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GET inside
There’s a rhythm to the PART stop on Liberty Street in Winston- Salem that goes beyond the buses coming and going at regular intervals..
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local talent
It didn’t take long for the Fair and the Foul to reach its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. The local band, which plays folk music with rock and jazz influences, plays music by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jacqui Haggerty, who has been a musician since 7th grade.
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be there
This year’s University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) Winter Dance concert aims to highlight the work of these masters while showcasing two world premiere works and an exciting collaboration with company-in-residence Hubbard Street 2 (HS2).
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Tree cuts anger Fisher Park residents
The fruit trees aren’t the only ones in the area that were cut. They made out much better than seven larger trees in the park a few blocks south that were trimmed so severely that the city’s urban forester, Mike Cusimano, recommended they be removed...
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The best and worst of Triad police blotters, as compiled by Jordan Green.
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It was the first time he has spoken publicly since he was critically injured in a car accident in December. Womble’s plans prompted a flurry of election filings among African-American Democrats in Forsyth County that are jockeying for position as a number of seats open.
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Winston-Salem-based Foothills Brewing has purchased the beer division of Carolina Beer & Beverage, a Mooresville company that started as microbrewery in 1997. Foothills, which is renowned for its Sexual Chocolate label, has acquired the Carolina Blonde and Cottonwood Ales labels from Carolina Beer & Beverage.
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Opponents rally against Marriage Amendment
If anyone thought Amendment One would quietly pass on May 8, changing the legal recognition for domestic partnership and further solidifying a ban on same-sex marriages, the last few weeks in Greensboro have signaled strong community opposition to the proposed amendment to the state constitution.
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white noise
I don’t generally read N+1 magazine, the hifalutin literary journal published thrice yearly out of Brooklyn, NY, not because it isn’t an excellent periodical — it is. But the Brooklyn I remember from my youth is more about garbage blowing across the Belt Parkway and Coney Island whitefish than hipsters with MFAs wrangling poetry from their memoirs.
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Winston-Salem council okays incentives for local company Inmar
The council approved incentives for Inmar, which handles supply chain and pharmaceutical transaction services, totaling $1.8 million. The incentives would offset the cost of expansion for the company, which, in turn, has committed to hiring 212 new workers at average salaries of $72,783.
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Felicia Hayes stood under the awning outside the Winston- Salem Transportation Center on Liberty Street on a mild Thursday evening as she waited for the 6 p.m. bus back to Greensboro About a dozen people had gathered at the bay under streetlights warding off the gathering dusk.
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YES! Weekly discriminates against ‘Triad Today’
First of all, it’s not Mr. Longworth’s fault that there is only one local public affairs TV show in the area. Second, the contest is to determine “Triad’s Best,” so it only follows that if “Triad Today” is the only possible winner in a newly formed category, then it is also the Triad’s Best in that category.
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Ready to join the Faith Dream Team?
I stated a few weeks ago that I believe that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Sen. Rick Santorum have shown the greatest passion for highlighting and fighting against the war on religion (specifically Christianity) being unleashed by the Obama administration and other secular progressives.
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Never trust government numbers
That was reassuring. The new budget he released this week promises $4 trillion in “deficit reduction” — about half in tax increases and half in spending cuts. But like most politicians, Obama misleads..
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Mail from my grandmother
Checking my mail and finding something from my grandmother Barb is like that moment you take a deep breath and jump into a pool. Sometimes water shoots up your nose or it’s much colder than you anticipated; you jump out shivering and disappointed.
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Right-sizing Wade
It was not a unanimous vote. District 1 Councilwoman Dianne Bellamy-Small declined to participate for reasons that remain her own, though by her presence in the room her voice was counted among the ayes.
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extended play
Tonight at the Green Bean, Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands will be sufficiently loud to piss off Roy Carroll. They’ll be joined by kamala ngoni master Diarra Yacouba and producer/songwriter Ben Singer. Chasing Edison up the wattage at the Blind Tiger, and the Garage hosts a birthday throwdown for guitarist Travis Griggs.
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No Grammy, but Church is still our ‘Homeboy’
You could say that Eric Church’s North Carolina homecoming at the Greensboro Coliseum Saturday night went a lot like the lyrics to his recent No. 1 country single “Drink In My Hand.” He filled it up, he threw down and, judging from the careful attention he paid to the red Solo cup full of whiskey on his mic stand, he likely got a little hungover.
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Cooling it, now, in Greensboro
It was only a few months ago that the whole idea of a New Edition 30th anniversary reunion tour seemed like a novelty. None of the five original members nor late ’80s recruit Johnny Gill had tendered anything worthwhile in years — decades in some cases.
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( local & live )
The Tremors, John Howie Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff, Gojira X-periment, Reverend D-Ray & the Shockers, Hillbilly Casino.
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triad dj profile
Mix you’re most proud of: It would have to be a tie between: “Baby Got Bass” — and “Bass Animale” — Personal playlist: I listen to all kinds of music besides EDM. The only genres I’m not a big fan of are extremely twangy, yodel like country and the new-age rap.
