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No school takeover
Here’s why: Oklahoma City Public Schools were like a stalled-out train languishing on the tracks when I became superintendent three-and-a-half years ago.
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A smarter criminal justice system
The Oklahoma Legislature is considering legislation this session to reform our criminal justice system.
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Then, a young man, 18 years old and recently graduated from high school, could easily find a “good” job at a factory (probably a unionized factory), and make “real” money. He could afford to get married, buy a car, buy a house and probably be able to start a family.
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Ledger report
The report, released March 7, came about after Superintendent Janet Barresi asked Jones to look into questionable travel expenses by former state Department of Education employee Misty Kimbrough. That audit revealed that much of the annual leadership conference was paid for by the nonprofit Oklahoma Curriculum Improvement Commission, or OCIC.
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School’s out
After 79 years of educating Oklahoma students, Villa Teresa School will be closing on July 31.
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Drip, drip, drip
In the latest move over a fight about water, a lawsuit to determine water rights in southeast Oklahoma was removed from state court when the U.S. Department of Justice filed action March 12 to bring the case to federal court.
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Tour de force
A touring group of LGBT activists, Equality Ride, is scheduled to visit Southern Nazarene University on Monday, part of what the group describes as a nationwide effort to visit schools that “openly discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals,” through university policies.
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For women
In 2004, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research ranked Oklahoma fourth among the worst states for women.
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Mick ’n’ Maher
“What people really want is efficient government,” Cornett said, drawing applause from the audience. “ As a result, we’ve invested in our infrastructure, we have a dynamic economy — maybe.
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Barry dramatic
As if the movies aren’t predictable enough, the life of legendary University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer is headed to the big screen. (Spoiler alert:.
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Identity crisis
Senate Bill 1569, authored by none other than Sen. Ralph Shortey (he of fetus-food bill notoriety) requires candidates in Oklahoma’s presidential primaries to present the state Election Board with a photo ID and proof that they satisfy all requirements for office.
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I will always suspend you
News anchor Andrew Speno was cooling his telegenic heels for the week, handed a weeklong suspension after making a wisecrack about Whitney Houston on.
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Taking it to the house
The Oklahoma City Thunder might inexplicably still play in the Northwest Division of the NBA’s Western.
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Like a prayer
A bill recently passed by the state House would allow churches to speak to you about getting your soul to heaven before they blow your ass to hell. Authored by Rep. Mike Ritze, House Bill 2988 seeks to give church officials legal authority to smoke your candy-heathen ass in a place of worship if they deem it necessary.
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Pr Bs
Recently, these titles least screamed “Stop the presses!” —“Flavor Flav Now Serving Up Fame And Fried Chicken In Las Vegas: Yeah, Boy!” —“Genie Francis And Ted McGinley Reunite In NOTES FROM THE HEART HEALER, 5/13 On Hallmark Channel”.
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An annual spring fertility festival in Vietnam’s Phu Tho province is capped by a symbolic X-rated ceremony rendered G-rated by wooden standins.
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From forest to first course
Remember your mother or grandmother foraging for pokeweed to make poke salad? You might be surprised how many Oklahomans have foraged over the years.
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Surreal deal
Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, is an easy place to be. That might not seem like an essential part of your optimal restaurant experience, but it was part of owner Shaun Fiaccone’s vision.
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Nuts for coconuts
Popularized by such celebs as Madonna, Rihanna, Alex Rodriguez and Matthew McConaughey, the clear liquid found inside young, green coconuts is quickly growing in popularity. While the taste is slightly acerbic, it is touted as natural hydration — especially after a postworkout session — and it might offer a host of other health benefits.
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Bite Size
Eating healthy is much easier than it used to be with plenty of information about balancing your dietary intake and an entire city of support. After a recent millionpound loss, Oklahoma City is seriously overhauling eating habits, and that all starts at home.
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Due to construction in the downtown Oklahoma City area, some of your favorite places might feel a little left in the dust. You might have to navigate the rugged terrain of traffic cones and cracked pavement, but it’s well worth the effort to keep these downtown dandies up and running.
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Rap this
Hip-hop isn’t all about guns, drugs, bitches and boasting. Astronautalis, aka Andy Bothwell, proves that with his indie rhymes, freestyle skills and rock influence, all to be on display at 8 p.m. tonight at Blue Note Lounge, 2408 N. Robinson. Busdriver and Jel open the show.
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Shave this
Hair: Who needs it? It’s soooo overrated, so why not show solidarity for kids with cancer by shaving it off for charity? Kiss those locks goodbye at the annual St. Baldrick’s celebration, 1:30 p.m. Sunday at VZD’s, 4200 N. Western, which co-sponsors the event with Beck’s Garage.
