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Art Gallery


1750 13th St., 303-443-2122

Second Place: Dairy Center for the Arts

Third Place: Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Fourth Place: Art & Soul

Fifth Place: Art Mart

Contemporary, cutting-edge art tends to be within the purview of the crowded urban world. We think of such art as needing a large population to contain the diverse tastes required to properly support contemporary art and its challenging exhibitions. But the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and our enlightented community have made it possible for such art to thrive right here in our own backyard. BMOCA often discovers new, local and young artists and exhibits them courageously. Examples include Zach Reini’s “Suburban Lawns” exhibit last fall and the borderline grotesque installation of food-based art currently on display and titled “Edible?” by Viviane Le Courtois. Boulder is truly a fortunate place to boast such a fine museum dedicated to expanding our understanding of the world through art.

Bank/Credit Union


Multiple locations around Boulder County

Second Place: Wells Fargo Bank

Third Place: FirstBank

Fourth Place: Boulder Valley Credit Union

Fifth Place: Chase

You either have money and you need someplace you can trust to hang onto it until you are ready to spend it, or you don’t have any money and you need someplace you can trust to loan you the money you wish you had at a reasonable rate. And even more importantly, you would like all transactions revolving around your having or needing money to be carried out by really nice people who seem to have the time to visit with you even after they find out that the amount of money you have or need isn’t all that much. According to our readers, Elevations Credit Union is the best place around to talk to friendly people about your money, or lack thereof.

Music Festival


500 E. Colorado Ave., Telluride, 303-823- 0848

Second Place: Colorado Music Festival

Third Place: RockyGrass Festival

Fourth Place: Rocky Mt. Folks Festival

Fifth Place: NedFest

Possibly the only place better than Pearl Street to dance like a gypsy, go showerless, drink beer and pass out in a flower bed is a music festival. This year, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival took the crown as the people’s favorite place to get down, proving its worth by selling out months in advance. Even the seven-hour drive is not enough to deter Boulderites from getting their groove on in the natural beauty of Telluride for the festival, which is held on the Summer Solstice. Celebrating its 39th year, this year’s festival will feature Leftover Salmon, Béla Fleck, Sam Bush Band, John Prine and the Yonder Mountain String Band.

Movie House/Theater


2032 14th St., 303-440-7679

Second Place: Century Boulder

Third Place: Boulder Outdoor Cinema

Fourth Place: Boedecker Theater

Fifth Place: Chautauqua Auditorium

Sometimes, going to see a movie in the theater offers an experience you can’t get at home through your Netflix, and the Boulder Theater specializes in those experiences. It’s a setting reminiscent of the days of early cinema — outside, a grandiose front decorated with bright lights and inside, an intimate movie-watching environment. And they get away with comfort-ignorant chairs because if you’re seeing a film at the Boulder Theater, it’s likely you’ll be up and down out of them, refilling your wine glass or standing on your feet to cheer with the crowd. The Boulder Theater plays host to some of the biggest film festivals and debuts in town, annually hosting the screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Sender Films Reel Rock Film Tour, and it is a key venue of the Boulder International Film Festival. Plus, every now and then, they squeeze in a replay of beloved movies like The Big Lebowski. Runner-up Century Boulder hosts the big blockbusters, in addition to providing a few select independent movies.

Music Venue


18300 W. Alameda Pkwy., Morrison, 303- 697-4939

Second Place: Boulder Theater

Third Place: Fox Theatre

Fourth Place: Chautauqua Auditorium

Fifth Place: Macky Auditorium Concert Hall

In 2011, Red Rocks Amphitheatre hosted such luminary bands as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Flaming Lips and Widespread Panic, along with major events like the Global Dance Festival and Snowboard on the Rocks. The venue even hosted its first winter concert earlier this year with Atmosphere and Common to show that yeah, we can still get down when it’s cold outside. Often referred to as one of the best music venues in the world, it’s not surprising that Red Rocks would be named the best venue locally. And it wouldn’t be a surprise next year either, as the venue has The Fray, Bon Iver, Wilco, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Norah Jones and a host of other acts coming through this summer. Boulder Theater, a bastion of the community, came in second place thanks to hosting such great events as the Boulder International Film Festival, Warren Miller Films showcases and concerts from every genre of music, from indie bands to well-known mainstream acts.

