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Congress chooses to keep poisoning children
So, Congress has targeted unnecessary oil subsidies and frivolous tax giveaways to billionaires, right? Uh, no. Instead, our learned solons have chosen to whack the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. This tiny, $30 million fund (not even a decimal point in the national budget) was slashed by 94 percent to only $2 million.
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Letters | Valmont is a dumping ground
Boulder always sends representatives to tell us how wonderful these projects will be for our community and, since we don’t get to vote on anything, we will have no part of the decision-making.
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The people’s park
When I was in grade school and Bluebell Road was still open, cars lined the right side of the road from Baseline to the picnic shelter at the top. After the road was closed to the public, traffic was funneled into the Chautauqua Park area, the Gregory Canyon parking area, down the south side of Baseline, and into the surrounding neighborhood.
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—Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, describing the impetus behind the suicide bomb that killed at least nine people outside of an airport in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
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In case you missed it | Rest in peace
Nice. Boulder Housing Partners wants to build a 31-apartment complex near the homeless shelter, at 1175 Lee Hill Dr. But the neighbors have complained that it would concentrate the homeless population even more into their area..
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Boulder lawyers up for municipalization
Boulder citizens voted last fall to authorize an increase to the existing utility occupation tax by up to $1.9 million a year for five years to plan for and acquire an electric distribution system, presumably the one owned by Xcel.
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Frozen Dead Guy Days a celebration of life
Bredo Morstoel died in Norway from a heart condition in 1989, and was immediately shipped off to a cryogenics institute in California. In 1993 he came to Nederland, where he remained under the surveillance of his daughter Aud Morstoel and grandson Trygve Bauge.
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Valmont Butte's got a dam problem, among others
Proof by assertion: Sometimes informally referred to as proof by repeated assertion, is a logical fallacy in which a proposition is repeatedly restated regardless of contradiction. Sometimes this may be repeated until challenges dry up, at which point it is asserted as fact due to its not being contradicted (argumentum ad nauseam).
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With parenthood comes perspective
“For most of my life, I’d get off stage and I have this sort of tortured side to my personality where I just, I relive all of the things that I did wrong or didn’t quite say right, because I like to speak off the cuff,” DiFranco says. “And sometimes it comes out right and sometimes it comes out sideways.
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Spawning time
“Oh yeah,” he chuckles, “that was recorded on Halloween, and we were all in costume. I was wearing this very cumbersome wizard costume with these huge sleeves. So not only were we recording a live record, but were also hindered by the costume element. Plus it was an absolutely crazy night.
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New director, new direction
This year, however, new festival director Rick Erickson has chosen a different kind of program: Instead of a single major work, he is venturing into what he calls the “heart” of Bach’s work as a composer, the cantatas.
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Grandpa’s Mall Crawl and Brain Freezer Tent Downtown Nederland First Street is tranformed into a pedestrian mall. In the Brain Freezer Tent Avery and Lefthand beer, specialty Corpse Reviver and Grandpa’s Spirit drinks will be available. Live Music, Grandpa’s Gift Shop & food vendors.
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Poets and teens team up to tame body image issues
Two years ago, performance poet Sonya Rene Taylor was chatting with a friend who was having an issue in the bedroom. Her friend had cerebral palsy, and she felt awkward asking her partner for the special attention she needed because of her disability..
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Event Calendar | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
Benefit Concert for Crohns and Colitis foundation of America ––.
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Arts | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
Tragic Beauties and Other Objects of Desire..
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Theater | Week of Mar 01, 2012
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change..
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Words | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
7 p.m. Cornerstone Community Center, 1190 S. Lashley Lane, Boulder,
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Realism thwarted
Its Navy Sea, Air and Land team warriors, better known as SEALs, collaborate without friction. They stick to the plan or adapt it when needed. Authority is not bucked. Voices are raised only under fire.
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Sucky socialists
Only they’re not funny. The take of him doing this scene in the film isn’t amusing either. And Rudd is easily the most experienced member of the Apatow Frat Pack in this cast. If he can’t find the humor in this comedy about uptight New Yorkers who drop out on a Georgia commune, what chance do his castmates have?.
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reel to reel | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
Based on a headline-grabbing incident in the U.S., sisters Delphine and Muriel Coulin’s provocative debut feature follows the fallout in a sleepy French coastal town when a group of teenage girls all decide to become pregnant at the same time. At Boedecker Theater.
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Going down, fast
The technique is solid: weight firmly on the downhill ski, eyes ahead, shoulders square. There’s fire in the eyes, determination there. There’s also beauty and grace and something timeless.
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When work is a labor of love
That support is important for Cudmore, who put a commitment to “balance, sustainability and living in the moment” into his company philosophy for Meier Skis. He uses materials sourced from Colorado, including wood that is 50 percent from beetle-kill pine.
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The better-thanrestaurant-pizza project, part 2
But this week, I thought the most helpful photo should be of my starter, so you’ll know what yours should look like. Come to think of it, people who didn’t read last week’s installment will undoubtedly see the word “pizza” in this week’s headline, see the photo of a non-descript, bubbly mass, and think, “This guy’s pizza is garbage,” and move on.
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Local spice shop blends affordability, education
When Dan Hayward looks at his own store, he can see the obstacles it faces. Savory Spice Shop is tucked into the expensive-looking strip along Broadway north of Pearl Street — Hayward calls it a “destination shop” that probably looks like a fancier, more expensive option than the grocery store.
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Clay’s Obscurity Corner So siu mei
Charsiu is a Cantonese specialty featuring slowcooked pork traditionally seasoned with honey, bean curd, five-spice powder and a mix of hoisin and dark soy sauces. This is considered a siu mei, or roasted meat dish, commonly featured in Chinatown shops selling other preparations like steamed chicken and roast duck.
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A high-end food court
Neither good food nor subtlety was a strong suit at the busy suburban mall food courts of my youth. In those pre-Sbarro years, kitsch was king. Over-the-top Union Jack displays heralded the fish and chips stand, and garish, if not stereotypical, lanterns and kimonos indicated where greasy tempura was dished out.
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Tidbites | Cheese please
Holly Wing of De Maison Imports will present a tour of Spanish sherry during the event. The evening will include a threecourse Spanish tapas dinner paired with six different artisan-crafted sherry wines, ranging from bone dry to super sweet.
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1381 Forest Park Circle, Lafayette 303-665-3080.
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Astrology | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
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