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Beginning this week, Skylight Music Theatre offers audiences a chance to catch a unique “dynasty” in action—specifically, Michael “Ding” Lorenz, whose collection of vintage vaudeville percussion novelties has become known as “Ding’s Dynasty.”

The charismatic Ding, who stands somewhere in that area between stage magician, stand-up comedian and musical genius, created a popular Skylight Cabaret show in the ’09/’10 season. Footage of Lorenz’s 2009 performance of a tune from Carmen (“Habanera”) on an arrangement of taxi horns has reached thousands of hits on YouTube.

His cabaret show has now been expanded into a Studio Theatre performance for the Broadway Theatre Center. Starting April 27, the Skylight presents Lorenz’s expanded show, Things That Go Ding!

Lorenz will be joined by the Skylight’s Ray Jivoff and Jamie Johns in a production large enough to feel big without losing too much of the intimacy and magic that Lorenz uses so well in his one-of-a-kind shows. The works of Bizet, Liszt and Gilbert & Sullivan will be fed through Ding’s irreverent aesthetic in a show that should be a great deal of fun.

Skylight Music Theatre’s Things That Go Ding! runs April 27-May 6. For ticket reservations, call 414-291-7800.

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