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Why Nicaraguan kids aren’t fleeing by Dave Anderson 8


Americas Latino Eco-Festival is a six-day conference for people of every color by Boulder Weekly staff 13


Pulse flow feeds more than the dry Colorado River delta by Elizabeth Miller 20


Half a century of climbing comes to life in Sender Films’ ‘Valley Uprising’ by Elizabeth Miller 27


Artists illustrate the science and sentiments of environmental movement by Elizabeth Miller 35


Berta Rojas carries torch for tradition by Dave Kirby 43



Latinovating Food Fiesta to highlight how food can make environmental change by Josh Gross 61

7 LETTERS: No space for refugee children in consulates; Read up on your pro fracking stance; Mountain bikers want wilderness, too

7 THE HIGHROAD: Burger King pulls a Whopper on us

8 DANISH PLAN: Ban GMOs? First show us the victims

12 NEWS BRIEFS: ISIS murders another journalist; A reason to walk on 9/11

31 ADVENTURE: Polo for the people

45 ARTS & CULTURE: Latino arts organization strives for more inclusion

49 ARTS & CULTURE: Rick Najera’s ‘Almost White’ highlights how lack of diversity affects Hollywood and the green movement

51 BOULDER COUNTY EVENTS: What to do and where to go

58 FILM: ALEF, ‘Go for Sisters’ and Edward James Olmos

62 TIDBITES: Food happenings around Boulder County

65 CUISINE REVIEW: MAD Greens is all about the quickies

67 BEER TOUR: Cask-aged beers are fast becoming the new norm

73 ASTROLOGY: By Rob Brezsny

75 SAVAGE LOVE: There’s no negotiating with a control freak

77 WEED BETWEEN THE LINES: Dunafon an alternative to Hick/Beauprez

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