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It should be of note that the majority of home mold insurance claims are found in the Southwest. This is due to the need for air conditioning and the difference between the outside and inside temperatures. In cheap housing, condensation can form inside the walls.
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The Food Research and Action Center, a nonprofit group focused on hunger and nutrition policy, recently released a study that found 15.3 percent of residents in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District had in the last 12 months lacked enough money to buy food.
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Eye candy! of the week
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Tucked away in the Oak Park neighborhood is this handsome residence. Located at the northern edge of the Lansing Eastern High School grounds, this two-story house features an elegant brick exterior and beautiful concrete lintels with intricate detailing.
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Dust bowl
He points to a layer of white fuzz covering a closed laptop sitting on a coffee table in his sparsely decorated living room, saying he cleaned it recently. Then, he shows off a black table in the corner; he has wiped it partially clean, but has left a corner of the table covered in the dust.
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Save the vinyl
So, Wilson has designed a T-shirt that he will sell to help out the owner of Uncle Sam’s Record Emporium in Old Town. A fire in the basement of the building on April 15 caused the store to be closed indefinitely. The store is located at 100 E. Grand River Ave.
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Will wind blow enviros apart?
Over the last three decades, green groups have paired with citizens fighting against these proposals in their communities.
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Pct. 1 2 will vote at Peoples Church, 200 W Grand River Avenue, for this Election ONLY Pct. 3 6 will vote at East Lansing Hannah Community Center, 819 Abbot Road, for this Election ONLY.
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Musicus Maximus
But they weren’t playing “Long Live the Tsar.” Monday afternoon at the Wharton Center’s Great Hall, violin bows slithered up and down, mallets skittered across skins and fingers raced up and down flutes and clarinets to evoke a horde of skittering rats.
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To market, to market
Not all vendors made an immediate move in the early days of the new building. Since the “soft opening,” some vendors have delayed opening due to contracting issues, but market manager John Hooper says, despite delays and a bit of vendor angst, capacity has reached 100 percent, with even more vendors looking for a space.
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LSO hosts 'home-grown talent'
“The purpose of music programs in school, of course, is to develop the person, not to make them into a professional musician,” Muffitt said. “But it’s a nice fringe benefit when we have these people who come through these programs and go on to become successful.
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Open air open house
Barbara McCleary remembers hearing a rustling, and all of a sudden, heavy breathing on her neck. McCleary, an artist on an outdoor painting expedition with friends, had wandered by herself down a path into an open field and set up her easel and art supplies when she found herself not alone.
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Raw Hamburger
Neil Hamburger is known for his dry, oddball stand-up comedy that often makes celebrities the butt of his punchline. His following has been growing since the release of his debut album, “America’s Funnyman,” in 1996.
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Something in Common
Cooper burst onto the rock landscape in the 1970s with his ghoulish stage shows and radio-friendly hits, such as “Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Only Women Bleed” and “How You Gonna See Me Now.
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Play ball — or just play music
The Lansing Concert Band closes its 2009-2010 season Saturday by “Covering the Bases” with a salute to baseball and a guest appearance by tuba soloist Deanna Swoboda, a professor of tuba/euphonium at Western Michigan University and a member of the Western Brass Quintet, a faculty ensemble.
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Family ties
“There was never any question in my mind that it had to be set in Detroit,” Leithauser said. “I’m considered the family archivist, and I threw in family stories of my father and mother and borrowed a situation from my mother-in-law to recreate my par ents’ lives.
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More sizzle for your Solstice
Summer jazz forecast for East Lansing: Increased blue notes, with an upswing in swing. Bebop will also be boppier. National headliners Joe Lovano and Somi, quadrupled tent space and a third day of festivities will twist the ratchet another few notches for the 14th Summer Solstice Jazz Festival, set for June 18-20 in East Lansing.
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A new kind of class struggle
Laurie Jameson (Heather Lewis) is an academic with high principles; Woodson Bull III (Spencer Smith) — call him Third, for short — is the scion of a wealthy family. When Third turns in a shockingly wellwritten essay on Shakespeare's "King Lear," Laurie refuses to believe it's a piece of original work.
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Deep 'South'
The Seabees of “South Pacific” are an eclectic group, brought together by a war to an island they don’t know. According to Matthew Saldivar, who plays Seabee Luther Billis in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical’s tour, the 62 members of the cast and crew have become just like those Seabees.
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Bringing down the 'Hausu'
There are many strange and puzzling films you may encounter over the course of your lifetime. But I feel reasonably safe in saying that no matter where you may travel in this world, you will never find anything quite so flamboyantly bizarre as the...
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'Rent' rocks
The mournful lyric “How do you figure a last year on Earth?” from the ensemble number “Seasons of Love" addresses a central existential question. The surprising answer is that “Rent” portrays — in addition to a deep sense of loss — an amazing sense of the capacity for joy among those who realize life is about to be cut short.
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About the thighs of it Life is
Ignore your friends and family, who won’t be the ones sleeping with your girlfriend (well, presumably). It’s anything but shallow to make sure a woman has the looks you need to be hot for her.
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Out on the town
Here in Lansing, we do Earth Day the right way — all weekend long. With an art exhibit, a benefit concert, an eco-fest and the Temple Ball, Lansing knows how to celebrate Planet Earth and all it has to offer. From 6-8 p.m., Thursday, April 22, Jon Miller will speak at Lansing Community College.
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Free Will Astrology
ARIES (March 21-April 19): "Although obstacles and difficulties frighten ordinary people," wrote French painter Théodore Géricault, "they are the necessary food of genius. They cause it to mature, and raise it up . . .
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Yes, we can
Okay, so maybe you don’t share a Tea Party-ish apocalyptic vision of the near-future, and perhaps you want to explore some ancestral roots. Maybe you’d just like to transform those strawberries in your garden into lip-smacking jam or that ridiculously prolific tomato crop into jars of spicy salsa.
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Average price per person, not including drinks: $ - Less than $8 $$ - $8 to $14 $$$ - $14 to $20 $$$$ - Over $20.
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