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Dugan, Grady vying for Circuit Court Branch 23

::By Lisa Kaiser

On April 3, Milwaukee County voters will choose between Hannah Dugan and Lindsey Grady for Branch 23 of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

Hannah Dugan: I Want to Be a Public Servant

Dugan has practiced law in Milwaukee for 25 years, time in which she says she has honed the skills needed in a fair and impartial judge. Currently in private practice, Dugan was executive director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and served in various capacities at Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee and Legal Action of Wisconsin. Dugan helped to found Immigration Legal Services at Catholic Charities, hears attorney discipline cases for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and helped to write Milwaukee County’s ethics code. She was president of the Milwaukee Bar Association from 1999 to 2000.

“I want to be a public servant,” Dugan said of her decision to run for judge. “Essentially, I’ve been a public servant throughout my entire career.”

Dugan said that the court system’s financial pressures and scarce resources create problems for judges and those who appear in court, but can be overcome through creativity and smart management.

“I have always operated in a context of not having enough resources,” Dugan said. “That spurs creativity. I have a deep and broad track record of figuring out how to solve the challenges of not having enough resources.”

Dugan has received the endorsement of former Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, as well as civic leaders such as Will Allen of Growing Power and Milwaukee County Supervisors Gerry Broderick, Lynne De Bruin and Peggy Romo West.

“People should vote for me because I represent what they expect and deserve,” Dugan said. “I’m going to listen. I will give each party their due. I will apply the law fairly to facts and facts fairly to law. I’m going to issue decisions, make tough decisions, and hold people accountable, but hold them appropriately accountable so that we have a county that feels confident in their justice system.”

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Lindsey Grady: I Will Listen in the Courtroom

For the past three years, Whitefish Bay resident Lindsey Grady has worked as the deputy register in Probate, where she takes testimony and evidence and issues rulings and court orders on guardianships, adult adoptions, mental health commitments and probate matters. Grady also assists attorneys and non-represented litigants navigate the judicial system.

Earlier in her career, Grady worked in private practice and for the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, where she represented children under the age of 12 who were in foster care due to abuse or neglect in their home.

“For two years that’s all that I did— from home visits to court appearances, mediation, you name it,” Grady said. “My whole job was to be the voice for those children and to make sure that if we could put their family back together, it was done, and if we couldn’t, we came up with the best alternatives to make their lives as functional as we could.”

Grady pointed to the endorsements she’s received from 90% of judges within Milwaukee County, as well as Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, as a sign she has the confidence of the professionals within the judicial system.

If she is elected judge, Grady said she would preside over a respectful courtroom.

“My courtroom will be all about listening, all about respect, and all about making sure that people leave with their dignity,” Grady said. “Ultimately, in this system, you have to make tough decisions as a judge. You have to be the person who implements and enforces the law. But the way in which you do it has a great impact on the way that people feel about the judicial system and the judicial branch in general. I’m very committed to making sure that people feel as comfortable as they can in this situation.”

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