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APRIL 18-24, 2012

We love this issue because we find out what kind of people read YES! Weekly. We love it when we see excellence recognized.


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45 musicians’ exchange
50 movie times
art & dance
62 calendar


10 Those hard choices could include cutting some underperforming programs, but it may be possible to SAVE MONEY in other ways, Daniels said, such as completing the shift to running buses on bio-diesel.


32 Letters & columns
It’s been around two weeks since we squeezed around my table for a seder and left a dusting of matzo on my floor, but now it’s the anniversary of the WARSAW GHETTO UPRISING.

arts, entertainment & dining

39 Never mind having Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Shins and all living Beach Boys on the bill; like a summer spent waiting tables, a trip to BONNAROO is a rite of passage.

48 Genre fans will detect any number of nods and homages to horror media, including a big nod to the works of HP LOVECRAFT.

53 After pulling on a pair of white gloves, Forbes opens the simple, black leather wallet to reveal a snapshot of a doting ELVIS holding a toddler Lisa Marie.

59 As my teeth sunk into the SWEET POTATOES, I was reminded of the feeling of biting into a chocolate with an unknown center and suddenly realizing that it is far more satisfying than I could have anticipated.

crashing the gate

70 Understand that I was pretty sure I didn’t like camping, that I was more of a casinos-and-spa-packages guy, that I would rather crap in my own hand than spend the night in a tent on the ground, and that MYRTLE BEACH was, most assuredly, not my kind of town.

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