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Home this
Meet Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s.
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Drink this
Drink this.
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Hear this
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Film this
Vista Social Club).
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Folk this
Folk this.
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Needle points
For example, I unabashedly love pop music — especially the ultra-tacky and clubby Europop kind. On the other hand, I also have a deep admiration for jazz, namely modern innovators. I tend to find things I like in between those genres, too, no matter the band name or level of obscurity.
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When it comes to solid songwriters, the Lonesome Troubadour Festival has so many on the lineup, it can’t fit them all into one day. On Saturday and Sunday, the second annual event will rock The Hidden Castle, 1309 S.W. 24th Ave. in Norman..
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Tannins for tubas
The next best thing to learning how to play a musical instrument is drinking wine to help someone else learn to play. E & J Gallo Winery and William Hill Estate have partnered with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation to help restore and enhance music programs in local schools by donating $1 for every case of their wine sold throughout March and April.
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Weighty achievement
“Most people think that getting off the couch and working out is the hardest part. I’ve found that to be one of the easier parts,” he said. “It all comes down to food. You can work out seven days a week, but if you don’t change how you eat and be creative about it, odds are you won’t be successful.
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State of play
Don’t expect to see a Nerf ball, Barbie doll or Pillow Pet at Thursday’s toy show at DNA Galleries. Instead, be prepared to view unique pieces of art ranging from cutesy to eerie, but all original.
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From 730 works submitted nationwide, the show features a variety of styles and media from 150 artists. The aim of the exhibit is to spotlight creative excellence from across the United States. Because Oklahoma Friendly.
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The game is afoot
Watson, are hired by a country doctor to discover the truth behind a mysterious family curse.
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Stripped down
Deborah Draheim fans (count me among them) have been eager to see her in the consummate musical-theater role for the mature woman, Mama Rose in Gypsy. The buzz was she’d be good in the role, and it proved true, as seen in the modest production now at the Civic Center Music Hall’s Freede Little Theatre.
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Purple prose
Regionally, the Poteet Theatre is the first community theater to perform The Color Purple, a stage adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer-winning novel.
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Peep show
The comedy Drama Queens takes on a voyeuristic feel as the audience watches eight personalities clash in a male chorus dressing room. Writer and director Robert Matson gathered his inspiration for the show during his years as a dressing assistant at Lyric Theatre.
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Music Made Me: Cameron Neal
From the nine months before I was born until now, this album and every other album by The Grateful Dead has been playing in my life. The free-spirit sound and attitude of this band is a huge part of who I am today. This would be a band that has changed the way I’ve thought about more life situations than religion.
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Nobody in the metro regularly plays more exciting shows than pop-punk savages Broncho. When that guitar riff and ensuing solo on “Pick a Fight” revs up, audiences just know to start hopping, shoving and yelping along with singer Ryan Lindsey, who’s unafraid of pushing and kicking back, nor getting his ass slapped mid-show.
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Union labors
You’re already familiar with Dan Tyminski whether you realize it or not.
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My name is ____
We asked a bunch of local bands to tell us the origins of their names. Babies, zombies and Bible passages ensued..
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Randy melodies
Songwriting has served as a stress reliever for him his entire life. After getting involved in drugs — “I could write a whole book on the effects of lacquer on a human being,” he wrote on his website — he found himself in rehab, where music served as soothing therapy.
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Band of brothers
Oklahoma City alt-rock outfit Aranda has come a long way from its first gig, which saw brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda playing air guitar and lipsynching for their grandparents.
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Kick it
“What I really like is the ‘all or nothing’ thing,” said Williams, who’s currently asking for $25,000 in pledges by April 21 to record a new album. “It pushes people. The reason why I aimed so high is because I budgeted for everything. I wanted it to be an industry level product.
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Hare hear
The 18-year-old from Oklahoma City recently released a full-length debut album through the online music service Soundcloud. Under the name Hare Tracks, Kennedy — now a freshman at the University of California at Santa Barbara — recorded and produced it almost completely by himself, while a student at Heritage Hall.
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Swing sets
Looking more like a folk troubadour, Dustin Prinz doesn’t fit the stereotype of a lounge performer. But his guitar skills, ability to adapt to the crowd, and litany of original ballads and unique covers — from INXS to Bon Iver — has charmed many a restaurant, bar and lounge owner.
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For the issue, Tepsic sent between two and four disposable cameras to each of the aforementioned acts, imploring them to document their rock ’n’ roll lifestyles and return them in the mail. The results got laid out across an unorthodox, but eye-catching, 11-by-17 glossy.
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