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Brewski’s Tavern (G):DJ Chuckster
Clubhouse (G): College night
Corner Bar (G): DJ Cohiba
Orion (G): Facebass
Venue (G): Pretty in Pink


6th & Vine (W-S): 1-2-3 80s Fusion Dance Party
Arizona Pete’s (G): College Night
Bucked Up Super Saloon (K): College Night
Club Therapy (W-S): Throwback Thursday w/DJ
Greene St (G): College night
Orion (G): DJ
Tate’s Bar (W-S): The Deep End with Jonathan Kirby
Warehouse 29 (G): DJ Kimo, Shirli Stevenz & the Boys
Ziggy’s (W-S): DJ Party


Arizona Pete’s (G): DJ Austin Scott
Artistika Night Club (G): Electrofunk Friday
Bucked Up Super Saloon (K): DJ Flipside
Green’s Supper Club (G): DJ Bobby Snyder
Mod (W-S): DJ
Mothertuckers (G) DJ
Orion (G): DJ Napalm
Soups Pho & Grill (W-S): DJ
Stumble Stilskins (G): DJ

Summit Station Eatery, The (G): DJ Sam the Man


Artistika Night Club (G): Latin night w/ DJ Paco
Bucked Up Super Saloon (K): DJ Flipside
Corner Bar (G): DJ Cohiba
McGee Street Boiler Room (G): DJ
Mix, the (G): DJ Spinny
Mod (W-S): DJ
Orion (G): Facebass Allstars
Soups Pho & Grill (W-S): DJ
Thirsty’s 2 (G): DJ Vivian Weaver
Zion Bar (G): Legacy Sound Crew w/ special guest DJs


Pour House (G): S.I.N. w/ DJ Lotta Noize & DJ 818
Thirsty’s 2 (G): DJ Jim Waye
Venue (G): DJ Frenzy & DJ 818 (alternating)
Warehouse 29 (G): DJ Kimo


Brewski’s Tavern (G):DJ
Clubhouse (G):
S.I.N. Night
Orion (G): DJ J-Mac


Blind Tiger (G): DJ Crewless
Clubhouse (G): Womp Womp Bass Party
Orion (G): International Night w/DJ
Soups Pho & Grill (W-S): College night w/ DJ

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