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There’s nary a better spectacle in dining than a sizzling hot plate arriving with seared goodies to your table. I’ll admit that the gimmick has gotten long in the tooth thanks to Chili’s and pretty much every fajita plate served in every Mexican restaurant ever, but I can’t help but alight when I see steam rising over the backs of the tall booths at Masala Indian Kitchen. I hear the crackle, I become a Pavlovian case study. I await you, boti kebab.

Marinated in yogurt and a proprietary blend of fragrant Indian spice, feisty cubes of lamb make boti kebab the best dish on a dangerously hot cast iron plate you’ve ever had. Like the ubiquitous fajita sizzle, the dish arrives on a sweet medley of peppers and onion, a welcome filler alongside a bowl of basmati rice and a ramekin of creamy Indian-style tomato sauce. Plop a lamb cube in the rice bowl, dollop sauce, eat and repeat until you wipe the bowl clean with garlic naan (a formidible rival to tortillas). I could go on, but you get the picture. Get to Masala and get some lamb in your life.

PRO TIP: If the potential for instant Indian/Mexican fusion is not already obvious to you, all of the above ingredients stuffed onto naan (sold seperately) make a pretty killer taco.

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