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Kids Camp 2012
Whatever it is, the summer and the multitude of camp offerings in Boulder County offer your child a chance to indulge in that passion — whether it’s mountain biking or being a rock star, growing plants or hiking into the woods, studying chess moves or chasing frogs.
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The great stay-away debate
But after talking to a couple of camp directors and a child psychotherapist, I started to believe that Cooper, with his outgoing personality, his ability to make friends and settle into new environments fairly easily, and his aptitude to follow directions, was in a pretty good position to start his camp career.
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Arts & Crafts
For ages 3-12. A rural, 38-acre school site offers part- and full-day activities Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. They offer daily rhythm for younger children of outside/ inside games, crafts, water play, baking, storytelling, nature walks, picnics and song.
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Mutually inspiring
abounds at art camps — and that’s no surprise. But what adds to the fun is how the adults who work with kids at arts camp find themselves drawing inspiration from the kids’ free expression, and how getting involved with art leads students to grow in ways that involve far more than fingerpainting.
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Educational camps
Students will learn to change backgrounds, add music, play catch and other cool features. After the end of camp they can install the software and story from our custom download site for further development, or to simply show off..
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A natural education
Whether your child is a promising garden steward who can’t keep her hands out of the dirt, a bookworm who squeals when she sees a live worm, or a gaming wizard who thrives on solving puzzles, he or she can benefit from the hands-on lessons of the earth.
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Faith-Based Camps
n Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center P.O. Box 66, Allenspark 303-747-2888
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A well-forested faith
The expedition also seeks to help make Judaism applicable to young adults during the turmoil that often accompanies the teenage years and help them apply lessons learned through Judaism and time in the woods to the decisions they will need to make in their daily lives.
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improvisational theater, humor and our own Realm of Shards rules to play out each adventure. Our 2012 Summer Day Camp Programs are located at Chautauqua park and begin Monday, June 4 and run weekly through Friday, Aug. 10. Normal camp hours are from 9 a.
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Transitioning to adulthood
“Teens need somebody besides Mom or Dad to safely challenge them,” says Stuart Marshall, a Boulder-based licensed psychotherapist and family counselor who specializes in youth rite of passage and experiential and wilderness therapies. “Camp is a great place to help them through their rite of passage.
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Horseback riding camps
All materials for costumes provided, camp T-shirts made by campers. Campers bring sack lunches and water bottles..
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The healing power of horses
for dear life and praying I wouldn’t fall. My mom brought me back a few more times though, and during my third lesson something miraculous happened as I was trotting around the ring — I laughed. Just like that, I went from complete fear to feeling like I could conquer the world.
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Outdoor camps
8:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Ages 5-12 ($365/ week) in Boulder June 4 to Aug. 17, meeting at High Peaks/BCSIS at 3995 East Aurora Ave. Save $15! Enter coupon code “bw” when registering online. American Camp Association accredited and Colorado licensed..
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Summer camp unplugged
is a time to get outside and get dirty. It’s a time when kids can spend all day splashing in Boulder Creek, or venturing into the woods in search of the perfect tree to climb, or ripping their jeans playing soccer in the backyard.
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Performing Arts
City Drama Camps — BDT Academy also has summer drama camps for children ages 5-12, in cooperation with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department. We offer nine week-long drama camps, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The camps are held at Salberg Park at the corner of 19th Street and Elder Avenue.
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Rocking summer camps teach kids music know-how
When Gary Lennox was 17 he discovered a passion for rock music. He picked up a bass and hasn’t put it down in 40 years. For Lennox, the only way to play his bass is to crank up the speakers to full blast — which doesn’t sit well with parents, neighbors or cops.
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Special Needs
someone close to them. It runs Aug. 10-12 and combines the fun of a traditional camp with bereavement education and emotional support to help kids cope with grief and loss. All of the activities are facilitated by HospiceCare grief counselors and specially trained volunteers.
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Special deliveries
Will’s mother, Jodi Harmon, and her son’s physical therapist found a camp that could provide what Will needed to encourage him to walk on his own: the classic summer camp experience with the specialized care that children with disabilities require. With the training he received from Adam’s Camp, Will soon began walking.
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Sports Camps
Every week campers will experience sport clinics, scrimmages, a themed field trip and end the week with a final game and swimming! Weeks are scheduled to take advantage of the wonderful array of sports options available in the Denver/ Boulder area.
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Competition in question
Sports camps are designed to provide a fun and healthy environment for kids, but the competitive nature of sports is unavoidable.
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