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GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE Marketing Manager & Heiress,.
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Food, and food for thought
This time of year, a lot of people are spending time thinking about what they’re going to eat. They’re planning and planting gardens that will yield produce all summer long, providing directives on whether it’s a week for salads, or one for zucchini bread, BLTs or snap peas.
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Digging in to organic gardening
Ask four experts about how to make a garden grow, and you’ll get four different pieces of advice. What the experts have to say about cultivating healthy soil and when and where to water varies, but then, so do backyards.
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No lawn? No problem
Locally grown food just got closer. If you crave the flavor of home-grown carrots or cucumbers, the taste can be yours, even if you don’t have a backyard.
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Urban herbs
If a full-fledged garden sounds like too much work, consider scaling back and springing for an herb garden. Find a sunny windowsill, or plant them alongside a bigger plant and enjoy fresh herbs instead of store-bought ones.
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Eating your legislation
Federal farm bills are the 400-pound gorilla of American agricultural policy, setting direction for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), if not the entirety of domestic farming.
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Recipes on the range
As spring arrives, most foodies’ thoughts turn to the local produce making its way to area farmers’ markets. To help usher in the fresh produce season, Boulderganic asked three county farms to share a favorite recipe that makes the most of their bounty.
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Nice day for a green wedding
For all of the pageantry of many weddings, the most important part is that little two-minute bit you can barely see where the couple exchanges rings, does a secret handshake and passes notes to each other. Or whatever it is they’re doing up there.
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Get out
The National Park Trust has dubbed May 19 National Kids to Parks Day, a day when they invite every family in America to visit a national, state or local park.
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Safe spring cleaning
Odd things tend to turn up when you tackle the task of cleaning out your closet, from old paint and cleaning supplies to moldy food and frayed clothing.
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Looking closer at ‘local’
Breaking news: You’re in Boulder. Or Longmont, or Lafayette, or Nederland, or Louisville. Now that you’re aware of it, spend like it, says local entrepreneur Richard Fleming.
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City, Xcel square off over solar, wind programs
The latest skirmish in the municipalization battle between Xcel and the city of Boulder revolves around solar and wind energy programs.
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Fiber problems
What if you could improve the infrastructure on the electric grid to make it smarter? In 2008, Xcel Energy embarked on an ambitious pilot program designed to do just that in Boulder.
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Conserving Colorado’s golden goose
The conservation of our resources,” former president Theodore Roosevelt once said, “is the fundamental question before this nation.”
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Women to watch in sustainable business
Boulder County is home to some incredible women who, on top of running or owning a sustainable business, are also leaders in their community, working to educate and encourage others to be more eco-friendly. Boulderganic caught up with a few of the women to talk about their work and their lives.
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Just a little loan
Organic, local, sustainable food seems to be a growing trend in America, but it’s also a trend that almost inevitably means higher prices.
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Stop sniffling and sneezing
It’s that time of year. You open your window on a warm day, breathe deep, and all of a sudden the itchy, watery eyes and sneezes set in.
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How to make your own kombucha
More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese considered kombucha an immortal health elixir. Some avid drinkers of the fermented tea beverage might say just the same today.
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To cleanse or not to cleanse
From detoxifying diets to juice fasts, different dietary cleanses abound, claiming to rid your system of toxins and help you lose weight. People who regularly cleanse say they feel better, look thinner and think more clearly after a cleanse. But some dietitians argue that your body does all the cleansing it needs on its own.
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