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CU should rethink 4/20 crackdown

(Re: “Nipping 4/20 in the bud,” cover story, April 12.) To all CU campus administrators involved in 4/20 planning: As a CU alum I would like you to know that the majority of CU students disagree with your approach to the 4/20 event.

Your attempts to suppress civil disobedience and free speech against unjust laws only shows how out of touch you are with the feelings and desires of your student body. Imprisoning people for non-violent protest and ruining your students’ future job prospects is rooted in an antiquated and tragically misinformed view of the marijuana plant, which has been proven safe over 50 years of scientific study.

If the CU administration wishes to stop destructive drug abuse on campus, alcohol abuse is clearly the area to address.

Let’s compare, shall we? A handful of students have literally died directly due to alcohol poisoning on campus in the past decade. The number of students who have died as a result of 4/20 or as a result of marijuana use is, of course, zero. Rape and domestic violence, both major problems on campus, have been linked to alcohol abuse time and time again.

If CU wants to improve its reputation as an academic institution, the university should address the far more dangerous and destructive habit of alcohol abuse on campus, not marijuana.

Let’s be realistic: alcohol is killing your students, not pot!

Tristan Gulliford/via Internet

Thanks for the excellent True tribute

(Re: “Chasing the White Horse,” Adventure, April 5.) With a gracious heart, I want to thank Elizabeth Miller for sharing such a beautiful story surrounding the life of Micah True.

This year’s Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon was truly a magical, joyous celebration, in a spirit of peace and harmony, uniting the running cultures of the Raramuri and International athletes.

Micah loved the sacred beauty of the mountains of Boulder. Elizabeth captured the essence of Micah’s journey among Mother Earth, and how running transcends the borders which separate our spirits.

I send my sincere thanks to all who opened their homes and shared precious memories of Micah.

I sincerely appreciate the hospitality of Buzz Burrell, Michael Sandrock, Brian Metzler, Dan and Jane Bowers, Deborah Bezanis and Jennifer Johnson Cline, who understand the importance of continued support of all running cultures.

The Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon 2013 will be a joyous celebration!

Kuira Ba! (We are one!) Peaceful blessings. Maria (La Mariposa Apache) Walton, Operating Partner, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro/via Internet

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