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Documents reveal BPD-ICE relations
But after police released 800 pages of emails between Boston Police Sgt. Detective Gregory Gallagher, an officer who serves as the department’s liaison with ICE, and ICE agents, councilors are questioning whether the department violated the city’s...
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Mixed-income building opens at Madison Park
Last Saturday, MPDC celebrated another milestone — the completion of 76 units on a parcel of land along Melnea Cass Boulevard. Madison Park CEO Jeanne Pinado noted that the building sits on the last of the vacant parcels left in the wake of the BRA’s demolition of the neighborhood.
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Final debate held in District 5 race
Public defender Ricardo Arroyo and Maria Esdale Farrell, a legislative aide to incumbent District 5 Councilor Tim McCarthy, debated for 25 minutes, giving one-minute responses to questions posed by moderator Tanisha Sullivan, president of the Boston Branch of the NAACP.
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‘A Multicultured Life’ by Dolores Wharton
Every year, Fortune Magazine lists the 500 largest American publicly traded corporations. This group is the greatest business force in the nation’s economy. Assuming that these companies have an average of only 10 outside directors each, then the total number of corporate directors who are not also executives of their companies would be only 5,000.
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Lawmakers advance education funding bill
The legislators so far are planning on increasing spending incrementally with no new revenue streams, although the Fair Share Amendment, a proposed change to the state constitution that would increase taxes on incomes of more than $1 million a year,...
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Baker should set higher standards for police professionalism
Every legislative session, politicians discuss and debate proposed changes to the many policies that govern the nation’s institutions. Taxes, health insurance, education, criminal justice, child care, Social Security adjustments and farm benefits are some of the issues often on the agenda.
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That scandal, and Estes’ relations to it, held such political implications that it reached a subcommittee hearing of the U. S. Senate chaired by Senator John McClellan of Arkansas.
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I’m not super-happy with things in the city including housing and climate-readiness. I think Marty Walsh is pushing for luxury housing development. I’m excited to elect people who will push back..
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Eastern Bank honored Ronald F. Ferguson, of the Harvard Kennedy School and Founder of The Basics, with its 2019 Social Justice Award. The award recognizes community leaders who have achieved outstanding impact in addressing social justice issues.
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Yes, Trump can be indicted while in office, but...
It’s said so often that it’s become almost a political urban legend that Trump could shoot someone in broad daylight with gobs of witnesses in the middle of New York’s Fifth Avenue and get away with it. During sparring in a New York court over Trump’s tax returns, his attorneys seemingly made that political fiction official.
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Queen Latifah honored
PHOTO: DON WEST/BLACKWIRE Actress and musician Queen Latifah received the W.E.B. DuBois Medal from Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for Afircan and African American Research. The medal is Harvard University’s highest honor in African and African American studies.
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Councilors seek solutions to health disparities
A Boston City Council committee held two hearings at City Hall on Friday to discuss public health disparities among communities of color in Boston.
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City seeks input from minority vendors
After the city released data earlier this year showing that less than 1 percent of the $664 million the city awarded in contracts went to businesses owned by people of color, city officials began preparing to launch a disparity study — the first step in establishing legal proof that minority-owned businesses are underrepresented in city contracting.
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Get to know your city council candidates
At-large councilors represent the entire city. There are 15 candidates running for the four at-large seats. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. The information on the candidates presented here was culled from the candidates’ web pages or, in the absence of a web page, from LinkedIn, news reports or other sources.
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the world were welcomed into this tiny community. With open arms, Gander residents took people into their homes and supported them in a paramount display of human compassion. This powerful story lands on the Citizens Bank Opera House stage Nov. 5 through 17 in the form of the Tony-award winning musical “Come From Away.
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The Bad Plus
The Bad Plus, the famed musical trio out of Minneapolis and based now in NYC, redefines what jazz is through complex improvisations and interpretations of popular music and an array of surprising tunes. By expanding the horizons of what jazz is, these musicians invite others to rethink what jazz can embrace and inspire.
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Exploring the human experience of immigration at ICA/Boston
On view through Jan. 26 are more than 40 works made since 2000 by 20 artists from 12 countries. In sculpture, installation, painting, video and other media, the exhibition explores immigration both as a universal human experience and a global crisis...
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‘Marie and Rosetta’ revives legacy of Rosetta Tharpe
Front Porch Arts and Greater Boston Stage Company have teamed up for another production, this time to tell the buried story of gospel star Sister Rosetta Tharpe. “Marie and Rosetta,” playing through Nov.
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