Open Mic


1709 Pearl St., 303-440-4628

Second Place: Conor O’Neills

Third Place: Catacombs

Fourth Place: Rock N Soul Café

Fifth Place: Waterloo Ice House

If you are one of the many narcissists seeking to show off to other narcissists, then open mic nights are perfect for you! And you might as well go to the best one in town, since what you’ve created is obviously the crème de la crème.

But no, in all seriousness, it’s the only one we’d perform at — if our work weren’t already too good for this town.

OK, OK, really, the Laughing Goat’s “So, You’re a Poet” open mic on Monday nights is full of dazzling wordsmiths that flourish in an encouraging, inviting atmosphere (with a great happy hour, too!). It’s a must-do for Boulderites.

Performing Arts Venue


2032 14th St., 303-786-7030

Second Place: The Dairy Center for the Arts

Third Place: Chautauqua Auditorium

Fourth Place: Boulder’s Dinner Theater

Fifth Place: Macky Auditorium Concert Hall

While the Boulder Theater is mostly known for music, it leads a double life as Boulder’s best performing arts venue. A variety of acts take the stage of the Boulder Theater every night, and whether you’re looking for dance, comedy or even a burlesque show, you won’t be disappointed. From

regional favorites like the Boulder Ballet Company to international headliners like Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Boulder Theater has been bringing performing arts to Boulder since 1906. Runner-up The Dairy Center for the Performing Arts also has plenty to choose from, with sketch comedy shows, musicals and the occasional aerial dance performance by the Frequent Flyers.

Best Not-So-Veiled Trampling of First Amendment CITY OF BOULDER

This one is easy. When the Occupy movement and the homeless, who seemingly could not be curtailed by the city’s draconian anti-camping ordinance, became an inconvenience, our esteemed city leaders decided to take things into their own hands. They passed a rule closing public areas between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Not that they were targeting anyone, they insisted. Um, who else could be affected? Lost pizza delivery drivers? Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, our sage elders decided to yank our right to jury trial for such offenses. Um, last we checked, the Constitution protects our right to peaceably assemble, and then there was something about being judged by a jury of our peers. On another First Amendment front, CU wins for best censorship due to its poor handling of the 4/20 protest on campus, including asking musician Wyclef Jean to censor himself.



1750 13th St., 303-443-2122

Second Place: Boulder History Museum

Third Place: The National Center for Atmospheric Research

Fourth Place: University of Colorado Museum of Natural History/Leanin’ Tree (tie)

Fifth Place: WOW Children’s Museum

Why is it that most art museums display art made centuries ago? Is the art of today unworthy? Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art doesn’t think so. Hidden in a non-descript brick building on 13th Street, the museum hosts art exhibits that will expand your mind and creativity, and it’s packed with artwork that was created this century. The museum displays regional, national and international exhibitions, and even local student work. It also hosts silent auctions and tours that roll through Boulder and Denver.

Place to Dance


900 Walnut St., 720-406-9696

Second Place: Boulder Theater

Third Place: ’Round Midnight

Fourth Place: Fox Theatre

Fifth Place: The Avalon Ballroom

Saying “let’s go dancing” doesn’t mean the same thing today as it did 100 years ago.

Nowadays, dancing usually involves bumping and grinding to loud techno music blasting over a speaker. But the St Julien Hotel & Spa offers something more reminiscent of a classic dancing environment. For those looking to dance, and not dry-hump, grab that special someone and head down to the St Julien to find live music almost every night. And don’t worry about hearing the same music over and over: The St Julien provides an assortment of popular genres like jazz, soul, pop, funk, samba and rock ’n’ roll.



