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“The No. 1 way that residents can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels is to be more energy efficient, to conserve energy,” said Matt Howard, the director of the city of Milwaukee’s Office of Environmental Sustainability. “That’s the easiest way, and it tends to be the cheapest as well.
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The Chairman Leaves the Building
In 1992, Lee Holloway was a community health care executive who decided he would be a better county supervisor than the candidate who came knocking on his door to ask for his support. Twenty years later, Holloway is leaving the board on his own terms as board chair.
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Ryan Bromances Mitt
In a blistering speech at the height of the heavy breathing between Ryan and Romney, President Obama flayed Ryan’s budget as “a Trojan horse” that would destroy Medicare, student loans, college scholarships, medical research, national parks and even the technology to make weather forecasts.
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Roots stylists will be volunteering their talents from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Sunday, when those with at least 6 inches of unbleached hair to donate can receive a free one-hour cut and style. All hair donations go to Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids, which provide hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.
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Issue of the Week
Gov. Scott Walker, the son of a minister who believes his current political troubles are part of “God’s plan” for him, spent part of his Good Friday quietly signing four pieces of legislation that show no compassion for Wisconsin women, especially working women.
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Transfer Pizzeria Brings New Flavors to Milwaukee
and yet somehow cozy space is dominated by a bar island—a full-service dispensary for wine, mixers and an international beer list with no fewer than nine Midwest brews plus beer from places as far away as the Ukraine and Russia. Ringed by classic swivel stools in chrome and red vinyl, the bar does double duty as a lunch counter.
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Deep-Fried Delights at Jimmy’s Grotto
Jimmy’s Grotto (314 E. Main St., Waukesha) is a beloved Waukesha institution featuring an extensive menu of comfort foods and fried favorites that would make Food Network personality and perpetual grease-seeker Guy Fieri flip his visor.
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Remembering the Titanic Through Food
Mader’s dinner distills the ship’s 10-course meal down to a still-decadent eight courses, which will include servings of seaweed-crusted shrimp, poached salmon with mousseline sauce, chicken lyonnaise, lamb with mint sauce, beef sirloin and punch romaine (a frothy citrus drink that has nothing to do with the lettuce).
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Shaving the Old-School Way
The DE, around since 1904 when King Camp Gillette was granted the patent for it, uses a paper-thin disposable blade with a single cutting edge that is laser sharp. Although it shares some characteristics with the straight razor, the DE’s learning curve is much shorter.
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Since their inception in the ’70s, Austin’s Asleep at the Wheel have been the most devout torchbearers of the Western swing style of country music popularized by the late Bob Wills.
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Sly, Unresolved ‘Karen’ Defies Stereotypes
The film by Colombian director Gabriel Rojas Vera is a realistic, closely observed study of a 30ish woman in transition from unfulfilling security to uncertain future. The room she rents is beautiful in its monastic austerity, but the surrounding apartment building is a squalid comedown from the life she has known.
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and love. Mexican director Maria Novaro tells the tale in poetically connected fragments where the dead appear to the living and memory seems inseparable from the present.
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Theatre Happenings
• The day-to-day dealings of an annelid, an arachnid and an insect get theatrical treatment this month as First Stage.
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‘Othello’ on a Harley at Milwaukee Rep
The incoming audience is greeted by a Harley motorcycle soon to be mounted by a burly, bearded biker and his girlfriend as they rush off to an incessant rock beat. Yet all is not lost for stunned purists. The great dialogue is all there, although the gang-attired cast hurls it around as if it were a half-empty beer can.
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Milwaukee Chamber’s 1950s ‘Bus Stop’
Doug Jarecki plays Carl, a bus driver who has an ongoing, occasional relationship with diner owner Grace Hoylard (played by Jacque Troy). Jarecki and Troy are impressive comic talents who should add a great dynamic to the show. Charismatic Dan Katula plays Sheriff Will Masters.
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Next Act’s Charming, Emotional ‘One Time’
The two were married long ago, but not to each other. They were neighbors. A chance meeting brings them together again, and now they meet at the same time each week and trade one story from their lives. We watch a relationship play out in stories told between the two in a way that is clever and nonlinear, but also very practical and easy to follow.
