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Will upcoming move for Mental Health Partners make access to walk-in crisis services more difficult? by Caitlin Rockett 13.
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Does Obama even know what’s in his TPP deal?
More and more Americans are learning that TPP would undermine America’s very sovereignty, giving multinational corporations direct access to secretive tribunals empowered to roll back our nation’s consumer, labor and other laws that global corporate giants don’t like.
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Why are so many working class whites killing themselves?
Between 1999 and 2013, the number of deaths per 100,000 people rose by 134.4 for this group. That’s more than a 20 percent jump in the death rate. Deaton sees only one parallel: “Only HIV/AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this.” This hasn’t happened in any other advanced country or among any other demographic group in the U.
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Let us build bridges
Coming back from a medical mission that treated the unfortunate Syrian refugees in Jordan, I could imagine the customs and border protection officer denying my entrance to the country of my citizenship because I am a Muslim. “I am sorry, doctor, but the rules have changed since your departure,” he would say.
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I am thrilled that these young delegates are making their voices heard loud and clear. This is exactly what needs to be happening all over the world. It is our young people who are inheriting a fouled nest, and they are the ones who need to demand that our legislators do everything in their power to help stop putting more CO2 into our environment.
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Gifts in a pinch
Well Dumbledore, we agree. Everyone needs socks. Especially if they are creatively designed. Collaborating with Rihanna, Star Wars, the NBA and more, Stance socks are both functional and thoughtful. They have personality. They have pizzazz. They will make you laugh.
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Will upcoming move for Mental Health Partners make access to walk-in crisis services more difficult?
While the move will consolidate a number of mental health services under one roof, it will do so at the cost of longer bus rides and more walking, which means the new location could be less convenient for clients in crisis who do not have personal transportation.
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How a freelance journalist broke the Laquan McDonald story that may sink Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
That journalist, a freelancer named Brandon Smith, was, until recently, little-known outside of Chicago activist circles. His work has now led to murder charges against the officer involved in the shooting, as well as the resignation of the Chicago police chief, Gary McCarthy.
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A CLIMATE JUSTICE REACTION TO THE COP21 AGREEMENT So we have a climate deal, but is it enough?
One of the most important things I’ve done is to be a part of a movement working to make sure my 2-year-old grows up in a world where elephants still exist. Where communities of people are empowered to protect — and be protected by — their forests. And where St.
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While the nations of the world were putting the final touches on the historic Paris accord on climate change, I stood below the Eiffel tower gripping a 100 meter long banner with a simple, salient message, “It’s Up to Us to Leave It in the Ground.
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20 years behind Europe
AD takes place naturally and is the force behind phenomena such as swamp gas, in which natural wetlands produce methane through the breakdown of organic material; and fool’s fire, in which the methane is ignited, creating glowing orbs of light. But, in the non-natural state, AD occurs in specialized tanks called anaerobic digesters.
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Carl Jung believed reaching full potential as a human required exploration of our deepest thoughts, those feelings that lay buried deep beneath our consciousness. As he put it, “There is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite attitude of the conscious mind.
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The painting shook my inner girl and reminded me of the goopy glitter jelly that came in childhood makeup training kits; the agony a blemish could cause in adolescence, and drunkenly navigating my bathroom counter in my current twentysomething-hood looking for the makeup remover to wipe off the mask I painted on before going out.
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The music tells me what to do
For George Winston, his approach has been one of total immersion and a laser-focus on his chosen instrument dating back to 1972, when he forsake playing organ after getting turned on to the stride piano stylings of Fats Waller and Teddy Wilson.
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Calendar Events | Week of December 17, 2015
Happiness and Cheer: Christmas with Ars Nova Singers..
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Boulder is home to a breadth of talented musicians, and those musicians yearn for a microphone to share their songs with the public. If you’re an artist looking for a new place to jam or a music fan looking for your new favorite local gem, then hit the new open mic every Monday at Sancho’s Boulder Arrow.
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For those who desire a different holiday this December, there exists a joyous festival to celebrate instead: “Festivus, for the rest of us!” The holiday came into the public sphere on the sitcom Seinfeld through Frank Costanza, who wanted to avoid the commercial and religious aspect of other holidays.
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Some people only know Kevin Smith as his reoccurring character Silent Bob. But those who know Smith’s work well know that he’s far from silent.
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Theater | Week of Dec. 17, 2015
It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play..
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Arts | Week of Dec. 17, 2015
Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues..
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American Life in Poetry: Column 557
(New Rivers Press, 2015). Poem reprinted by permission of Debra Marquart and the publisher. Introduction copyright © 2015 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction’s author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006.
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Extra, extra bad things
who exposed the scandal; this is the story of the process it took to do so. What that means is that far more time is spent showing how the dots were connected than examining the toll it took on those connecting said dots.
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Recognize this
I want to tell you a story about a story,” writer/director/performance artist Laurie Anderson tells the audience. She recounts the time she spent in the hospital as a child after breaking her back.
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More than what meets the eyes
It’s hard to be unassuming so close to the Pearl Street Mall, but that’s just what Fuji Cafe and Bar is. The shop is clean and welllighted, but that’s about all you can say about the physical space of the restaurant.
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Tidbites | Week of Dec. 17, 2015
There’s few better ways to celebrate the holiday season than drinking local beer and listening to local music at a local venue. And at the Kick The Keg Charity Fundraiser at the Fox Theatre on Friday, Dec. 18, you can do all that while giving money to local charities.
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Winter warmers
All too often, though, we succumb to several common pitfalls of wintertime drinking: we associate them only with the holidays and stop drinking still-seasonal beverages after New Year’s; we burn out on them before December’s over; or we don’t think to expand our seasonal drinking horizons with new drinks.
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Sabrage: Almost as impressive as a keg stand
Beer pong. Flip cup. Quarters. For beer guzzlers, there’s no shortage of ways to make drinking fun. Even if college is solidly in the rearview mirror, most of us can bank on one friend — or several — attempting to shotgun a beer at some point every summer.
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For now, just feel them and observe them. Find out what they have to teach you. Wait until the new year before you consider the possibility of expressing them..
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try, the House voted to lift the 40-yearold ban on oil exports. The ban was put into place following the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s. The reason we made it law that oil produced in the U.S. had to be used here was for the exact reason of making us more energy independent.
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Ushering in a new era of marijuana policy in Boulder
Boulder City Council and staff are structuring and compiling an advisory panel to research and make recommendations towards the city’s regulation of marijuana, to convene January 2016. As the marijuana industry matures, the City is working to update codes and create forward-looking regulations.
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I’m a straight 26-year-old man who wants advice on helping my fiancée realize a particular fantasy. We have been dating for three years and are in a happy monogamous relationship. I was always vanilla, but she enjoys rougher sex and light bondage. We’ve incorporated some of this into our sex lives, and we are both happy with how fun it is.
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