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KIDS’ NUTRITION Social media aids bad habits

According to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Liverpool, children who viewed pictures of social media influencers with unhealthy foods ate 91 calories, on average, more than children who saw pictures of influencers without any food items or with healthy food items. Here are some tips from to encourage health habits in your kids:

• Avoid placing restrictions on food

• Keep healthy food on hand

• Don’t label foods as “good” or “bad”

• Praise healthy choices

• Don’t nag about unhealthy choices

• Never use food as a reward

• Sit down to family dinners


Where germs hide

Check out these places germs like to hide, and things you can do to clean up your act, according to LG.

• Researchers from the University of Mauritius discovered towels can develop nasty bacteria when used for a month. Grab a clean towel every few days, a new sponge every few weeks.

• Refrigerators tested positive for E.coli, salmonella or listeria 36 percent of the time. Discard old food, and maintain a consistent temperature between 40 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Test egg freshness

According to the Food Network, a bottle of water can help you test the freshness of your eggs. The fresher the egg, the faster it will fall to the bottom of a bowl of cold water. Any floating eggs should be discarded.

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