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FEB. 15-21, 2012

There are concerns about financial compensation and stability — their last home game, scheduled for Jan. 29 at UNCG’s Fleming Gym against the Greenville Trojans, fell victim to lastminute cancellation.


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08 As the county faces declining revenues, demand for social services is escalating, the sheriff’s office is looking to improve response times and county employees are angling for raises.


17 The primary matters this year as well, and not just because of the close races unfolding between Republican candidates vying for the chance to unseat Obama. 17 This framing implies that corporate downsizing and layoffs — a brutal process that translates into foreclosures, divorces and increased family violence — is a natural and inevitable phenomenon, and that, indeed, it is necessary for growth.

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22 There was barely an identifiable song within the show’s first act as Rocky and his crew pumped fists and worked the crowd, the antithesis of the New York style.

35 Arthur is still haunted by the death of his wife during childbirth, and this seemingly simple assignment won’t soothe his pysche any.

39 A kind of frenzy had set in by mid-afternoon, with visitors weighing the risk of setting aside a coveted piece against making their decision too hastily and forfeiting something better.

45 Yes, there are burgers and steaks and sandwiches and salads and the like, but this place is for the swimmy things, with a specialty in crabs: crab dip, crab cakes, crab-stuffed mushrooms, soft-shell crab and crab legs, of both the snow and king variety.

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55 Any writer will tell you that it can be painful to look at old work, and after spending an hour or so reading my old columns I think my scowls have created a few new wrinkles on my face.

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