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At Healing Touch Veterinary we believe that healing happens on many levels. In our practice we attempt to address not just the physical problem but any emotional or spiritual issues as well. Our emphasis is on a healthy daily environment, gently tweeking any imbalances with nutrients, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal/nutritional remedies to name just a few. We feature anestheshia free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.

We love the animals and we love our job—and we expect to see miracles every day.

Dr. Norman is a licensed veterinarian in CO for 14 years. She owns Healing Touch Veterinary, PC which she runs out of an office in her home or on a housecall basis.

She is certified in TCM (acu & herbs) & has completed a graduate course in veterinary spinal manipulation. She has a special intrest in nutrition & nutritional healing.

Mindy Mullins, also helps contribute to the Veterinary business.

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