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Yonder Mountain guitarist Adam Aijala talks new additions to the band by Alan Sculley 25.
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The fountainpen economy
From offshoring jobs to busting unions, from slashing wages to looting pensions, corporate take-aways from America’s used-to-be middle-class workforce certainly are driven by the avarice of top executives and wealthy investors.
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Turn Syria’s refugees into a liberation army
Instead of (grudgingly) granting migrant status to the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees washing up on its shores, the European Union should draft them for military service — not in any European army, but in a newly organized Syrian Liberation Army.
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Which side are you on ... Congressman Polis
To consumer watchdogs, representatives of labor, most environmental groups, as well as Internet freedom and prodemocracy advocates, the TPP is worse than anticipated because what weak language initially existed to protect the public and the environment was largely eliminated from the final text during a last minute negotiating frenzy.
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Correction: Last week’s Boulderganic article “20 years behind Europe” used numbers of anaerobic digesters on farms and at wastewater treatment plants from the American Biogas Council’s online FAQs page. However, these numbers are outdated and other information on the site reflects current data.
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Disgraceful exit
My mother’s the oldest person there,” says Fern Bowman. Her mother is a resident at Brookdale Boulder Creek, an assisted living facility for seniors in Boulder. “She’s happy as she can be because she just turned 100 years old. She loves it. She has no clue that anything is wrong.
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Home for the holidays
“They kicked me out, but I was happy to leave,” she says about her mom and step-dad. Her parents gave Ashley an ultimatum — obey their rules or get out. Their rules included taking care of her 10-year-old brother and “literally doing every chore in the house,” she says.
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Good Eats Grill
The Good Eats Grill, home of Proud Mamas Colorado German Burger Company, specializes in a type of food brought to Colorado and other western plains states by German immigrants from Russia. Colloquially referred to as the cabbage burger, or bieroc, it was a traditional food designed to utilize homegrown ingredients and satisfy hardy appetites.
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300 Suns Brewing
300 Suns Brewing’s owners are in love with Colorado and the average of 300 days of sun we get to enjoy each year. They think nothing pairs better with a sunny day than a fun, laid-back place to hang out and enjoy a craft beer.
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Larson Family Dentistry
I have always enjoyed working with my hands starting from the times I worked with my grandfather in his carpentry shop. I also always wanted to work in healthcare so dentistry was a good fit. I battled with the decision at first because my childhood dentist never used any anesthetic and I spent a lot of time in the chair with cavities as a kid.
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Breeze Thru Car Wash
If you’re driving vision is being blocked by hand and nose prints, generally caused by kids and dogs, get the Royal Full Serve (interior and exterior cleaning) at Breeze Thru Car Wash. Your problem will be solved in less than 15 minutes. The crackers and finger prints will be gone plus your car will have received a hot wax treatment.
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Twin Peaks Liquor
We are proud sponsors of the Boulder Craft Spirits Festival going on from 1-5pm on Saturday August 1, at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. The Craft Spirit Festival will feature over 20 Colorado Distillers and the Fine Craft Spirits they produce. An EXPO featuring “grain to glass”.
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Grossen Bart Brewery
Großen Bart Brewery - It’s got a funny sounding name, it involves guys with “Big Beards” and we are here in Longmont! Großen Bart Brewery, the “ß” is pronounced “ss” is the brainchild of Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise. Check them out on Facebook or the web and follow their progress towards becoming a unique Colorado brewpub.
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In the name of freedom
“In this day and age we are taking more and more of our wild places away to develop, frack and graze the land, all of which is destroying it,” Walker says.
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Leave only memories; take only pictures
Images hold a very special place in the mind of the viewer. Simultaneously of one time and timeless, objective and subjective, images bring forth textures and dimensions often lost in memory that can reduce the complex into simplistic categories of black and white.
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In sync
“That’s kind of the way we do it,” guitarist/singer Aijala says. “It seems like from the very beginning, even our shows are like that. We don’t play the same set every night. We’re always kind of winging it in general. I’d like, in the business sense, to maybe not wing it as much, but as far as the artistic side, I like that element of it.
