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local talent
WFMY News 2’s Lauren Melvin loves telling stories. The 26-year-old Pennsylvania native grew up in a small town she says no one heard of until Sept. 11, 2001 when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field near Shanksville. “It’s tough to describe that as my hometown, but it seems that’s truly how people recognize it,” she says.
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In her black leotard with red stripes, Fallanca started off with a fluid run to the vault apparatus, and within a precious few seconds, she made a focused leap followed by a solid kick and effective landing during the meet..
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be there
The Carolina Theatre; 310 S.Greene St., Greensboro; 336.333.2605; www.; 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
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Also courtesy of Wilentz, Democratic Party officials gathered in New York City in October 1834 to approve a prearranged slate of conservative candidates for state office by popular vote. The only hitch was that the labor Democrats had packed the hall.
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Winston-Salem police officers were on the scene at when 26-year-old Jerry Denard Posey II discharged a firearm in the parking lot at Kings Plaza at about 2 a.m. on Feb. 29, according to a press release. They took him into custody and recovered a weapon. At some point they discovered 19-year-old Terrance Gavin Murchison, who had left Club Palacio.
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Coalition doesn’t feel friendly towards development
The irony wasn’t lost on the residents of Northeast Greensboro attending the Citizens for Economic & Environmental Justice last month: While people in east Greensboro have been courting grocery chains to build a store in their vicinity, a developer...
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The Winston-Salem City Council could explore the possibility of creating a downtown entertain- ment district after balking at a rezoning request on Monday evening that members feared would threaten the viability of Ziggy’s and the District Roof Top Bar & Grille in the north anchor section.
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Market America, the Greensboro-based internet retailing giant, announced the launch of Market United Kingdom on March 1. Specializing in one-to-one marketing, Market America employs more than 600 people around the world and operates in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.
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Style and experience set apart conservative candidates in District 74 GOP primary
Larry Brown of Kernersville has been a member of the NC House since 2005, and before that served on the Kernersville Town Council for 18 years, including seven as mayor. Debra Conrad of Winston-Salem has held a seat on the Forsyth County Commission since 1994, including two terms as vice chair.
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Obama campaign pours resources into Triad
A capacity crowd packed the Obama campaign’s Winston-Salem headquarters on West 4th Street during a grand opening on Feb. 29 in which organizers urged volunteers to sign up for phone banking with neighborhood team leaders in Kernersville, east Winston-Salem, Lexington and Iredell County.
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white noise
YES! Weekly took home three NC Press Awards in Division C for community newspapers with readerships of more than 10,000 last week. Editor Brian Clarey won second place in the profile feature category for “Ed Taylor’s boy” and third place in sports columns.
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Triad gymnasts go big time
Aloi is a gymnast, and a very solid one. She is now competing for UNC-Chapel Hill, where she is a sophomore majoring in psychology. On the night of Friday, Feb. 24, in front of 1,223 people, during a home meet against George Washington University, Aloi tied her personal best score on the floor exercise with a 9.
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Triad Highland Games Hosts Scottish Tea Party at The Grange
The Triad Highland Games held a Scottish Tea on Sunday, Feb. 12 at the Grange. Pictured above is Harold Proctor serving a young guest. This event was elegant fun for all ages from preschool to old school. Family and friends enjoyed an afternoon of tea, finger foods and desserts served by men in kilts.
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The Dog Park at Tanglewood Fund has raised the amount collected to $135,000 over the past month with organizers stepping up their plans to see the park completed by early this summer. At this point, the plan is to build the Dog Park in late April and May, and open it to the public in June, 2012.
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Unlike Bill Clinton, President Obama admits he inhaled! “Frequently,” he said. “That was the point.” People laugh when politicians talk about their drug use. The audience laughed during a 2003 CNN Democratic presidential primary debate when John Kerry, John Edwards and Howard Dean admitted smoking weed.
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GOP primary not funny any more
She re-wrote history by proclaiming that the founding fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery. And Bachmann said that if we take away minimum wage we could wipe out unemployment. Next, it was businessman Herman Cain’s moment in the sun.
