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Publisher, Stewart Sallo Editor, Joel Dyer

Director of Sales & Marketing, Dave Grimsland

Director of Operations/Controller, Benecia Beyer

Circulation Manager, Cal Winn

EDITORIAL Managing Editor, Jefferson Dodge

Special Editions Editor, Elizabeth Miller

Associate Editors, David Accomazzo, Quibian Salazar-Moreno

SALES Retail Sales Manager, Allen Carmichael

Inside Sales Manager, Jason Wing

Account Executives, David Hasson, Amber Hayes, Brooke Sunness, Amaru Ward, Jim Williams

PRODUCTION Production Manager, Dave Kirby

Art Director, Susan France

Graphic Designer, Mark Goodman

GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE Marketing Manager & Heiress, Julia Sallo

Office Manager/Advertising Assistant, Francie Swidler

Circulation Team Dave Hastie, Dan Hill, George LaRoe, Jeffrey Lohrius, Elizabeth Ouslie, Rick Slama

12-Year-Old, Mia Rose Sallo cover photo: Susan France cover model: Jessica Lucke


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SUSTAINABILITY 16 Green weddings

BUSINESS 23 Looking closer at ‘local’

HEALTH 35 Natural remedies for allergies