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MARCH 28-APRIL 3, 2012

The package was rumored to be full of XTC, a drug popular in the 1980s that has recently made a resurgence with older, white conservatives who initially confused it for Viagra because of the common side effects.


26 local & live
31 musicians’ exchange
32 concerts
movie times
39 art & dance
42 stage


08 Fitzgerald argued that TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE fits within the vision of the nation’s founders and that it promotes social good.


18 Letters & columns 20 OCCUPY WINSTON-SALEM fought the city to a draw on the matter of open-air gatherings, and continues to demonstrate frequently in response to corporate layoffs and tax breaks.

arts, entertainment & dining

24 The bill for this tour was like something straight out of the GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK: the impetuous, style-conscious Arctic Monkeys from England supporting the austere, blue-collar Ohioans.

33 It’s overtly symbolic, obviously, but all it really succeeds in doing is making some TALENTED ACTORS look very silly.

37 The spirit of the day was celebration of their collective talents to take the emphasis off of individual COMPETITION, but when the students returned to their seats they cast anxious sidelong glances at their parents, betraying their desire to win.


43 My serving comes out the color of RAW HONEY, with some chewy sautéed mushroom, fancily sliced raw vegetables and a cup of duck gravy.

crashing the gate

54 I was a teenager then, roughly the same age TRAYVON MARTIN was when he was shot to death by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla.

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