2323 55th St., 303-442-4030

Second Place: Planned Parenthood

Third Place: Eco-Cycle

Fourth Place: Boulder County AIDS Project

Fifth Place: Community Cycles

Once again, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is the top dog in this category, proving that Boulderites truly love their pets. This should come as no surprise to attendees of HSBV’s “Puttin’ on the Leash,” an annual fundraiser that nets hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

Of course, the open bar and party atmosphere encourage your generosity, as evidenced by the bidding wars that break out during the night’s live auction. What really makes HSBV so doggone awesome is its unparalleled commitment to ­— and the joy with which it serves — the greater animal community. When the Fourmile Fire ravaged Boulder County in 2010 during another HSBV event, the “Cause for Paws” 5k, volunteers and employees worked overtime to collect and organize donations for affected animals and their humans alike.

Classical Music


900 Baseline Rd., Cottage 100, 303-449- 1397

Second Place: Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Third Place: The Colorado Symphony

Fourth Place: CU Presents

Fifth Place: Boulder Chamber Orchestra

With the constant sounds of dub step, otherwise known as noise, filling our ears, sometimes people need to retreat back hundreds of years to listen to the beautiful sounds of instruments and not computers. For all those classical music aficionados, look no further than the Colorado Music Festival. Its program is filled with classical favorites, global sounds, chamber music and plenty of contemporary music. The concerts draw in more than 22,000 patrons every season and are the perfect way to spend those warm summer nights. But its season only comes around once a year, so if you’re jonesing for the sound of violins or piano sonatas during the rest of the year, then check out runner-up Boulder Philharmonic.

Continuing Education


1505 University Ave., 303-492-5148

Second Place: Naropa University Extended Studies

Third Place: Front Range Community College

Fourth Place: Boulder Digital Arts

Fifth Place: Spanish Institute

In the days of yore, long, long ago, when recessions were something that happened to other countries and people could get by with just one full-time job, people went back to school for fun. This was also when fun was possible. These days, continuing education is becoming a necessity as the workforce becomes more and more competitive. Of course, if you’re not the cutthroat career focused type, going back to school doesn’t have to be about job training. It can be about the mountains upon mountains of things you don’t know. For both purposes, University of Colorado Boulder Continuing Education is there, offering both self-paced courses for busy people and term-based courses for people who would never get anything done if the course was self-paced. CU’s classes span calculus to Shakespeare, and the school offers flexibility to allow students to complete a degree they’ve started elsewhere or set aside for a while.

Festival/Event (non-music)


1900 13th St., 303-910-2236

Second Place: Boulder Creek Festival

Third Place: Frozen Dead Guy Days

Fourth Place: Boulder International Film Festival

Fifth Place: Colorado Shakespeare Festival

The Boulder Farmers’ Market entices many a Boulderite to wander the aisles, refreshing their supplies of fruit and vegetables with produce from local farms. And we don’t just block off our time for this festive event: we surrender 13th Street between Arapahoe and Canyon to all but basket-bearing foot traffic.

The vibrant scenes of open air produce stands are a natural pick to round out the week or kick off the weekend. Open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. April to November, with a bonus Wednesday evening market May through October, the Boulder Farmers’ Market lays claim to having the longest season of any farmers’ market in the state.

Another annual favorite and Memorial Day event, the Boulder Creek Festival, finished as runner-up this year.

Best Biker Bar for Karaoke MCCARTHY’S PUB 30 S. Main St., Longmont, 303-772-9797

While this may sound like some form of an insult, nothing could be further from the truth. We freaking love this place. Karaoke night at McCarthy’s makes reality TV shows like American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent look like the boring tripe that they are. Stop living vicariously through your cell-phone by voting for people you’ve never seen or heard of via 1-900 numbers. Come to McCarthy’s and vote with your wolf whistles and heckling for people you’ve never seen or heard of.

Don’t let the long row of Harleys outside keep you out. This place is friendly and downright hysterical when the karaoke machine gets turned on. You won’t be able to hold back the tears as one muscled-up, bike-riding crooner after another sings their favorite hair-band ballad. This place rocks. Drop in and have some fun.

Place to Wi-Fi


1709 Pearl St., 303-440-4628

Second Place: Ozo Coffee Co.

