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local talent
Antwonett Aktins enjoys poetry, roller-skating and jazz, but she is passionate about child advocacy and community service. Her parents, who hail from Jamaica and Nebraska, met in Germany and later moved to Seattle, where Atkins was raised.
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But whether it’s the fifth largest, sixth largest or eighth, the Moving Image Archives is both impressive and overwhelming — and it’s right in the heart of Winston-Salem..
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be there
Don’t miss this stunning exhibit of what happens when musicianship and vintage gaming collide. Supporting acts include Greensboro’s own progressive rock duo, The Bronzed Chorus, Asheville’s psychedelic rockers, Ahleuchatistas, and Greensboro’s Hi-Rollers.
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ten best
For example, rather than swearing off sweets for the rest of your life, create a weekly plan to allow yourself some wiggle room while continuing to work toward your goals. Commit to your nutrition goals 100 percent during the week, and establish one night a week to enjoy a decadent dessert.
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Greensboro weighs options for solid waste management
As one of its final decisions, Greensboro’s outgoing city council extended the city’s municipal solid waste management contract with Republic Services until June 30. The current council will take up the issue during its Feb. 28 budget meeting, city spokesman Donnie Turlington said, but some preparations and discussions are already underway.
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Virginia revelers try to flee police, fail.
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The Darryl Hunt Project was launched in 2005 and has served more than 5,000 people. Students from Winston Salem State University and Wake Forest University, UNCG and NC A&T State University have collaborated with the nonprofit to work on actual...
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In another instance of privatization in the Twin City, the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem sold the Rolling Hills apartment complex to PK Management LLC,.
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Creditor seeks to seize convicted staffing executive’s assets
The Dec. 22 motion by BHC Interim Funding II LP came on the heels of a jury verdict two days earlier finding Harrison guilty of failing to pay payroll taxes in the amount of almost $16 million over a five-year period, and of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct federal revenue laws.
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2. I feel thankful that I wake up every morning with two main thoughts, one being how to keep my feet on God’s trail, and the second one is how can I take more intellectual risk and more policy risk to fix everything I’ve talked about in the first question.
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white noise
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Occupy Winston-Salem rejects open-air public meetings proposal
After a 90-minute discussion of the first portion of Besse’s proposal, which would limit the time for open-air public meetings from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., the Occupy members took a vote. A number of members crossed their arms to form an “X” indicating a block, which is essentially a veto, and ended all further discussion of the proposal.
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The UNSCA School of Filmmaking’s Moving Image Archives
The Moving Image Archives at the UNCSA School of Filmmaking is any film lover’s dream come true. The Archives houses some 10,000 feature film prints, 700 trailers and more than 1,000 shorts. It’s an awesome collection that completely fills several large rooms on the UNCSA campus.
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Ballot barriers are un democratic
America’s political leaders are generally quick to criticize other countries for various abuses and irregularities. Former President Jimmy Carter, for example, has traveled extensively to help monitor elections abroad.
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10 questions to find our next president (Part 1)
James Madison, America’s fourth president and the Father of the Constitution, explained: “The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the...
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Not in our name
After being tried as an adult for that one, he served seven years in the Maryland Correctional Training Center. Upon his release in June 2006, he failed to register as a sex offender, essentially falling off the Hartford County, Md. Sheriff’s Department’s radar, at which point he became Forsyth County’s problem.
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Howard Coble’s cult of personality
The dirty secret of US Rep. Howard Coble’s staying power — 26 years in office, and counting — is his expert management of press relations.
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Not so fast: Overlooked albums of 2011
While Gary Clark, Jr. was busy pulling in all the accolades as the young savior of black blues music in 2011, Joe Lewis put out an album that recalled a vastly different segment of it.
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extended play
It’s First Friday, and the Grande Ole Uproar.
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Lucero and post-holiday spirit(s)
“I think it fits the mood,” Lucero frontman Ben Nichols said as he announced the band was just about to play “Wasted” for the first time in six months.
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( local & live )
open mic / jam Boston’s House of Jazz & Blues (G):.
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Brewski’s Tavern (G):DJ Clubhouse (G):.
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Cooper’s Ale House (G), Corner Pocket Billards (M), Gatsby’s Pub (W-S), Green’s Supper Club (G), Grey’s Tavern (G), Ham’s (G, K, HP), JP Looney’s, (HP), Karondas Sports Bar & Grill (G), Liberty Steakhouse (HP), McGee Street Boiler Room (G), Sidelines Sports Grill (HP), Soups Pho & Grill (W-S), Tee Time SportsHP & Karaoke (W-S).
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triad dj profile
It was a nickname given to me by my sister. She wanted to give my dad, my mom and me nicknames. “Captain” is short for “Captain Take-Me-Shopping” which came from an episode of “Boy Meets World.
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taking a listen
“Quiet Friends” starts off like the soundtrack to a gondola ride in Venice and quickly turns into the melody from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” set to Gregorian chants.
