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Shooters should clean up their act / 5

Gun enthusiasts sometimes leave more than smoke behind by Pamela White

Turning the tables / 9

Monsanto sued by organic farmers and seed companies by Joel Dyer

The ghosts of Valmont Butte / 10

Cemetery families: City in danger of digging up human remains by Jefferson Dodge


On the cover: In the heart of Cirque du Soleil / 16

BW takes you behind the scenes in Montreal by David Accomazzo

Arts & Culture: Getting interested in the Curious Theatre Company / 23

Overtones: Dr. Dog’s studio approach has evolved over the years / 25

Overtones: Smooth Money Gesture makes touring look easy / 25

Panorama: What to do and where to go / 29

Screen: The Grey; Man on a Ledge / 37

Reel 2 Reel: Pick your flick / 38

Cuisine: The second sex of sushi chefs / 40

Cuisine Review: The Bitter Bar / 41

Tidbites: Super pairings for Super Sunday; Even more Moe’s / 42

Elevation: Kidding around at Keystone / 47


Letters: Valmont’s ghosts; Thanks, Pamela; You missed it / 4

The Highroad: Newt Gingrich: the spawn of ‘Citizens United’ / 4

In Case You Missed It: Super Bowl Siberia; ‘If I had a million dollars’ / 6

Boulderganic: Searching for a CSA / 14

Boulder Marketplace: Your community resource / 50

Free Will Astrology: by Rob Brezsny / 53


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