Third Place: The Cup Espresso Cafe

Fourth Place: Panera Bread

Fifth Place: Brewing Market Coffee

For the fifth year in a row, the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse is the best place to Wi-Fi in Boulder County. Why, you may ask? Well, along with their excellent free Wi-Fi and the strong signal spread throughout the shop, they have some tasty coffee to go along with your Web surfing and good background music, live or recorded, while you plow through Excel spreadsheets to write a report, visit your guilty pleasure online discussion boards or scroll through your Facebook timeline. And with the shop staying open until 11 p.m., it’s a good choice for some late-night computer perusing.

Private School


10455 Dawson Dr., Lafayette, 303-665- 6679


1661 Alpine Ave., 303-440-7520

Second Place: Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Third Place: Friends School

Fourth Place: September High School

Fifth Place: Boulder Country Day School

Remember that time when Serena got a crate of champagne delivered to school and everyone who was anyone snuck in and got drunk by the Olympic-sized pool while wearing Prada sunhats and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses? And then that one kid and that other kid got in a squabble and one of those kids got massive brain damage and almost drowned? And even though she had nothing to do with the fight but everything to do with the party Serena almost got kicked out... again? No? You don’t remember that? Oh wait, because that was at the private school on Gossip Girl, not in Boulder. Boulder private schools actually teach valuable stuff — like how GG is a waste of time. For example, Alexander Dawson (K-12) strives to have each of their students reach their own personal potential; they keep their classes small and they don’t teach to the test, but teach to absorb lessons for life.

Watershed (6-12) leaped to first after a fifth-place rating in last year’s Best of Boulder. Perhaps it’s their philosophy of not limiting learning to inside a conventional classroom that helped move them to the top.

Sports Bar


1346 Pearl St., 303-440-3355

Second Place: Harpo’s Sports Grill

Third Place: World Famous Dark Horse Bar and Grill

Fourth Place: West End Tavern

Fifth Place: Walnut Brewery

Pearl Street staple Lazy Dog is known for being the go-to spot for sports fanatics, but regulars don’t head there simply for the games. If you’re lucky enough, you get to talk smack with bar manager Angela, who will give you crap about your love of the Phillies as long as you keep ordering beers from her. On Sundays during football season, you won’t just find Broncos fans, but tables of expats from across the country who gather to watch their home team battle it out on one of the many flatscreens in the two large dining rooms. Lazy Dog is a bar for everyone, featuring a lively rooftop and the Underdog, a basement bar for people whose favorite sport is “drinking Jenga.” If you’re looking for a homer crowd, head over to second-place Harpo’s Sports Grill, where you can find tons of drink specials during games featuring Colorado’s favorite teams.

Summer Camp


2850 Mapleton Ave., 303-442-2778

Second Place: CU Science Discovery

Third Place: Colorado Mountain Ranch

Fourth Place: Avid4 Adventure

Fifth Place: School of Rock

The great thing about the YMCA Summer Camps is that not only can you get those darned kids off your lawn, you can ship them off to take advantage of wide and varied options. From camps that explore major sports to skateboarding and cycling camps, plus camps focused on arts, the outdoors and even LEGO robotics, it’s almost guaranteed that kids will find a YMCA camp they’ll want to join. Parents and kids can choose between day and overnight camps, each tailored to the child’s age. The CU Science Discovery camp, with its superb science-focused camps on physics, chemistry and biology for K-12 students, came in second place.

Best Local Example of Corporate Personhood XCEL/TELECOM INDUSTRY (TIE)

Gosh, this was a tough one, so we just called it a draw. Last fall, both Xcel Energy and the Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA) distinguished themselves in this category. Xcel poured thousands of dollars into trying to defeat a City of Boulder measure to explore municipalization of its electric utility. And the CCTA, funded at least in part by Comcast, launched a scare-tactic campaign designed to convince voters that allowing Longmont to use its own fiber-optic system would be wrong. Thankfully, voters in both cities saw the light and elected to distance themselves from corporate interests and place their utilities future in local hands. Power to the people.

Local Celebrity


Second Place: “Big Head” Todd Park Mohr

Third Place: Hazel Miller

Fourth Place: Jello Biafra

Fifth Place: Hosea Rosenberg

The immortal children’s book Wayside School Is Falling Down relates the tales of students at an elementary school whose lives take a bizare turn due to a checkmark being placed in the “vertical” instead of “horizontal” box. Eventually, a student trips and falls and wakes up in Miss Zarves’ classroom, surrounded by a small, odd group of students who are working on memorizing the dictionary.

