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Dairy advertisements declined in number for both conventional and organic ads. Conventional dairy items - which ranked high in numbers last week and were directed toward traditional holiday meals - declined in number this week. These included: Cream cheese in 8 ounce containers, down 54%; ice cream in 48- to 64-ounce containers, down 47%; 1-pound packages of butter, down 76%; and 16-ounce containers of sour cream, down 35%. The national average price for 1-pound conventional butter is $2.69, while 1-pound organic butter is $5.69, representing an organic price premium of $3.00. The weighted average price for conventional half-gallon egg nog, $3.72, is up 13 cents from last week. The collective number of conventional cheese ads decreased 5%, while there are almost no organic cheese ads. The US advertised price for 8-ounce conventional cheese blocks averaged $2.07, down $.09 from last week. Ads for conventional 8-ounce shred cheese averaged $2.20, up $.13 from last week. Organic half-gallon milk was the most advertised organic item this week. Organic milk advertisements decreased 73%, while ads for conventional milk increased 72%.

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