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letters l Anti-South bigots
Limbaugh apologized for becoming what he loathes. He descended to the level of liberals with his name-calling. We are still waiting for an apology from Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a “c---” and a “dumb t---”. I wonder what the reaction of Ms.
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The Highroad Woody at 100
He wouldn’t even need to write any new material. For example, just as in his day, our Wall Street banksters are getting rich, even as the victims of their narcissistic greed are getting pink slips and eviction notices. He already wrote about this outrage in his great old song “Pretty Boy Floyd,” including this verse:.
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author, saying that free speech is threatened in India after conservative Muslims blocked his appearance at a literary festival there.
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The president’s astonishing chutzpa
Within its first weeks, the Obama administration derailed plans to open up the Atlantic outer continental shelf for drilling. It cancelled already-awarded leases on federal lands in the western U.S.
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Room to breathe: Fracking poses airborne health hazard
The chemicals included trimethylbenzenes, chronic exposure to which can cause nervousness, tension and anxiety, asthmatic bronchitis, anemia and alterations in blood clotting; aliaphatic hydrocarbons, which can affect the lungs, the nervous system,...
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In case you missed it l Council backs train to nowhere
A little background. RTD accidently spent all the money we gave them to connect Longmont, Boulder and Lafayette to Denver’s light rail system by train on something else. They promised us a train when we passed a special tax to pay for said train in 2004.
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Stewart plays Marylou, who was 15 when she met Cassady-inspired Dean Moriarty. Marylou was a sweet 16 when they married, and is discounted as the stunning 16-year-old blonde bimbo the characters who represented Kerouac and Cassady shared, but otherwise was of little account.
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CU staff retire, double-dip, get paid, oh my!
Far be it for me to defend the actions of the university when it comes to giving raises to administrators who, in some cases, don’t deserve it, regard less of what their peers in the market receive. But retirees coming back to work for the university and collecting both their pension and a salary is nothing new, either.
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Act legalizes cottage chefs Local Foods, Local Jobs Act allows for sales of food from home kitchens
Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed the “Local Foods, Local Jobs Act” into law, exempting small food producers who sell directly to their customers from having to use commercial kitchens and paying for health department inspections.
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Eco-briefs l Pine beetles appear to share Santorum’s views on sex
According to new research by Jeffry Mitton, a CU-Boulder professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and one of his graduate students, Scott Ferrenberg, the destructive pine beetles actually produce two tree-killing generations of offspring every year instead of one, as previously believed.
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“We went up to do the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Winter Concert series in Fredericktown [Ohio],” Arbuckle told us a week or so ago by phone. “That’s a great festival that they do up there in September, and they’ve got a pretty devoted following, so their winter concert series, even though it’s a club gig, is pretty well attended.
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Beatbox vs. symphony
Familiar as a fundamental element of music, the pulse that compels us to tap our feet or march along with the band, rhythm is even more than that. It underlays the movements of dance and the meter of poetry. It is found in the language and the scene structure of drama and film.
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Arts & Culture l A set of lies agreed upon
The titular character and plot-propelling blind date don’t even occur until after a much necessary, relational foundation has been laid. The play opens with psychology Ph.D. candidate Suzanna Slater (Rachel Fowler) wallowing in woe in the wake of her father’s death some months earlier.
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Event calendar | Week of March 22, 2012
To have an event considered for the calendar, send information to
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Theater l Week of March 22, 2012
Through May 13. KOLD Radio, Whitefish Bay..
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Arts l Week of March 22, 2012
John Perreault and Mark Van Wagner’s Drawings from Sand..
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Words l Week of March 22, 2012
The Mark Inside: A Perfect Swindle, a Cunning Revenge, and a Small History of the Big Con.
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Reel to Reel | Week of March 22, 2012
After the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of Navy Seals is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt to foil the attack. Rated R. At Century, Colony Square and Twin Peaks. — Los Angeles Times/MCT.
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Abridged and confusing
Being a teen romance, however, there’s a third person in the triangle, Gale (Liam Hemsworth), who has been a childhood friend to Katniss and is only just realizing that he loves her. He’s stuck in District 12 and has to watch her blossoming relationship with Peeta during televised game coverage.
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“I’m blessed,” he says. And he means it. Leckonby arrived in Boulder to attend the University of Colorado in 1996. A hotshot ski racer, he’d grown up speeding down the icy slopes of New Hampshire and other Eastern states. Fast, focused and talented, he landed in the Mt.
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Cooking l The old fad: Braised short ribs and giant-ass gnocchi
What a wanker. Personally, one of my favorite cheap cuts is a beef short rib. Not only is it already in a nice, rectangular package, which makes presentation a breeze, but the bone is still attached, and that means more flavor and moisture..
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recent years, Boulder has become a haven for startup companies and locally crafted products. One typically mass-produced item, chocolate, has blossomed in Boulder’s local craft market. Working with small batches and quality ingredients, local chocolate crafters make products that look and taste completely different from the typical Hershey’s bar.
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Al fresco at Zucca
Pal Ann and I made the most of a sunny lunch opportunity, opting for al fresco dining that would hopefully accompany al dente pasta. When our hospitable server brought out our $7 fried calamari starter, we were struck by this dish’s unexpected eye appeal.
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Tidbites l Meat, meet cheese
We heard from condiments that cheese and meat weren’t together any more, and condiments said they heard from grains that tea actually saw meat with vegetables. But perhaps this class can reignite what cheese and meat once had. If not, sparks will fly..
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Appetizers l Fan’s Chinese Cuisine
Longmont’s Santa Fe Coffee & Burrito Co. certainly lives up to its name. This welcoming breakfast and lunch spot features caffeine ranging from classic diner coffee to espresso drinks and hearty, New Mexico-influenced meals.
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Astrology l Week of March 22, 2012
that you’ve gone a long way toward outgrowing the dark fairy tale that had been haunting your dreams for so long? And yet all this may just be a warm-up for your next metamorphosis, in which you make an audacious new commitment to becoming what you really.
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