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Valmont is a dumping ground

(Re: “On the hook,” Ghosts of Valmont Butte series, Feb. 23.) Our family has lived in Valmont since 1915. Our house is the location of the old Grange hall. Boulder has always looked east to Valmont as their dumping ground. When they needed gravel, they dug it here. When they needed a place for a trash transfer station, they converted a beautiful KOA campground for that purpose. Where do you think they intended to build a sewage composting plant and a fire training station? On Valmont Butte, next to our pioneer cemetery. The county also issued a permit to tear down the butte to supply rock and dirt to build the railroad overpass on Foothills Parkway. The latest proposal is to dig up the open space on Valmont to make a swamp to replace a wetland being covered for a bike path on Highway 36.

Boulder always sends representatives to tell us how wonderful these projects will be for our community and, since we don’t get to vote on anything, we will have no part of the decision-making. For years we have had to form groups to fight the destruction of our area and, with the help of the Native Americans and the federal government, we have sometimes succeeded.

Hugh McGinty/Boulder

Thanks so much for the story on Valmont Butte. I think my blog comments came off as sarcastic, but I am not at all, so don’t read that in. The BW is doing marvelous work here.

This story is off the hook. Circular remediation. Put all the crap bags in a big pile and worry about it later. Later is now.

Boulder’s version of pay it forward?

People can protect themselves with knowledge. Go and stop the madness, only if they know what the madness is.

Paul Tiger/via Internet

Glad to see [the series] back. Can we have more history of the town of Valmont and that area? Thanks!

Chris von Grebe/via Internet

Abortion and circumcision

(Re: “Foreskin follies,” Uncensored, Feb. 16.) Editorials in the Boulder Weekly the last few weeks come out strongly in favor of abortion rights and against male circumcision. Juxtaposed, these positions present an interesting observation: The problem with circumcision is its timing. If it is performed in utero, no problem, as a fetus has no protectable interest and the pregnant woman has no restraints on what she does with her own body. In utero circumcision benefits as well from the argument that if a woman can abort her fetus, surely she can take action far less destructive.

Mark Loewenstein/Boulder

Dear Pamela, I’d rather be circumcised than aborted!

Sincerely, John M. Jacquat/via Internet

Thank you so much for publishing the recent “Foreskin follies” article by Pamela White. I can’t believe that some of our state legislators want to spend our tax dollars on circumcision, which is little more than cosmetic surgery. Our state budget is collapsing, and Medicaid recipients can’t even get all of the medically necessary treatments they need, yet Sen. Foster wants to spend money on circumcision? The bill she drafted would force Medicaid to cover all types of circumcision, even adult circumcision when there’s no medical problem! This would be a ridiculous waste of our money and a disservice to Medicaid recipients.

Craig Garrett/Colorado Springs

It’s illegal even to make a pinprick on a girl’s genitals. Why don’t boys get the same protection? Everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want parts cut off their genitals. It’s their body.

It’s not like it can’t wait — there are only two countries in the world where more than 50 percent of baby boys are circumcised — the USA and Israel.

Mark Lyndon/via Internet

BEST OF BOULDER SURVEY LAUNCHES Boulder Weekly has launched its annual Best of Boulder survey, and several new categories have been added this year. Voters can participate online at through March 31.

In response to last year’s reader feedback, the survey now gives local residents a chance to vote for “Best East County Restaurant,” “Best Lyons Restaurant” and “Best Nederland Restaurant.”

In addition, BW has added other new categories, like “Best Gluten-Free Menu,” “Best Food Truck,” “Best Coffee Roaster” and “Best Cocktail.” Everyone who responds to the survey will automatically receive an exclusive invitation to Boulder Weekly’s Best of Boulder Bash.

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