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Letters | Valmont’s ghosts
I want to thank you for publishing Pamela White’s piece regarding SOPA/ PIPA. It’s obvious most people don’t comprehend that stealing images, books and music affects the artists’ ability to earn a living.
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Newt Gingrich: the spawn of ‘Citizens United’
Justice Kennedy, meet Sheldon Adelson — a product of your cluelessness about how real politics work. For years, this casino baron has spent lavishly on right-wing front groups to advance his personal agenda, including pouring money into Newt Gingrich’s campaign.
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Shooters should clean up their act
That’s what members of the Rocky Mountain Firearm Club (RMFC) found when they headed up Lefthand Canyon in search of a safe place for target shooting on public land. “When I go to any sort of site up in the mountains where there’s shooting, I see all this trash all over the place,” says Chris Wu, a founding member of RMFC.
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—French President Nicolas Sarkozy, describing a 0.1 percent “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions that will be introduced later this year to create up to $1.3 billion annually.
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in case you missed it | SUPER BOWL SIBERIA
Boulder real estate developer Stephen Tebo reportedly laid out more than 160 grand for the privilege of being able to tell people that he owns the very Cadillac hearse that transported President John F. Kennedy’s dead body from a Dallas Hospital morgue to Air Force One following the beloved leader’s assassination.
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Reverend Friendly, street poet, dies at 76
Lobdell was a fixture around town, and in his later years you could see him shuffling around town, handing out beige business cards with his photo on them, a speech bubble coming out of his mouth with the words, “Laugh and the world laughs with you / cry and you cry alone / so if you’re gonna pout stay at home.
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Turning the tables
The Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed a lawsuit last year against Monsanto Company on behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations. According to PUBPAT’s website, the suit was filed “to challenge the chemical giant’s patents on genetically modified seed.
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Valmont cemetery families say city in danger of digging up human remains
For the “no evidence of off-site contamination” argument to be true, we would have to believe that a half-century’s worth of windblown contamination was stopped dead in its tracks by chain-link and barbed wire fences. As we found during our investigation, “no evidence” of contamination actually means no testing for contamination.
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Lawyer: City/county could be liable for cemetery contamination
The Valmont School District No.4 Cemetery Association is being represented by Randall Weiner, the lawyer who in 1999 helped about 300 residents of the Denver suburb Globeville win a settlement in a class-action lawsuit against a smelting plant accused of contaminating the area with lead and other heavy metals.
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Searching for a CSA
By signing up for a CSA with a particular farm, you pay a set price to receive a variety of produce each week from that farm’s harvest.
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A few minutes in, Laliberté has poker pro David Benyamine up against a wall. Benyamine is all-in with an extremely weak hand, and Laliberté has a 2:1 chance to win and walk away with $600,000 of Benyamine’s money. All he has to do is let the hand play out.
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Curiouser about Curious
About 10,000 playwrights live and work in the country, but in the past 10 years, there have been an average of two new plays produced on Broadway each year, according to Jason Loewith, executive director of the National New Play Network.
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Keep it simple
“[Slick’s] open to anything and by far the best mechanical player in the band, with the best feel. He’s probably the best musician in the band,” says bassist Toby Leaman. “We’re a different band, and the four of us that have been in the band are all better players, all have a better idea what our roles are and what our strengths are.
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Gesturing across the country
Doug says Smooth Money Gesture was originally the name of a cover band the brothers played in while living in Alaska from 2002 to 2005. When they finally settled in Colorado, the tunes switched to originals, and the band blossomed to six, then five, members.
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Event Calendar | Week of Feb. 2, 2012
Emma Back Trio, Statue of Liberty..
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To have an event considered for the calendar, send information to
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Arts | Week of Feb. 2, 2012
Astrid Paustian, Pam Simich and Calvin Whitehall..
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Words | Week of Feb. 2, 2012
Maxwell Boykoff answers the question, “Who speaks for the climate?” at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 8 at the Boulder Book Store..
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Theater | Week of Feb 2, 2012
The Edge Theater Company, 9797 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, 303-232-0363. Through Feb. 19..
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Neeson vs. wolf
We meet Neeson’s character, a heartbroken loner named John Ottway, on the verge of suicide and thinking back, obsessively, to the woman who got away.
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Details matter
You can say this for screenwriter Pablo F. Fenjves’ story: It stays busy. It starts in the hotel, moves to the ledge and then swoops back into a one-month-earlier flashback, explaining how Nick got there, why he went to prison in the first place and how he managed to turn a furlough for his father’s funeral into an opportunity for escape.
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reel to reel | Week of Feb 2, 2012
In the 1980s, Victor DeNoble was a research scientist at a major tobacco company, where he was given the task of finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. He succeeded, but in the process he proved something that the industry had been denying for years: that cigarettes were addictive.
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The second sex of sushi chefs
Women’s hands are too warm, the argument goes, to handle the ingredients. They’d damage the raw fish. The perfume or makeup or lotion on women’s hands would ruin the salmon and tuna. Of course, these are animals that live in some of the filthiest ecosystems this side of the Death Star’s trash compactor.
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Nothing bitter about this bar
Drinks range from original award-winning concoctions such as the Gone Fishin’, featuring naval-strength rum and ginger liqueur, to old chestnuts like Irish Coffee. However, the attention paid to the drinks doesn’t detract from the food.
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Tidbites | Super pairings for Super Sunday
Black Cat: Farm-Table-Bistro is hosting a “Super Dinner” beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5, featuring Italian winemakers who practice biodynamic farming, a method which treats a farm as a single living organism and aims to improve the health of the land and the surrounding ecosystem.
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Shine is a bar and restaurant as well as a performance and gathering space showcasing everything from world music concerts to yoga classes. The menu features healthful offerings ranging from locally sourced, grassfed beef burgers to meatless jackfruit tacos.
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Kidding around at Keystone
I taught my wife, a blonde Midwest beauty, to ski when she was 20 — or rather, she allowed me to teach her. We always joke we don’t need any marriage counseling after those tear-filled seasons on the blue ice runs of Vermont — no appearances for us on Dr.
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Astrology | Week of Feb 2, 2012
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