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By jp in article - Wed, 21-03-2012
He was just fired from the job he claims to have had a hand in.

------Original Message------
Subject: PNC/National Avenue Development
Sent: Mar 16, 2012 12:02 PM

Dear Mr. Perez,

As you are aware, I am the attorney representing Hussein Govani and Vine
Property, LLC, regarding the PNC project identified above.

As their attorney, I am putting you on notice to terminate any further
activity involving this project. Your services are terminated by Mr.

In addition, do not reference your involvement in this project with Mr.
Govani at any time henceforth.

Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Michael J. Widmann
Widmann Law Office, Ltd.
631 North Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 774-4099 - Phone
(414) 774-4102 - Facsimile
By witkowiak-lies in article - Thu, 22-03-2012
Classy. Ethically-challenged Jimmy Witkowiak buys the support of a scuzzy landowner with all kinds of problems, and that guy's scummy attorney sends an email. Real persuasive. Pérez brought PNC to the table and now he's supposedly not even allowed to say so because MIckey Govani got bought off by Witkowiak? Great support for the 1st Amendment, there, Jimmy. Maybe all that high-living off your big raises, your dozens of properties and board-ups, your fat city contracts and grants has addled your brain. This kinds of low-down dirty-trick politics is par for the course for Witkowiak. It's time for a change.
By Maribel Sánchez-Murillo in article - Thu, 22-03-2012
I support José Pérez, even if his political opponents are now going after his family and his livelihood
By Alexis in article - Fri, 23-03-2012
Perez for alderman? Anyone who knows this guy for any amount of time knows that he cannot be trusted. Additionally, he is lazy and unorganized. He commemts on items and issues that he does not research nor reads the materials on-hand. Is this who you want as representation of our district. My vote is for Witkowiak, proven leadership AND a clear vision for this community.
By maria in article - Fri, 23-03-2012
I haven't seen anyone attack Jose's family at all .... it's been Jose's people personally attacking Jim and even questioning where he spends his free time with his wife - So Witkowiak is a business man - that's a bad thing? Isn't Jose a business man too? At least that's what Jose claims. It seems more and more that Jose and his people are jealous of Witkowiak's hard work and success. I know for a fact that Witkowiak helps dozens of people, What has Jose done? Nothing - just complains and complains .... I would like to see Jose go to immigration court and defend the people in his community! Jim Witkowiak does that!
By Ellen in article - Fri, 23-03-2012
Jim Witkowiak helps people? Sure, if they pay him enough. Mostly, he just tells people where they can call for help, rather than helping himself. And there's no doubt he's corrupt, taking payments under the table in cash, and shaking down bar owners, many of whom are afraid of him. Witkowiak barely pays attention to the district, and he's never in City Hall, because he's got too many business interests and a spouse who lives in Chicago. Now it's election time so he's smearing José Pérez, who has worked for the community his whole adult life. Twenty years of Jim Witkowiak is too long. It's time for a change.
By Artlover in article - Mon, 26-03-2012
By Michaelhum in article - Wed, 31-05-2017
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