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taking a listen
blues and boogie is like caging a bull with chicken wire; sooner or later they’re gong to bust out. Pianist and music professor Dave Fox self-interned for his quirky but fun album with his new project the Meldavians. Entitled Farewell Arigemon,.
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ryan’s forecast
Old-time great Benton Flippen was one of the performers on hand this time last year to honor the legendary picker Tommy Jarrell in the 10th year of the Tommy Jarrell Festival at the Earle Theatre in Surry County. This year, it’s he who is being honored.
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( concerts )
Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) dur.
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Denzel Washington in Safe House, coming of age in Pariah
Matt soon rues his eagerness for more excitement when former CIA operative Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), who went rogue a decade ago, suddenly turns up at his doorstep at one of the agency’s safe houses in South Africa.
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video vault
Directed by David Frankel and inspired by Mark Obmascik’s book, the film follows three men as they embark on a “Big Year” — an ornithological excursion in which each must spot as many different birds over a yearlong span, each one motivated by different reasons.
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found objects
Don’t tell me there’s nothing to do in the Triad. On any given day, you can go to exhibits of new work by local artists or period pieces at roughly a half dozen galleries in Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Exhibits change up every two months, so you can be confident there’s something you haven’t seen before.
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Womanthology artists participate in Acme Comics panel
Ming Doyle sat behind a long table near the front of Acme Comics on Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, slowly sketching one of the fans, who was standing in a line snaking through the store, as Bat Woman holding a bouquet.
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Oscar night at Encore American Bistro, 2012 Jewish Film Festival opens
This Sunday’s ceremony marks the 84th Academy Awards, held at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, and Billy Crystal is back at the helm as host (after Eddie Murphy and producer Brett Ratner dropped out). Sometimes it seems as if I’ve watched all 84 Oscar broadcasts, but I’ll likely be watching again.
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( art )
February 23 through May 1. Abraham Lincoln: Self- Made in America Exhibition. Horton Museum Center. Old Salem Museums & Gardens. 600 S Main St., Winston-Salem..
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Continuing Thursday through Sunday and March 1-4 is Theater Alliance’s production of Avenue Q, the Broadway musical that features both puppets and fleshies to tell the story of a recent Princeton grad who moves into a shabby New York apartment. Play is for mature audiences.
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( theatre )
815 W. Market St. Greensboro College Main Building Greensboro Arts Council Theatre.
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Where Mardi Gras never ends — sort of
By the time this article comes out on Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras will officially be over. Down in New Orleans, the floats will be warehoused, the streets swept and hosed down, the police barricades and grandstands carted off to wherever they get stored until next year.
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Speaking of beef, it once was that angus beef was the province of fine-dining establishments and prime steakhouses. But as the old saying goes, once they get it at Burger King, it’s no longer fancy food. Nevertheless, Fatz Café has added angus beef to its menu in sirloin and ribeye cuts, as well as burgers.
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February 25. 11am-1pm. Community Connections Family Life Center Day Care Center Open House. 153 E Bellevue Dr., (The Arc of High Point) High Point..
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the photo album
see more at
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salome’s stars
You’re likely to feel somewhat Crabby these days, so watch what you say, or you could find yourself making lots of apologies. Your mood starts to brighten by the weekend. BORN THIS WEEK: You can be a dreamer and a realist. You dream of what you would like to do, and then you face the reality of how to do it.
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Sell them in Yes! Weekly. Email a picture and description. 10 for $200, 20 for $300, 40 for $500. Runs for 30 days..
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BRAND NEW MATTRESS SETS Twin $89 Full $99 Queen $122 King $185 Free layaway / Can deliver 292-7999
BRAND NEW MATTRESS SETS Twin $89 Full $99 Queen $122 King $185 Free layaway / Can deliver 292-7999.
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Classys Work! Great rates!!
Classys Work! Great rates!!.
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licensed and insured
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Search “Yes Weekly” at the iTunes store & download for FREE
Search “Yes Weekly” at the iTunes store & download for FREE.
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American Built
*New Homes *Renovations *Additions *Windows *Siding *Roofs *Decks *Sunrooms.
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the advice goddess
He claimed he was just being friendly. I asked if he’d correspond with a guy. He responded, “No. I’m not gay.” Humiliatingly, I’ve let him use me for things he can’t afford. (He’s been unemployed for two years.) He sometimes showers at his tiny apartment but basically uses it for storage.
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news of the weird
Sri Lanka has, as an “unwritten symbol of pride and culture,” the world’s highest per-capita rate for eye-donation, according to a January Associated Press dispatch from Colombo. Underpinning this national purpose is the country’s Buddhist tradition that celebrates afterlives.
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Bayne still adjusting to Daytona 500 prestige
Trevor Bayne, only 20 at the time, won NASCAR’s most prestigious race in only his second try at the Sprint Cup level. His year had some rather dramatic ups and downs. Bayne, from Knoxville, Tenn., missed a portion of the schedule while dealing with a mysterious illness that required treatment at the Mayo Clinic.
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Tales of an American homeowner: Upgrades
It started with the blinds in the dining room — thin, crappy, cheap ones that dangled from the window frames when we bought the house. Over the years they’ve been mashed by chairs, splattered with food flung from the spoons of infants, tattered by our oversized collection of cats.
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