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Many see double standard at BPD
Black officers have often spoken of disparities in how cops are disciplined in the Boston Police Department, but data on suspensions, firings and other sanctions has long remained out of public sight. Six months after requesting information on hiring, promotion, discipline and termination, broken down by race,.
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PHOTO: LAUREN MILLER Teens compete in the 10th Annual SaveRStreets Silence the Violence Basketball Tournament and Community Peace Weekend held in Jeep Jones Park in Eliot Square..
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For sale: 2 acres in Dudley Sq.
Several large buildings that for years were vacant now have offices and apartments — the former Ferdinand’s furniture store was developed into a six-story headquarters for the Boston Public Schools, the long-shuttered Dartmouth Hotel now has apartments on its upper floors and Palladio Hall gained new office space on its upper floors.
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Presidential debate reopens Hub desegregation debate
For black activists and politicians who fought against overcrowded schools and subpar teachers in Boston’s black community, the court-ordered desegregation plan handed down by Judge Arthur Garrity in 1974 was the means to an end, but not an end in and of itself.
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Cape Verdean flag raising
PHOTO: JEREMIAH ROBINSON, MAYOR’S OFFICE Mayor Martin Walsh attends the Cape Verdean Flag Raising on City Hall Plaza..
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Legislators meet with Mattapan council
Members of the Mattapan community convened Monday at the Mildred Avenue Community Center for a Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council monthly meeting in which residents and council board members engaged with state legislators on the issues of economic and education inequity, affordable housing and environmental justice.
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They upheld the standards
In many cultures the elders once had a significant role. However, with the growing domination of the youth lifestyle in industrialized nations, the importance of elders has declined. This is even true among various ethnic groups such as African Americans, where the elders are the only living link to the past.
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Mayor Martin J. Walsh last week appointed Ryan T. Woods as the next commissioner of Boston Parks and Recreation. A veteran of the department, Woods has served in the department since 2007 and will continue his service as the new leader for the department.
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We need light rail for Washington Street. The state never fulfilled its promise to give us a better system. We need it..
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Regulatory rollback on student loan protections
On June 28, the U.S. Department of Education announced the end of an important student loan regulation that since 2015 has held colleges with career training programs accountable for failure to provide an education that resulted in marketable skills and earnings high enough to repay student loans.
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USS Constitution
PHOTO: JEREMIAH ROBINSON, MAYOR’S OFFICE Mayor Martin Walsh greets crew members while touring the USS Constitution in Charlestown..
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Border Patrol group sparks controversy
The investigation comes after a ProPublica report exposing the secret three-year-old Facebook group, which is called “I’m 10-15” and has some 9,500 members. Group members posted offensive graphics, including a photo illustration of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being sexually assaulted by President Donald Trump; discussed plans.
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Activists protest against detention centers
More than 1,000 protestors marched last Tuesday from the New England Holocaust Memorial in downtown Boston to the South Bay House of Correction in a demonstration against the United States government’s detention of immigrants in facilities at the U.S. border with Mexico and across the country.
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Police Academy Graduation
PHOTO: JEREMIAH ROBINSON, MAYOR’S OFFICE The Boston Police Academy Class 58-18 Graduation at the Boston Convention Center..
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A BPD that serves our neighborhoods
Last month, we welcomed the Boston Police Academy’s newest recruits. These men and women had spent the last six months learning to serve and protect the people of Boston with the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. As each recruit crossed the stage, they stopped to shake hands with me and Commissioner Gross.
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Dominican food comes to Centre St.
fresh-from-your-abuela’s-kitchen taste, it’s probably because Crespo’s grandmother, Maria Mateo, cooks most of the food at the new location and does the final taste tests. Crespo says while he seasons a lot of the food, at the end of the day Mateo has final say.
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Phoebe Koyabe’s life has come full circle. The young woman who once said to other professional actors, “I want to do what you’re doing,” is now offering advice to other young actors and fans who approach her after performances in the first national touring production of “Dear Evan Hansen.
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Boricuan Ballad
The most recent rendition, supported by The Boston Foundation, incorporates commentary on Hurricane Maria. Marsha Parrilla, artistic director of the company and director of the project, recruited five artists from Puerto Rico to help tell the story. The Danza Orgánica company is deeply rooted in the immigrant experience.
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Dudley Jazz Fest returns
On Saturday, July 27 from 12–6 p.m., the free Dudley Jazz Fest returns to Mary Hannon Park on Dudley Street in Dorchester for its fourth year. This year, Salim Washington will headline the festival, along with Gabrielle Goodman, The Lance Martin Jazz Trio and The Fred Woodard Collective.
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Tournament brings ballers to Roxbury
The free event included more than 30 basketball games for more than 500 players as well as children’s activities and food. Among those in attendance were Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross and state representatives Chynah Tyler and Liz Miranda.
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