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Political con men are shrinking America
leader, Gov. Rick “Oops” Perry. How’d they fill the $27 billion shortfall that they themselves had created by their previous budgetary mismanagement? By stealing money from already poorly funded programs — from education to parks — that ordinary Texans count on.
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Letters | Let Valmont series unfold
Clarification: A Feb. 2 story, “Valmont cemetery families say city in danger of digging up human remains,” said Western Disposal has a hazardous materials processing site to the west of the city of Boulder’s Valmont Butte property.
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—Corn harvester Wilfredo Ordonez, who has been diagnosed with a mystery epidemic in Central America that has killed more than 24,000 people over the past 12 years in Nicaragua and El Salvador.
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Foreskin follies
Last year, when I wrote a column supporting an end to routine circumcision of male newborns, I got a letter from a reader who blasted me for being hypocritical. How can you support freedom of choice for women, the reader asked, and not support freedom of choice for parents?.
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In case you missed it | FINALLY DE-BRUCED
He’s also the one who kicked a newspaper photographer at the state Capitol in January 2008 — during the morning prayer on the day he was sworn in as a state representative. As a result, he became the first legislator to be formally censured by the members of the House.
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Biff 2012 | Hollywood, Colorado
Getting a few minutes with the inimitable Beeck sisters — the founding mothers of the Boulder International Film Festival — in the weeks leading up to BIFF isn’t easy, even if you’re sitting across from them in the festival’s downtown-Boulder offices.
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Biff 2012 | Foxy lady
When Grier moved to Los Angeles in the early ’70s, her goal was to work and save enough money to get into film school. During a lunch break at one of her three jobs, she was planning to meet with a potential mentor for some career guidance. But apparently that’s not what he had planned.
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BIFF Film schedule
2:45 p.m. Film: Love Free or Die: How the Bishop of New Hampshire is Saving the World.
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Biff 2012 | The life of an indie animator
swarm of flying clams. Eventually, he settles on playing her a sonnet on the violin, but accidentally lets go of his violin bow and it flies into the air, coming back to stab girl dog’s owner squarely in the back. Horrified, the dog tries to pretend that nothing has happened, propping up the owner’s dead body and holding her face in a smile.
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Biff 2012 | Grand on a glacial scale
Most of the time, art and science stare at each other across a gulf of mutual incomprehension,” photographer James Balog says in his 2009 Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) talk. “Art, of course, looks at the world through the psyche, the emotions —even the unconscious at times — and of course the aesthetic.
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Biff 2012 | Out-guruing the gurus
The son of Indian immigrants, Vikram Gandhi’s relationship with faith is fairly typical for someone with his upbringing. His parents raised him in Hindu traditions, but the religious rituals he became immersed in served more as a reminder of his familial history than a strict religious doctrine.
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Biff 2012 | Covering higher ground
In 2010, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Eric Weihenmayer’s ascent of Mount Everest as the only blind man to climb the world’s tallest mountain, the same team who went with him reassembled to do a commemorative trip.
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Biff 2012 | Bitter stories
Historically, Indian farmers have cultivated their own seeds each year. However, when genetically modified seeds were introduced into the market after the World Trade Organization forced India to open its doors to foreign seed companies, things changed.
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Terrapin Crossroads, of course, is Lesh’s new venue/restaurant, a joint project he opened with his wife, Jill. It’s a small performance space coupled with a dining room, and it’s the cul mination of decades of dreaming and planning, as well as a nifty little retirement plan for the septuagenarian bassist.
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Biff 2012 | Not your average stoner movie
“Inspiration came from, not the concept of living at your mother’s house, but people who move sort of laterally to college or basements in order to ponder the greater meaning of the world and maybe smoke marijuana and not get anything done in the decade after their college experience,” Duplass says.
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Dusting off forgotten classics
The program will feature the works of three Baroque composers with low name recognition but great historical connections: Heinrich Schüetz, an important predecessor of Bach and Handel in the German tradition; Heinrich Ignaz von Biber, a predecessor of Mozart in Salzburg; and Friedrich Kuhnau, the direct predecessor of J.
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Snowed into the Fox
Krasno is one-third of Soulive, the fantastic jazz/funk trio from Buffalo, N.Y., that’s among the best in the biz. They’ve played with Dave Matthews, the Rolling Stones, the Roots, Stevie Wonder, Common, John Mayer and a multitude of others. (Interestingly enough, the drummer for Krasno’s other band, Lettuce, now plays with Pretty Lights.
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Event Calendar | Week of Feb. 16, 2012
Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company: Shipwrecked! An Entertainment—.
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Arts | Week of Feb. 16, 2012
Beauties and Art Museum, 1085 18th St., Boulder, Other Objects of Desire. manifest 303-492-1320. Through June 25. ART gallery, 108 2nd Ave., Niwot, 303-652-0952. Georgia Landman’s photographs..
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Theater | Week of Feb 16, 2012
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Words | Week of Feb. 16, 2012
A Heart Blown Open: The Life & Practice of Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi.
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Bloody interesting
The moment may or may not have been scripted, but you certainly appreciate it. You also appreciate how Swedish-born director Daniel Espinosa delivers harsh jolts a beat before you expect this car to smash into that car, or this character to calmly pull out a gun and murder that one.
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Slop disguised as fun
Carrying over from the ’08 film, a newly beefed-up Josh Hutcherson returns as Sean, now 17 and more sullen than ever. He has survived his journey to the center of the earth, but now his uncle, the Fraser character, is out of the picture. Sean’s ex-Navy stepfather ( Johnson) hasn’t yet breached the boy’s defense mechanisms.
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reel to reel | Week of Feb 16, 2012
Glenn Close stars in this tale of a woman forced to live as a man, Albert Nobbs, in order to work and survive in 19th-century Ireland. After 30 years of keeping up the charade, a new love threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build. At Esquire.
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Shug’s is latest casualty in 13th Street’s revolving door
A band you like is playing one of the two restaurant/music venues on the 2000 block of Boulder’s 13th Street, so you fire up Google Maps to be sure of where you’re going. In the glare of a summer sun, between beer delivery trucks, you can just spot a sign outside: RedFish.
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An hors d’oeuvre to impress the possessed
Snag the second: While enjoying the hors d’oeuvre, I overheard a news anchor talking about MIA’s gratuitous bird-flippage, and I was immediately ashamed to live in a country that still makes a big deal out of what is, ostensibly, a harmless hand gesture used mostly in traffic jams.
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Oak has recovered — and then some
When assessing the recently reopened Oak at Fourteenth, the lazy tendency would be to open with a sentence such as this: “Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, Oak has returned from months of rebuilding from a debilitating fire.
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Tidbites | Rudi's Organic Giveaway
“Like” Rudi’s Facebook page to receive a coupon good for any Rudi’s Organic product. Additionally, fans can enter to win daily prizes by clicking on the giveaways tab on the Facebook page. Prizes include Gaiam yoga DVDs, a digital camera from Kodak and Rudi’s Organic products.
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At dinner, starters range from Thai-spiced mussels to traditional escargot and shrimp Louis. Classicism marks the entrée menu, which includes filet mignon and rack of lamb. The lunch menu features lighter options like a tuna nicoise salad and a salmon, lettuce and tomato panini, and both meals feature the can’t-miss lobster ravioli.
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Astrology | Week of Feb 16, 2012
you could say they are sacred times when you’re poised in the threshold between the two great dimensions of your life. I’ll ask you to give special care and attention to those transitions in the coming week.
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