Foods for retail and foodservice sales.

Made with 100 percent cheese, the carbohydrate- and gluten-free Folios can be crisped in the microwave or oven and crumbled on salads, used as a wrap or eaten alone as a snack.

The can also be molded into an edible bowl.

Folios are available for consumers in a four-count pack and are shipped to supermarket deli sections in cases of 12. For foodservice operators, Folios are sold in 10-packs and come in cases of 12.

“Our family has been in love with cheese for over a century,” said Chris Lotito, president, Lotito Foods.

I was born into the cheese business, and now Folios is my latest cheese passion, Lotito continued.

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Crystal Farms Launches New Line Of Hispanic Style Shredded Cheeses

Lake Mills, WI—Crystal Farms has expanded its line of shredded cheese with four new Hispanic cheese styles created especially for ethnic cooking.

The new line features cheese varieties known for their versatility and melting capabilities important in Hispanic cooking. They include Quesadilla, Oaxaca, Asadero and Muenster.

Though not a traditional Hispanic cheese, Muenster is often included in ethnic cuisine because of its mild flavor and high melting factor.

“Our research shows that consumers are looking for ways to make more authentic and ethnic meals at home, and also prefer to use shredded cheese when cooking,” said Katie Egan, senior brand manager, Crystal Farms.

The new cheeses will be available at grocery store deli sections nationwide.

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