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Letters | Same song, different verse
Here we go again! President Obama came to CU to promote continued federal stimulus of loans for college students loans. There are over $1 trillion in student loans and default rates are rising.
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The slickest stunt at SeaWorld
Actually, Shamu is not the cause of the shame. After all, that’s just the generic name given to the killer whales kept in captivity as the star attraction at three theme parks operated by SeaWorld Inc. The shame belongs to the corporation, which not only profits from its exploitation of the whales, but also.
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Funding cut hurts county breast-cancer programs
Boulder County has been hit hard by a decrease in funding from Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Poor women, those without health insurance and undocumented immigrant women are among those who will likely feel the greatest impact of this decrease. And it is up to us to make up the difference.
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Think globally, and fry locally
Well, what the study actually found was that the surface temperature around wind farms in west-central Texas had increased by about 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit over a decade compared with the area around them, and that the rate of increase closely tracked the installation of additional turbines at the farms.
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—RAND analyst Seth Jones, adviser to U.S. special operations forces, commenting on the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden.
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In case you missed it | Bear photo takes another twist
As of Wednesday morning, the bear had retained Frank “The strong arm” Azar, and has filed suit. The bear claims that her civil rights were violated when she was drugged and then photographed in a compromising “super bear” pose while incapacitated.
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Garden wars
Behind the East Boulder Recreation Center off Broadway is another world, nestled between subdivisions and marked off into 400-square-foot plots. It is a subculture that has its own rules. And like any community, especially one where there are no walls and your neighbors are literally right next to you, disputes can arise.
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City: Valmont grave likely a hoax
In an April 25 statement, city officials acknowledged that its workers had removed the marker after its contract archeologist and Native American monitor hired for the Valmont contamination cleanup determined that it was not a historic artifact.
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Organics going international
Beginning June 1, the United States and the EU will be able to trade organic products while avoiding the red tape that was in place in the past. It is the result of an equivalency agreement reached at BioFach 2012, the world’s largest trade show for organic foods, held annually in Germany.
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eco-briefs | Nice title, terrible bill
Every so often those people we elect in Washington attempt to do something so egregious for their corporate donors that it shakes the very foundation of our democracy.
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“[Guitarist/songwriting collaborator] Joe King and I weren’t really getting along,” Slade says. “We were writing these forced collaboration songs that were just kind of melodies with weird lyrics. I think a turning point for us was doing this Muppets soundtrack.
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From grades to the Gothic
“I remember, we played a really late show last December during finals week,” says drummer Chris Roob. “And I had two finals the day after the show. I was really worried, but it turned out to be an excellent balance. I was able to play the show and remember all my studying — I got an A on both tests.
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Celebrating women in classical music
No doubt that is why Pro Music Colorado has billed 2011-2012 as “A Storied Season.” Programs have been “A Soldier’s Story,” featuring a work by Stravinsky with the same title; “The Christmas Oratorio,” featuring music by J.S. Bach telling the Christmas story; and this weekend’s season finale,.
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“I really feel like my job is to take those things that are infuriating and try to kind of transform them into something we can laugh about,” she says. “Although sometimes I say things in my show and think, ‘We should all be crying at this point.
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Event calendar | Week of May 03, 2012
Cowgirl Up, The Duke Street Kings, Bad Brad and the Fat Cats, The Current and Tomara Conrad..
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Arts | Week of May 03, 2012
Sculpture by Leonard Pettus, Shelley Goddard, Anne Shutan & Lynne Jacobs..
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Kids Calendar | Week of May 03, 2012
African Dance & Drum Performance..
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Theater | Week of May 03, 2012
The Merry Wives of Windsor..
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Words | Week of May 03, 2012
Organic Gardener’s Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West —.
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Getting wet
Blame it on Boulder. At least that’s where author, adventurer and Boulder native Eugene Buchanan lays responsibility for an interesting, eclectic life that has taken him around the globe in search of steep rapids on remote rivers and some not so steep and rapid.
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Richards had climbed to 23,000 feet with Conrad Anker, the expedition’s leader, on a reconnaissance and acclimatization hike toward the West Ridge route they planned to use to ascend the peak.
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reel to reel
Writer Joss Whedon and writer/director Drew Goddard play footsie with stale horror movie tropes and themes in one of the most entertaining genre movies in recent memory. As a quintet of teenagers face clichéd terror, the result is surprisingly refreshing.
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In need of altar-ations
Constantly clocking in well past two hours, the length of these films suggests a pretense that is (hopefully) unintentional.
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Anatomically correct
Sure, it’s impossible not to be moved by stories like that of Tyler Long, who hung himself in response to relentless and malicious torture by his peers. Try not to shed a tear as Alex is called “fish face” and fails to raise his hand when a teacher asks “anyone with at least one friend” to do so.
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The latest trend among chefs: tattoos
Michael Voltaggio has no idea how many tattoos he has. The question makes him laugh. The wise-cracking 33-year-old chef is pretty well covered. The name of his restaurant, after all, is Ink.
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Tidbites l Keep it bottled up
Oskar Blues and Indiana brewery, Sun King, have “traveled between locations for months,” a press release says, to co-create Chaka, a Belgian-style ale. The collaboration is the result of a friendship between Oskar Blues head brewer Dave Chichura and the two founders of Sun King.
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Deck snacks at the Rex
Established as a billiard hall, it became a theater, and eventually another restaurant prior to its current iteration. Nowadays, one of the main attractions of this spot is the spacious rooftop deck, which has the amiable feel of a venue in a far-away, warm-weather resort town.
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winner. Noteworthy dishes include the Creole BBQ shrimp appetizer wrapped in bacon, and the bright-tasting shrimp Mojo, with a Cuban citrus, garlic and olive oil sauce. Chocolate bourbon bread pudding is an exquisite dessert, among the best endings available locally.
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Astrology | Week of May 3, 2012
Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES and DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES. The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877- 873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700..
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