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ryan’s forecast
It was only a few years ago that Jason Ringenberg was calling himself “Farmer Jason” while entertaining the wee ones with cutesy sing-alongs about animals and tractors.
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( musicians’ exchange )
1965 Blackface Fender Pro Reverb Amp. Fine Condition – sounds great. All original components/transformers except for 1980’s Groove Tubes, and Celestian ‘Vintage 30’ speaker (great speaker). Includes original footswitch. Has that classic Fender blackface sound – and is a rare collectable amp.
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( concerts )
Check out the Calendar on our website,
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy hits the mark as a classic spy thriller
Gary Oldman stars as George Smiley, a veteran spy charged with ascertaining whether there’s a traitor in the midst.
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video vault
Dirk Bogarde stars as Nicholas Whistler, a jobless writer who is hired on as a courier, unaware that his new employer is British Intelligence, which promptly sends him on a job behind the Iron Curtain. Whistler’s a decoy, but he doesn’t know it… yet..
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( triad movie times )
Sat: 12:15, 3:00, 5:45, 8:30, 10:45 Sun: 12:15, 3:00, 5:45 Mon: 5:30 Tues, Thurs: 5:30, 8:00 Wed: 3:15, 5:30, 8:00 Into the Abyss-.
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De Silva shines inner light through her expressionist works
Kelly de Silva pointed out one of her recent expressionist paintings — a work entitled “Compass” — hanging in her workspace housed inside Artmongerz Gallery as a perfect example of how she utilizes personal life experiences as inspiration for her artwork.
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first friday calendar
E-mail to be included in the monthly First Friday calendar.
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Twin City Stage celebrates New Year by announcing new season
The show absolutely swept the Tony Awards in 1965: Best Musical, Best Direction of a Musical and Best Choreography (both for Jerome Robbins), Best Producer of a Musical (Harold Prince), Best Author, Best Composer and Lyricist, Best Featured Actress...
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presents Next Fall, by Geoffrey Nauffts. Tickets are $18 for general admission and $15 for seniors, students and Triad Stage season pass holders and Cabaret Club members. For more info and tickets, call 336.272.0160 or visit
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( art )
in this exhibition not only feature figures experiencing such mind expansions and visions, but also depict the products of such mental conditions. For more info, call 336.334.5770 or visit
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And now that the holidays have come and gone and a new year is upon us, delve into those New Year’s resolutions, like “learn to dance” or “try new things.” For example, why not check out free swing dance lessons? The International Civil Rights Museum.
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( theatre )
815 W. Market St. Greensboro College Main Building Greensboro Arts Council Theatre.
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The hibachi experience is one best shared
Take my advice: If you’re going to Kabuto, the Japanese Kabuto has all of these things, but they’re tucked into a menu hibachi grill and sushi joint on the curve of Stanley Road that has something for everybody: filet mignon, ribeye, tuna, in Greensboro, bring a bunch of people with you.
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As far as culinary events are concerned, most Triad restaurants have nothing going on but the rent this week, which is ironic because I bet nobody feels like cooking. All I can find id the clearance sale.
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and prizes this week include Dickson Chiropractic Clinic, Rick Babusiak State Farm Insurnace, and more. Also beer, wine, and soda from Childress Vineyards, Budweiser Cheerwine. For more info, visit
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salome’s stars
Reassure a longtime, trusted confidante that you appreciate his or her words of advice. But at this time, you need to act on what you perceive to be your own sense of self-interest. BORN THIS WEEK: You embody a love for traditional values combined with an appreciation of what’s new and challenging.
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licensed and insured
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American Built
*New Homes *Renovations *Additions *Windows *Siding *Roofs *Decks *Sunrooms.
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Brand new Mattress sets
Twin $89 Full $109 Queen $129 King $191 Free layaway / Can deliver 292-7999.
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TRANSPOR- TATION Providing transportation for people in wheelchairs for nonemergency doctor / hospital visits, family outings, nursing home services, and more! Call 336.995.7529.
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Classys Work! Great rates!!
Classys Work! Great rates!!.
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GSO Houses
1538 Willomore.
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the advice goddess
had a crush on. You Advice Goddess said that he probably got interested because he saw her with her new boyfriend. Well, he could also have wanted to murder her because of that. Every year, there’s news of a female body being found in a remote area — or not found after a disappearance.
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news of the weird
A regional development commission in Michigan, purchasing equipment for 13 counties in May using homeland security grants, bought 13 machines that make snow cones, at a total cost of $11,700 (after rejecting one county’s request for a popcorn machine).
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this week in nascar
“Over the past five years, I feel like I’ve made good progress throughout each year, and that is hopefully going to allow me to take the next step of my career and really contend for race wins and try to make the Chase,” Allmendinger said. “The championship is the ultimate goal.
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Seven years gone by
We’ve had dozens of employees come through the ranks since the early days, some more memorable than others, but each helped us along at critical junctures on our development. To them we owe debts of gratitude, and we take continued interest in their careers.
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