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Tommy Caldwell and Scott Jurek reflect on their accomplishments and community by Mallane Dressel.
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Moneyed elites get richer the old-fashioned way: Stealing
Get ready to swallow your “Statistic of the Day!” But first, to help you absorb the big one, here’s a preliminary statistic for you: 158,000. That’s the number of kindergarten teachers in America, and their combined income in 2013 was $8 billion. Now, here’s your Big Stat of the Day (even though it seems smaller): Four.
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Reports of the death of the oil industry are greatly exaggerated
A year ago, a lot of greenwashed Luddites were wondering out loud about whether the global collapse of oil prices would accomplish what their hyper-ventilating activism and political theatre has failed to do — end drilling and fracking in Weld County.
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Correction: In last week’s adventure story (Re:“Are our trails as happy as we think?,” December 31), the statement “If Ingvar Sodal was alive today, he might chuckle” appeared. Well, he’s chuckling for sure because Ingvar Sodal is very much alive. We apologize for any inconvienence and/or horror we may have caused by this error.
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The conversation around what the state should be doing about this once ubiquitous predator has become intense, with conservation groups saying the state’s long-held stance against reintroducing gray wolves (or introducing subspecies for the first...
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Music on a mission
“There was a lot of apathy in 1991 and it wasn’t because people are bad or lazy or greedy, people are just people, and people were feeling overwhelmed by what was going on around them and disempowered to do anything,” Helen says.
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The leak is coming from a damaged well below the surface at the Aliso Canyon Underground Storage Facility. The facility is run by the Southern California Gas Company and most recent estimates say that work crews won’t be able to plug the leak until late February or early March.
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Locals in the running for National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year
This is National Geographic’s 11th year of selecting this honorary group in which they search across the world for “individuals that personify the adventurous spirit in unique ways,” according to National Geographic’s Adventure editorial director...
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I SEE YOU, 2016
OH man, 2016 has gotta feel so nervous, knowing its elder sibling, 2015, was so flinging-flanging good. Father Time has to be like, “No, it’s totally OK if you want to go into ophthalmology, 2016. Not everyone can be a brain surgeon like 2015.” I mean, 2015 resurrected Star Wars, introduced Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road).
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Grammy nominees take the stage
In fact, their list of unplayed works will shrink by two at their performances Sunday and Monday in Grusin Music Hall.
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A team effort
“I try to tell a story with every single object that I select or make or fabricate or rent or buy or whatever to stick in this environment,” Brandenburg explains. “It has to make sense for the whole story, and it has to make sense for the characters. And it has to provide a background.
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Lost Girls of S. Sudan: Lost Girl Found tells the story of female Sudanese refugees escaping civil war and the violence that comes with it. While the book itself is fiction, it is based on the stories of real women who settled in the Denver/Boulder area.
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Bright Hawk has spent the past 20 years entertaining people all over the world. She is a storyteller, composer, percussionist and hang drum artist. Mixing African rhythms and vocals, Bright Hawk captivates audiences with her sounds, original music and combinations of various instruments including the djembe drum and marimbas.
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Her songs are filled with raw feeling, exploring the spectrum of emotions life has to offer. She’s played her music around the country and Europe. And in addition to playing music, she teaches songwriting workshops and has published two books of poetry.
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Calendar Events | Week of Jan. 7, 2106
Boulder Swing Collective..
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Arts | Week of Jan. 7, 2016
Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967-1980..
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Words | Week of Jan. 7, 2016
Sue Wang — Messages from the Black Recliner..
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Teater | Week of Jan. 7, 2016
The Addams Family..
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American Life in Poetry: Column 560
The only times I feel truly homicidal are when I see somebody abusing a pet, and I was glad to find this poem so I could get that off my chest. But don’t ever even think about taking a kick at my old dog, Howard. Wesley McNair lives in Maine and is that state’s poet laureate.
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The plot is gossamer... because why would you want a three-hour movie to have a story? Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) catches a ride during a blizzard with bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell), who is escorting the murderess Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the authorities.
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Untamed adolescence
Once upon a time, there were five beautiful Turkish sisters whose parents died when they were very young. As a result, they were sent to live with their uncle and grandmother, high in the hills above the city of Istanbul.
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All you can eat and more
There are few institutions we hold more sacred in Boulder County than the Indian buffet. Not only do we have a relatively high concentration of restaurants offering up all-you-can-eat feasts with food from India, Nepal, Tibet and the Himalaya region, but these places tend to be reliably good.
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For as long as I can remember I’ve been a food trend nerd and fascinated by the food of the future as depicted in science fiction and fantasy novels and films. I binge read statistics about what we are eating, drinking and buying at the grocery store even if I’m not writing about it.
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Austrian reds: Difficult to pronounce, but easy to drink
The names of these Austrian red grape varieties do nothing to put consumers at ease. Wine is intimidating. And consumers have always been most comfortable talking about wine when the words roll off the tongue. Few struggle with grape names like Merlot and Malbec or regions like Bordeaux and Mendoza.
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As mad as he was, he didn’t punish the dog, but got busy on a rewrite. Later he considered the possibility that Toby had served as a helpful literary critic. The new edition of Of Mice and Men.
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I’m a 29-year-old gay trans man. On female hormones, I took a long time to come and usually wouldn’t come at all. I always enjoyed sex; I just wasn’t focused on coming. My partners would or wouldn’t, depending on their preferences. Since starting testosterone a few years ago, I now come quickly and easily.
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Risky Business, Part 1: Banking in the marijuana industry
At the helm of the new marijuana industry are new businesses and business owners that, without the option to bank, operate beyond the traditional economic structure. They are allowed to deal in U.S.
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The diet works like this: You eat as much Chipotle food as you want and secret magic nutrients called “E. coli” and “norovirus” turn your intestinal system into a real-life, high stakes game of Chutes and Ladders, reducing your body’s ability to digest food and pesky calories.
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