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In the wake of COP21, ski industry leaders struggle to protect skiing before it’s too late by Grant Stringer 18.
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Explaining Congressional morality
It’s always interesting to see Congress in action, though “interesting” can also be appalling. For example, what a sight it is to watch Republican leaders as they gleefully try to repeal Obamacare, the law extending health care coverage to all Americans.
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Trump brings humiliation TV to politics
Many Americans don’t pay attention to politics. But they do watch TV. Most likely, more people know who Donald Trump is than they know who their congressional representative is. The Donald is a superstar of pop culture. He is a twotime Emmy Award-nominated “personality.
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Sanctuary for refugees: André Trocmé and Le Chambon-sur-Lignon
Recent comments by U.S. politicians have left many troubled, worried about a replay of Nazi-era Germany here in the United States. The specter of the Jewish Holocaust recast upon Muslim and refugee bodies haunts many. In times such as these, the stories of courageous, organized resistance to the Nazis bear repeating.
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The TPP contains new language that would allow challenges to U.S. border inspection procedures. Do we want foreign companies reviewing and challenging the U.S. regulatory process? Risk assessment would also be weaker under TPP, favoring trade over food safety.
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Alone and bleeding, Jordan MacTaggart could do little but listen to the bullets whizzing over his head or bouncing off the small pile of rocks that made up his inadequate hiding place. He tightened the tourniquet around his bloody, right upper thigh and waited, maybe for help, maybe for the end.
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An abbreviated Syrian primer
• This shows the complications of global politics, exasperated because the Kurds have always been allies of the U.S., but the U.S. also relies on Turkey, who denies Kurds the right to exist in their own state..
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Are the days of Colorado skiing numbered?
Ski Country U.S.A.” is in a tight spot. While ski resorts across the country market themselves as “environmentally friendly,” many know that business will be hurt even if they achieve 100 percent carbon neutrality — knowledge that brings a big question:...
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The EPA formally adopted the WOTUS regulation in June 2015, but has since halted implementation of the law due to a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in October.
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Are our trails as happy as we think?
It’s easy to be a nature detective on an early December morning at Brainard Lake. The coiled criss-crosses of Yaktrax and racket-shaped prints of snowshoes mingle with wide ribbons of knobby tread and the divot and drag of ski poles. The post-holes of lumbering elk skirt the trails, and snowshoe hares scamper through it all.
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Learning to walk in India
Standing in a bus station in Mumbai, Molly Brown lit a fresh cigarette off the smoldering stub of another — it’s not that the American nurse didn’t know better, it’s just that she didn’t give a damn anymore. Extreme pain will do that..
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So if you have time, stop whatever you’re doing, and drop a needle his gamble on a wondrous soul niche. After Rateliff and his large band 10. It’s kind of been Christmas all year for Nathaniel Rateliff, the Denver indie musician who hit a career jackpot over the summer with slayed the foot-stomping “Son of a Bitch” on The Tonight Show.
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And while this cinematic diversity covered a great deal of ground, certain commonalities and connections between the individual works became clear. A quick glance at the 2015 box office grosses proves that not only is there a life in the franchise, but that the franchise is Hollywood’s lifeblood.
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Calendar Events | Week of Dec. 31, 2105
KC Groves and The Honky Tonk Band..
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There is a long-standing rumor that when Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is played over the Wizard of Oz, the two magically syncopate. But if you’re still skeptical, find out for yourself. As part of its Friday Night Weird, The Dairy is presenting a Dark Side of the Rainbow for those watching and listening for the first time or the fiftieth.
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Ramaya Soskin is a veteran of the Boulder music scene, having hit local stages since 2000. He’s performed in various bands playing music from folk to reggae to indie alt-rock, frequently sharing the stage with fellow Boulder musician Gregory Alan Isakov.
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Nothing starts a new year off better than chili. So if 2016 is the year that you’ve made that resolution to eat more chili, well then the West End Tavern has got you covered with its annual New Year’s Day Chili Cook Off.
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Arts | Week of Dec. 31, 2015
Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues..
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Teater | Week of Dec. 31, 2015
The Addams Family..
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New Year’s Eve with Caribou Mountain Collective and Steepland String Band..
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American Life in Poetry: Column 559
We do not accept unsolicited submissions. American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (, publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright ©2014 by J.
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Ghost in the machine
The people that Michael meets can sense that something is amiss and they calmly suggest that he see the zoo, or maybe try the chili, but Michael isn’t interested in the zoo or the chili. Michael’s world has gone quiet and gray, and it has driven him deep into his psyche.
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Worth it
The food at Frasca Food & Wine was so good that, at one moment, I cried. It had never happened to me before, nor should it have — the only times one should cry while eating is if they’ve been rescued by a cargo ship and offered a hot meal for the first time in months or if they’re eating while watching a rerun of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
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From menudo to beet sugar rum
Bone broth was big in 2015 in Boulder — so popular it is even available on tap in multiple flavors. Personally, I’ll take my bone broth — animal bones boiled in water — in the traditional form of Jewish chicken soup, Japanese ramen and Vietnamese pho.
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Big love for big Champagne
Good sparklers are characterized by vibrant acidity and freshness, which help them cut through spicy meals, complement savory food and elevate even the simplest of dishes. Plus, they’re delicious every night of the week, regardless of whether there’s anything to celebrate.
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You’re going to be strong and vigorous, and those qualities will serve you best if you keep them flexible. Do you know the word “ductile”? If not, look it up. It’ll be a word of power for you..
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The statement was released after a video of the priest rolling down the aisle went viral. It trails just behind a video of Mike Tyson laughing as he uses a hoverboard in his living room, before he loses his balance and falls comically for the world to see.
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Not your grandma’s cookbook
If you were to see Robyn Grigg Lawrence’s new cookbook lying out on your grandma’s kitchen table, you probably wouldn’t think twice. The book’s glossy cover shows a plate of pesto pasta garnished with lovely green leafs.
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I am a 30-year-old straight man and I’ve been with a 28-year-old bisexual woman for a year. Early in our relationship, after much discussion, we established that it would be open. I would have the liberty to see other women and so would she. We just had to be safe and always keep each other informed.
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