The point being that Miss Zarves’ classroom would have been the perfect place to find  a.k.a. David Rosdeitcher. This man of memory has somehow completed the Sisyphean task of memorizing somewhere around 50,000 ZIP codes. He’s turned it into a street performance, and if you are on the Pearl Street Mall during the summer, you’ve surely seen him wowing the tourists with his knowledge of their hometowns. Coming in second is Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and local soulful songstress Hazel Miller takes third.

Local DJ


Second Place: Ginger — KBCO

Third Place: DJ Petey

Fourth Place: Dirtmonkey

Fifth Place: Godlazer

Bret Saunders has been waking up the Front Range for more than a decade. On KBCO, the pioneering Boulder-based adult alternative radio station that moved its operational base to the Denver Tech Center in 2010, Saunders has delighted local audiences with his humor, smarts and music choices on the morning show. Ginger, our runner-up, takes the helm right after Saunders.

Third place goes to DJ Petey, who holds down the fort at Absinthe House Thursday nights, and Dirtmonkey and Godlazer round out the field of winners.

Best Fat Guy in a Little Coat GLENN DANZIG

During metal’s heyday in the late ’70s and ’80s, shock and horror and gore ruled the airwaves. Guys like Glenn Danzig of The Misfits and other bands like Slayer and KISS built their careers making dark, heavy, horror-inspired metal. Danzig, in particular, took the testosterone-fueled machismo to a whole new level, appearing in his music videos with goth strippers and making a big deal out of how he got a black belt in Jeet Kune Do. But the years have not been kind to the Evil Elvis. He just hasn’t been the same since he was photographed buying kitty litter while wearing a frickin’ Danzig shirt. Not to mention the viral video of him getting knocked to the ground by a single punch to the face. His attitude (and gut) was on display at the Boulder Theater last May, when he confiscated a camera from an audience member and kicked a photographer out of the photo pit. At least someone’s keeping the shock-jock death-obsessed machismo of the ’80s alive. Keep on rocking, Danzig.

Best Place to Play Pool


1136 Pearl St., 303-449-4987

Second Place: Catacombs

Third Place: The Attic Bar & Bistro

Fourth Place: World Famous Dark Horse Bar and Grill

Fifth Place: Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill/Pearl Street Pub and Cellar (tie)

Local dive Sundown Saloon emerges as the best haunt for racking them up. With a prime central location near the intersection of Broadway and Pearl Street, drinking players with pool problems can meet to knock rocks together with sticks on five tables while enjoying plenty of blue ribboned refreshments. Contenders in the damp subterranean saloon can expect the tables to run well with plenty of bounce in the bumpers, and challengers fall in line with the typical fashionable 11 p.m. arrival to “the Downer.” Check local listings for pool leagues to play against organized competition. And let’s not forget some of the other amenities at this billabong. Live music, two dart boards, a foosball table and shuffleboard table complement the five pool tables for more ways to make some memories.

Best Display of Wealth-Enabled Eccentricity STEPHEN TEBO

Boulder real estate mogul Stephen Tebo, whose development company owns more than 200 properties, made for some very strange headlines in January 2012 when he purchased the Cadillac hearse used to transport President John F. Kennedy’s dead body for $176,000. The move prompted some speculation as to what he would do with the car. Would he keep it in his private garage? Take it for casual spins? Drive the vehicle in the Frozen Dead Guy parade? But mostly, it just reminded us that there are people in the world who can wake up and think, what should I spend $176,000 on today? Now, Tebo says he intends to open a museum of cars connected to historical events, so we applaud his good intentions. But you can’t help but notice that without massive amounts of wealth, most of us lack the means to express our innermost weirdo. What would your chain-smoking, ex-Marine neighbor buy with unlimited funds? Maybe the world is better off not knowing.