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Visual Art Happenings
Polona Tratnik Lecture and Seminar Marquette University Johnston Hall and Raynor Library Polona Tratnik, Ph.D., an artist and a professor from Finland, explores the connections between art, science and biotechnology. On Monday, April 16, Tratnik will present an 11 a.
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UWM Shows Husbands ‘Hiding in the Light’
Husband and husband describes the relationship between Chicago artists Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger, creative and life partners for almost 20 years.
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WPCA’s ‘Vanishing Points’ a Sight to See
“Vanishing Points: Explorations in Architecture and Identity” is the perfect exhibition for Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (839 S. Fifth St.), and Executive Director Gary Tuma is the perfect guide for a tour. “We’re very visible on this corner,” he observes, adding that in the past the structure housed an A&P grocery store and a haberdashery.
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Joshua Clover is an accomplished writer, critic, teacher and journalist specializing in poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on the contemporary. Clover, who currently teaches in the Department of English at UC- Davis, is the author of two books of poems, The Totality for Kids.
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Early Signs of Kerouac in ‘The Sea Is My Brother’
The story begins with protagonist Wesley Martin, who has just spent his last $800 over two weeks, though he doesn’t remember exactly where the money has gone. A gentle man, Martin saves a kitten from being run over in the street and ends up in a bar. While there, he is introduced to a love interest in Polly, who he eventually leaves behind.
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Design After Modernism: Furniture and Interiors 1970-2010
After modern, what’s next? That question began to trouble architects, philosophers and artists well before the 20th century slipped into the new millennium. As Judith Gura stresses in Design After Modernism,.
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Frank Almond’s Rich Sounds at MSO
The music of Russian composer Alexander Glazunov (1865- 1936) is not much encountered these days. His deceptively difficult violin concerto, heard last weekend at Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, has a few prominent recordings, but has fallen out of the core repertoire.
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Ensemble Musical Offering’s ‘Coffee’ Break
Cathedral of All Saints (818 E. Juneau Ave.). It will feature Bach’s “Coffee Cantata” along with his “Wedding Cantata” and Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C minor..
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Milwaukee Day Celebrates Milwaukee's Milwaukeeness
Two years ago Gable’s friend Toby Silverman noticed a mundane coincidence: The abbreviation for the date April 14 (4/14) is roughly the same as the city’s area code (414). He suggested that date be called Milwaukee Day.
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Youth Lagoon w/ Porcelain Raft and Blessed Feathers @ Turner Hall Ballroom
“I didn’t know it was possible for a person to throw up 10 times,” Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers told the crowd at Turner Hall Ballroom Thursday night, apologizing for a case of food poisoning he’d picked up on the road. The 22-year-old didn’t look well.
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Paul Cebar Explores That Tomorrow Sound
Like an old-growth tree with many concentric rings, Cebar has grown from deep roots. Grounded primarily in mid-century R&B, Cebar developed a more contemporary, funky sound with a scope that continued to expand along with his famous omnivorous record collection.
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CD Reviews
Pete Seeger The Complete Bowdoin College Concert 1960.
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Music Listings
Saturday, April 14 American Legion Post #449 (Brookfield),.
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I was in college in the ’50s. During that time I worked at the Wisconsin, Palace and Strand theaters—all of them Fox theaters. I guess I was a little ahead of my time. If I had gone to college in the ’60s, I could have been valedictorian with all the knowledge of film I picked up.
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“I don’t sit here and analyze what people think, have to say or the opinions they’ve based on a lack of information. … It’s unfortunate and disappointing that people would make judgments and form an opinion without knowing what actually happened.”.
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Freewill Astrology
And yet grizzly bears have been extinct in California since 1922, when the last one was shot and killed. Is there any discrepancy like that in your own life, Leo? Do you continue to act as if a particular symbol or icon is important to you even though it has no practical presence in your life? If so, this would be a good time to update your attitude.
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News of the Weird
According to police in Lake Ariel, Pa., alleged burglar Christopher Wallace had loaded his van with goodies from a home’s first floor. But instead of calling it a night, he re-entered the house to check out the second floor.
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Art For Art's Sake
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Not all questions received will be answered in the column, and Laura cannot provide personal answers to questions that do not appear here. Questions sent to this address may be reproduced in this column, both in print and online, and may be edited for clarity and content.
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