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Get off your gas! Drill and vote (Part 1)
Since Jan. 1, the price of gas has soared 45 cents a gallon — the highest on record for this time of year. AAA reported this past week that the national average of unleaded gasoline climbed from Feb. 28’s $3.71 per gallon to March 2’s $3.73 per gallon and then up again to $3.
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Undeniable math for the GC GOP
The foofaraw centered on state GOP policy and the funeral service of one of the party’s stalwarts, Rich Brenner, who passed in Greensboro last week while emceeing an American Red Cross Salute to heroes event, one of the many civic causes he supported.
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Celebrating International Women’s Day
It couldn’t be more true. The fact that we were raised in the same house and attended the same primary schools did not stop us from being bombarded with social values enforcing rigidly separate expectations and dynamics.
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Best of: The music endorsements
Singer Crystal Bright, Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands The closest approximation to Crystal Bright’s haunted incantations is that of another North Carolina native: Tori Amos. As audacious of a comparison as that might seem, it’s not only her vocal ability that approaches that of Amos, but the raw emotion with which she delivers it.
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extended play
As of press time, there’s no resolution on the noise ordinance, but McGee Lofts residents will nonetheless have to endure the boom of Oakland rappers Main Attrakionz at Longshanks tonight. Jazz rockers Portable Hero raise the dBs at the Blind Tiger, while bluesy songwriter Kaleigh Baker performs with Former Champions at the Garage.
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( local & live )
Crew, Rise Da Kid, IIIpo, Young Stacks LGI w/ J. Rich, J. Bryant & Big Jaton of M.T.T.S., Young Dirt w/ GHS “Ham’s Brassfield (G)“:.
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Brewski’s Tavern (G):DJ Clubhouse (G):.
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Not feeling the Lemonheads
It’s not fair, really, that a guy bedding supermodels in his youth was able to lose himself in a decade-long fog to some rather nasty drugs and come out on the other side able to pick up where he left off. Dando exudes the same charmed, slightly arrogant ambivalence of his days as the Poet King of Generation X.
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triad dj profile
Favorite technique:.
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ryan’s forecast
There’s not been a set list released for the 2012 Experience Hendrix tour, but given how little the personnel has changed from the 2010 installment, there’s a great likelihood that returnees will be trying their fingers at new material.
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taking a listen
Joe Thompson left this Earth only a week before the fourth album by his young protégés the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Leaving Eden,.
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( musicians’ exchange )
1965 Blackface Fender Pro Reverb Amp. Fine Condition – sounds great. All original components/transformers except for 1980’s Groove Tubes, and Celestian ‘Vintage 30’ speaker (great speaker). Includes original footswitch. Has that classic Fender blackface sound – and is a rare collectable amp.
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Brewski’s Tavern (G), Cooper’s Ale House (G), Corner Pocket Billards (M), Gatsby’s Pub (W-S), Green’s Supper Club (G), Grey’s Tavern (G), Ham’s (G, K, HP), JP Looney’s, (HP), Karondas Sports Bar & Grill (G), Liberty Steakhouse (HP), McGee Street Boiler Room (G), Sidelines Sports Grill (HP), Soups Pho & Grill (W-S), Tee Time SportsHP & Karaoke (W-S).
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( concerts )
Check out the Calendar on our website,
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Dr. Seuss on the loose in The Lorax, Tim and Eric make big-screen bow
Much of the story takes place in Thneedville, a city completely constructed out of synthetic materials. In order to impress his neighbor Audrey (voiced by Taylor Swift), young Ted (voiced by Zac Efron) sets out to plant a tree for her. Trouble is, there are no trees in Thneedville.
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video vault
The teaming of writer Dennis Potter and director Nicolas Roeg promised something far beyond the mainstream, and this lively and loony grab-bag of psychological thriller, surreal satire and black comedy certainly delivered. That it baffled audiences and many critics back in 1988 is no surprise.