Fundraising Event


4695 S. Monaco, Denver, 303-444-5600

Second Place: Puttin’ on the Leash

Third Place: Buffalo Bicycle Classic

Fourth Place: Chocolate Lover’s Fling

Fifth Place: KGNU Benefit

Boulderites love supporting a good cause, and everyone seems to have their own issues for which their passions run high. There very well might be some kind of fundraiser for everything from conservation to canines every weekend, and that makes winning best fundraising event no small feat. So congratulations to KBCO Studio C, winner of this year’s best fundraising event.

Since 1991, KBCO Studio C has been compiling an annual CD of their best studio tracks of the year. Those CDs are now collectors’ items. While the music is great, what makes purchasing the CD even better is that all the proceeds go to charities, like Boulder County AIDS Project and Food Bank of the Rockies, satisfying the music lover and philanthropist in us all.

Live Dance Group


2590 Walnut St., Ste. 10, 303-443-0028

Second Place: Frequent Flyers Productions

Third Place: Lemon Spongecake Contemporary Ballet

Fourth Place: BreakEFX Crew

Fifth Place: Ballet Nouveau Colorado

Has any garment elicited more undeserved sneers and derision than the tutu? Come on, that’s the first thing you think of when you try to think of a ballet dancer, right? Well, beneath the frilly pink garnishment lies a liv ing, breathing human being, you insensitive prick, one that could probably kick your ass if you ever said a word about what she was wearing. That’s because ballet dancers are chiseled athletes, capable of willing their bodies into incredible combinations of beauty, grace and strength. Boulder Ballet takes the title for best live dance group, and their shows display what ballet does best: showcase the human body as a conduit for art. The aerial dancers of Frequent Flyers Productions, our runner-up, are like ballet dancers who fly. Not to be missed.

Best Answered Prayer for a Broncos Super Bowl Win REPLACING TIM TEBOW WITH PEYTON MANNING

When Tim Tebow asked God for Denver to get the team to the Super Bowl, he may have been surprised by the results. Hey, the Tebow era was a nice novelty and all, and was generally good publicity for the team, but let’s be serious. Peyton Manning, even with Frankenstein neck bolts, is head and shoulders above Mr. Tebow when it comes to the quarterback department. It’s like comparing John the Baptist to Jesus. OK, maybe that’s a bad analogy. Forgive us.

Local Musician/Group


Second Place: The Yawpers

Third Place: Face

Fourth Place: Gregory Alan Isakov

Fifth Place: The Magic Beans

For the first time in years, this year’s best local musician/group category was write-in only, and when the tally was complete, we came out with a surprise winner. Hatrick Penry, a young ska band, takes home the title, beating out well-established newcomer The Yawpers and two groups and one singer-songwriter — Face, Gregory Alan Isakov and The Magic Beans — who have been around the block a few times. Hatrick Penry’s motto is “Give me ska or give me death.” While many might agree a better phrasing would be “Give me death before you give me ska,” you gotta love an underdog. Kudos, boys. We’re keeping an eye on you.

Live Jazz Venue


900 Walnut St., Boulder, 720-406-9696

Second Place: The Laughing Goat

Third Place: Caffè Sole

Fourth Place: Nissi’s

Legend has it that, as a boy, St. Julian the Hospitaller, patron saint of innkeepers, met a stag in the woods that foretold that Julian would murder his parents. Julian fled his home, thinking he could beat fate. And of course, by tragic plot twist, he ended up killing them anyway. He spent the rest of his life building houses and hospitals until an angel came and forgave him. The end.

It’s tough to say what Julian would think of the St Julien Hotel, which offers live music four or five times a week, ranging from traditional jazz to soul to bluegrass. Hopefully he’s a jazz fan, because according to our readers, there’s no better place in town to see and hear it. Laughing Goat came in a close second. At least it’s not a laughing stag.

Live Theater Group


5501 Arapahoe Ave., 303-449-6000

Second Place: Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Third Place: CU Theatre & Dance

Fourth Place: Vox Feminista

Fifth Place: Peanut Butter Players

All those jokes about theatre majors growing up to be waitstaff? Well, Boulder’s Dinner Theater is preparing its creative staff for that bright and shining future by asking them to multitask. Go for a night at the theatre, take a seat, and then enjoy the entertainment for your tastebuds brought to you by the people who will also be tickling your funny bone through a presentation of something like the madcap Drowsy Chaperone.

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