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The foundation of two-dimensional art would be the line—sinuous, sensuous or straight. In “The Line Unleashed,” a new exhibition at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, this two-dimensional element explodes into monumental installations made from uncommon materials. The marvelous exhibit impacts the way the traditional line can be imagined in three dimensions.

New York artist Dave Eppley unleashes important lines of differing sizes by placing strips of sign vinyl throughout the Kohler Arts Center. He uses a spectrum of hues to accentuate architectural details. Eppley’s dramatic installation leads directly into the main gallery, which features massive artworks by Caroline Lathan-Stiefel, Anna Hepler, Rita MacDonald and Heeseop Yoon.

Site-specific installations will be on display in the JMKAC’s main gallery, designed under the theme “The Drawing Season.” This theme examines contemporary artists working in the varied medium of drawing.

In one gallery, internationally known artists Chris Hipkiss and Robyn O’Neil create intricate, ominous graphite drawings. Some works span entire walls and uncover complex narratives appropriate for the winter season.

Drawings by Hipkiss, O’Neil, Laylah Ali and Timothy Werhle are currently being exhibited; in April, the JMKAC will add works by Paul Chiappe, Peggy Preheim and Carol Prusa. “The Drawing Season” expresses the importance of the line through both magnificently large triptychs (Hipkiss) and miniature works on paper (Wehrle).

To highlight the exhibitions, the JMKAC hosts a 5-8 p.m. reception Friday, Feb. 17, featuring appetizers, bossa nova music and two gallery lectures.

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