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Letters | Photo of black actor?
or bankruptcy because they aren’t able to earn an income and have mounting medical bills on top of their other expenses. According to an Allsup survey of pending SSDI claimants, 15 percent waiting for a decision are in or expect to be in foreclosure proceedings.
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Paying for Perry-the- Pretender’s presidential run
For example, in his grandiose desire to be president, this tightfisted champion of taxpayers dipped liberally into the public till to have Texas taxpayers subsidize his failed run. Perry essentially abandoned the state and his gubernatorial duties for.
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—Alabama Congressman Jo Bonner, referring to the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship, which is designed for modern-day tasks such as clearing mines, chasing Somali pirates and battling Iranian attack boats.
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The buzz about bees and pesticide
On April 5, the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) set off an uproar when it announced the findings of a new study linking a common pesticide with colony collapse disorder (CCD), which has been killing honey bees by the millions since it was identified in 2006.
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In case you missed it | A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE
By now you’ve likely heard that Ted Turner would like to generously donate 25 buffalo to the city of Boulder. He thinks they would look good out on U.S. 36 as you come into town, and they would.
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Every year during April, the University of Colorado administration warns students about the potential consequences surrounding the annual 4/20 gathering on Norlin Quad. This year, the university is upping its efforts to end the unwelcome smoke-out.
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Anatomy of a mistake
The purchase was supported by information that was either intentionally misleading or woefully incomplete. Not only was the deal brokered by a private third party, which is rare itself, but the full, sordid history of the contaminated property appears to have been hidden from city council, and perhaps certain city staff members.
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Green pets
In Boulder, it isn’t all that surprising to see a girl walking by with her cat sitting on her shoulder or a guy riding a scooter with his golden retriever perched in a backpack behind him. So it seems only natural that the eco-friendly movement would carry over to furry friends.
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Fish and Wildlife Service announced what is called a 90-day finding regarding the Boreal Toad. What this means is that a full review of the toad’s status will now be conducted and a final decision as to whether or not the toad will be placed under Endangered Species Act protection must be made within one year.
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Professional at a higher level
Waters talks about this season’s challenge with the familiarity and perspective of a pro walking off the links at the Masters. He’s not priming a fairway shot or reading the green, but his view shares the absorption of technical details and evaluation of risk often seen with toptier performers in their field.
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Dropping weight
“I’d never hiked that far before and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but I went on that hike and had a terrific time — it was a life event for me, partly because it was something I didn’t know I could do, but I ended up successfully accomplishing it,” says Carpenter, a 24-year Boulder resident.
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In a dance studio in an industrial section of Broomfield, the dancers of Ballet Nouveau Colorado, decked in casual athletic clothes, are performing to the wall-length mirror inside the studio. The music of David Bowie blares through speakers, and the room is as much filled with glam rock as it is with the breathing of the winded dancers.
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The man, the myth, the legend
Though they were incredibly gifted performers whose music still resonates and whose influences remain readily apparent today, you don’t see bumper stickers reading, “God Bless Janis Joplin.” Or Jimi Hendrix. Or Frank Sinatra. Or Dean Martin.
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Women are beautiful, naturally
Through the decades in which women marched for liberation from secretarial jobs, sexual monogamy and bras, Garry Winogrand walked the streets, his palm-sized camera in hand, photographing women. He caught them with their guard down, their knees too high for their too short skirts, their necklines gaping open to bare nearly too much cleavage.
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D.P. Dough
Of course the main event is their famous calzones. With over 50 “Zones” to choose from, there is something for everybody.
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Married with Baggage
Are you part of a stepfamily and your main thought is, “I never thought it would be this hard?” Are you a stepmother who feels targeted, resented and blamed simply because you exist? Are you a husband who feels put in the middle between your children and your wife?.
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The Drum Shop
If you were fortunate enough to have caught Rony’s recent performances with The Boulder Philharmonic or The Conference On World Affairs Jazz Concert at Mackey Auditorium then you already know what an extremely gifted and talented musician Rony is.
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Details Plus Auto Salon
It’s time to clean winter of your ride and bring one of your largest investments back to life. Save the life of your paint by allowing them to clean away the corrosion of winter and protect for another season.
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Songs for songwriters
Otherwise, the Counting Crows bring their rootsy pop sound to songs as wide-ranging as Fairport Convention’s “Meet On The Ledge,” Teenage Fanclub’s “Start Again,” the fairly obscure Dawes song “All My Failures” and “Coming Around,” by the British group Travis.
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Event calendar | Week of April 12, 2012
Flyers Productions. 7:45 p.m. The Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-440-7826..
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Arts | Week of April 12, 2012
Lincoln Gallery, 2130 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303-875-6879. Through May 15..
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Theater | Weel of April 12, 2012
Theater, 5501 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303-449-6000. Through May 13..
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Words | Week of April 12, 2012
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, 1203 13th St., Ste. A, Boulder, 303-579-1644..
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Kids' Calendar | Week of April 12, 2012
Go Club for Kids & Teens. 2 p.m. Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303- 441-3100..
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Reel to reel | Week of April 12, 2012
Hollywood 1927. Silent movie matinee idol George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is enjoying the good life, although he seems fonder of his faithful dog than of his trophy wife (Penelope Ann Miller). He meets funny, sexy young extra Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), a dancer set for a big break, and sparks fly.
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The ship so nice they sank it twice
When the panic-on-the-Titanic romance starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet first came out, I caught it twice, thereby qualifying me for permanent 14-year-old girlhood. The picture remains the worst-written blockbuster I happily paid to see a second time.
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Sweet or savory? Rhubarb offers endless possibilities
the suggestion that biting into a stalk of rhubarb is a delight. I mean, my cousin wasn’t that original. Nor was I when, in later summers, I would extend a stalk of rhubarb toward some unsuspecting cousin, friend, neighbor kid — whoever had not experienced the stop-action surprise of a bite.
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Fresh pasta and vegetarian Bolognese
As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I’ve noticed that most of the ones I’ve met, or am related to, don’t actually cook Italian food, never make their own pasta, and wouldn’t know a good marinara if it was keying their Camaro right in front of their Staten Island duplex.
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Returning to a Longmont seafood favorite
On a recent dinner outing with friends Janet and Keith, I was pleased to see the menu hadn’t changed too much. Those desiring something other than seafood can opt for voodoo chicken with spicy etouffee sauce, jerk pork chops or vegetarian curry. Many catches of the day, chicken and pork dishes are also available as gluten-free preparations.
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Tidbites | Slow down
The meeting will be held at the Altona Grange in Longmont, and attendees will learn about the grange system, hear what Slow Food Boulder County is all about, help elect officers, have the chance to join a committee and contribute ideas for the coming year.
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Zucca Italian Ristorante 808 Main St., Louisville 303-666-6499.
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Astrology | Week of April 12, 2012
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