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( film )
rubber baron known as Fitzcarraldo in Peru, who has to pull a steamship over a steep hill in order to access a rich rubber territory. For more info, visit
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( triad movie times )
9:20. Fri and Sat noon, 1, 2:15, 3:15, 4:30, 5:30, 6:45, 7:45, 9, 10, 11:15, 12:15. Sun to Wed noon, 1, 2:15, 3:15, 4:30, 5:30, 6:45, 7:45, 9, 10. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax: An IMAX 3D Experience.
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Art mimics nature with exhibit honoring NW NC landscape
“Just give me a beer drip,” Newman responded. The gallery had the look of a landscaping job site, which it was in a way. John Long, who works with Newman, had laid a serpentine retaining wall from natural fi eldstone that contained a dwarf white pine in the window display case.
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found objects
The weather’s nice, mostly, with occasional freak cold spells and tornados, making it prime season to hit the galleries in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. The sweet thing about this prospect is that most events are free, so economic impoverishment doesn’t have to prevent you from experiencing joy and cultural enrichment.
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Actress Theresa Russell recalls the wild ride that was Track 29
“I appreciate that,” she said. “That was what I wanted — those challenges. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the work. I never really had a career plan.
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( art )
March 15 through 17. HPU Contemporary Dance Concert & Showcase. Pauline Theatre, Hayworth Fine Arts Center. HPU Campus. 833 Montlieu Ave., High Point..
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Crucible composer remembers ‘witch hunts’
In 1952, Miller wrote the play, which dramatized the 17th Century Salem witch trials, in response to McCarthyism, when the US government went on its own witch hunt — for communists. A raving success, the play was later adapted into an opera by composer Robert Ward in 1961.
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Piedmont Opera is hosting several community events this week in preparation for its performance of The Crucible, written by composer Robert Ward. (See interview to left). Thursday is La Lunch with Piedmont Opera at Piedmont Club; Sunday is the a/perture screening of Good Night and Good Luck, and cast suppers will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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( stage )
March 16 through 18. Fri-7:30pm, Sat-2:05pm, 4:30pm, Sun-2:05pm. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Odell Auditorium, Huggins Performance Center. Greensboro College Campus. 815 W Market St., Greensboro..
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Herbs— even healthful herbs — are food, which is why we feel secure in announcing here that Greensboro-based Hot Rawks organic libido enhancer, brainchild of our old friend Julie Wilson, is now available at the Museum of Sex on New York City’s Fifth Avenue.
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Cafe without the accent in Ardmore
But in the Ardmore neighborhood of Winston-Salem, the term “café” harkens back to the word’s etymological roots — at least when it’s applied to Cafe Arthur’s, a simple coffee shop in the traditional sense that looks like it’s sat on South Hawthorne Road roughly forever.
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the photo album
see more at
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March 15. 6:30pm. Animal Show & Tell Education Class. Frank Sharpe Jr. Wildlife Education Center, Bur-Mil Park. 5834 Bur-Mil Club Rd., Greensboro..
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salome’s stars
You might feel suddenly overwhelmed by a flood of responsibilities. But if you deal with each one in its turn, you’ll soon be able to hold your head above water and move on. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a wonderful way of offering comfort as well as guidance.
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the advice goddess
dated engineers with a playful side who Advice Goddess initially seemed open to my interests but quickly became resentful of them. My boyfriend of two years is different — easygoing and willing to expand his horizons. He actually reads the articles I post on Facebook and discusses them with me.
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news of the weird
Newspapers in Sweden reported in January that two of the country’s most heinous murderers apparently fell in love with each other behind the locked doors of their psychiatric institution and, following a 26-day internet-chat “courtship,” have decided to marry.
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sports trivia
4. Name the last Wooden Award winner (top collegiate player) before Kevin Durant to go on to win an NBA season scoring title..
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They all get giddy on a Monday night
On the start, Matt Kenseth bump-drafted Greg Biffle while everyone else played nice... for slightly more than a lap. The bump draft worked out nicely. Behind the streaking Fords at the front caromed the fivetime champion, the previous winner, the banished bad boy and.
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The Voice of the IRC
Now reporter Majik Pennix is talking about her story on the Second Chance Act, the House bill that would help those convicted of less serious crimes re-enter the workforce. NC Rep.
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