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One normal night
Musicals get a bad rep. It’s as if breaking into song has to equate with jazz hands and snappy songs about Oklahoma. But for decades musicals have tackled dark subject matters and made the macabre their playground. Take Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
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Calendar Events | Week of Dec. 24, 2105
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The String Cheese Incident will grace Broomfield with its presence over the course of three nights at the 1STBank Center in celebration of the New Year. As one of Colorado’s famous — if not most famous — jam bands, SCI is pretty much guaranteed to put on a great show every night.
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The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with family and make some memories. If you and your loved ones enjoy good local music, then head down to the Gold Hill Inn for their Holiday Hoedown. Enjoy tunes from Gipsy Moon and special guests The Good Time Travelers.
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Unwind from any wintertime stress with a night of soothing acoustic music presented by Brian Rezac, with tunes from local bands Cat Jerky and The Left Hand Market Boys. Both bands play a mixture of oldies and bluesy rock that will entertain all ages.
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Happy New Year
New Year’s Eve with Caribou Mountain Collective and Steepland String Band..
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Arts | Week of Dec. 24, 2015
Get some last minute Christmas gifts or spend some of that Santa cash at Foothills Art Center’s holiday art market, through Dec. 31..
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Teater | Week of Dec. 24, 2015
A Christmas Story, The Musical..
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When it snows, he stands at the back door or wanders around the house to each window in turn and watches the weather like a lover. O farm boy, I waited years for you to look at me that way.
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A long time ago...
America in the 1970s was not exactly abundant with optimism. The tragic death of Meredith Hunter at the Altamont Free Concert on Dec. 6, 1969 cast a dark shadow over the free love and hippy counterculture of the ’60s. Then came the fallout from the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal in ’72 and Nixon’s resignation in ’74.
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Awake my soul
To be spoiler-free as can be, this is the tale of Rey (Daisy Ridley), a scavenger on a desert planet who finds a droid (the adorably rolly BB-8) with important information. She’s joined by Finn ( John Boyega), the rarest of all Stormtroopers: One with heart and good aim.
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Double fantasy
What with all the wood furniture and the fireplace and the quiet and the snow, Praha feels like a model of a restaurant in a miniature holiday village. The keeper of the restaurant is a nonagenarian with very poor hearing, and she struggles with the weight of our coats as she checks them upon our arrival.
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Tidbites | Week of Dec. 24, 2015
Self-described as “celebratory but non-debaucherous” and “intentionally minded yet not overly serious,” the New Year’s Eve dinner will consist of five courses with or without drink pairings. As with all Blank Plate Boulder dinners, the location will only be revealed just ahead of the dinner to guests who reserve seats.
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How the sausage was made
Rose Mazzola was a nurse and the daughter of entrepreneurial Sicilian immigrants who owned a small grocery store where they made Italian sausage, the essential ingredient in our Thanksgiving stuffing. My Dad, Peter, and his parents were all physicians and wartime refugees from Austria.
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Finally, a definitive guide to Napa Valley
From the turn of the millennium till 2013, Wall Street’s wine obsessives spent their evenings there. Virtually everything an oenophile could want was on offer; the restaurant boasted a cellar of 75,000 bottles. While the economy roared, wine geeks eagerly drained their bank accounts at Veritas each night.
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His practical success was rooted in his devotion to the imagination. “I am living permanently in my dream, from which I make brief forays into reality,” he said. Can you guess his astrological sign? Cancer the Crab, of course! No other tribe is better suited at moving back and forth between the two worlds.
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After spending some years in the doldrums after having kids, my husband and I are now enjoying hot kinky sex and the occasional free pass to fuck other people. We couldn’t be happier.
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The momentum behind medical marijuana
As the apothecary movement of dispensaries proves the market and merit of medical marijuana, the industry and its consumers find themselves in a grey area.
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An Internet search for “millennial” will also produce at least one person: Martin Shkreli. The 32-year-old New York entrepreneur was arrested last week on securities fraud charges. He’s also known for astronomically raising pharmaceutical prices, one pill from $13.
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