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Letters | Fossil fuel apologist
However, it is discouraging when he parrots neo-conservative attempts to discredit alternatives to energy production.
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Lost in Walmart’s rabbit hole
“We are deeply concerned by these allegations,” declared a corporate spokesman, “and are working aggressively to determine what happened.” Well, gosh, just walk aggressively over to the executive suite and ask CEO Mike Duke, board member Lee Scott and vice chairman Eduardo Castro- Wright.
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—70-year-old U.S. citizen Warren Weinstein, who was kidnapped by al-Qaeda in Pakistan last year, asking President Barack Obama to meet his captors’ demands.
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Paper or plastic? Tax ’em!
For decades, the question in the checkout lane has been, “Paper or plastic?” A great many people are hoping the Boulder City Council’s answer will be, “Tax ’em!” On Tuesday, May 15, City Council will take up the issue of banning or mandating fees for single-use shopping bags in the city.
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In case you missed it | Mitt's world of plenty
Why, yes, of course, Mitt. All 313 million Americans should definitely live in dwellings of more than 40,000 square feet on 16-acre estates (the figures for the Kentucky estate belonging to Papa John’s pizza-chain founder John Schnatter, whose home Romney was in when he made the comment).
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Frackwater blues
Forecasters are projecting a summer drought that could be the worst Colorado has ever seen. Snowpack is paltry. And yet oil and gas companies are only increasing their drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per application.
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A high-powered mom
Bailey insists that localizing the city’s electrical utility is the question, not the agenda. She says she has not been given marching orders to find in favor of severing Boulder’s ties to Xcel, Bailey, who was born in Japan because her father was in the military, moved to Austin, Texas, when she was 12.
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eco-briefs l Global what?
It’s hard to make changes and save the planet when the majority of us apparently have the attention span of the average second grader.
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Different recipe, same great taste
The band (which at this point consisted of Emmitt, Herman, Vann, accordion player Gerry Cavagnaro, drummer Michael Wooten and bassist Rob Galloway) plays the cover pretty faithfully for the first couple of verses. Then, suddenly, the drums cut out and Herman starts a spoken-word creed filled with local imagery, delivering a tale of.
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The future is black
“We are not Marilyn Manson,” Yonnas says. “The term ‘goth’ means a million things to a million different people, but I think that to me, it’s a culture and it’s definitely been able to describe my aesthetics, which is the dark and the beautiful, the romantic and also the macabre.
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Ghosts of blues past
threw it on top of me; it was still too dirty. We were two hours late for the photo shoot in New York — someone typed in the wrong ZIP code and we ended up in Coney Island or something. Wrong time of day to get into New York. … I look like I’m 500 pounds.
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Event calendar | Week of May 10, 2012
An Intimate Evening with Trevor Hall: Music, Stories and Inspiration —.
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Arts | Week of May 10, 2012
Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado at Boulder, 17th Street & University Avenue, Boulder, 303-492- 8423. Through May 27..
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Theater | Week of May 10, 2012
The Merry Wives of Windsor..
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Heather Hans, LSW, MSW, MSBA,CPA
HEATHER HANS, LSW, MSW, MSBA, CPA Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Psychotherapist, Career Coach, Business Woman 100 Arapahoe Avenue, Building 1, Suite 3, Office B Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 720-1424
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Wax On Spa
For many, having smooth legs, underarms, chests and even bikini lines is an important thing especially, when the weather gets warmer, and Wax On Spa is here to assist with all your hair free needs! Wax On Spa has been established in the industry for thirteen years .
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Harlequin’s Gardens
We are celebrating not only being in business for 20 years, but also practicing sustainability for 20 years. That is why we know which plants are really drought tolerant in Colorado. We know which roses are truly sustainable. We know which vegetables and fruits like our climate and are productive and have great flavor.
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Details Plus Auto Salon
It’s time to clean winter of your ride and bring one of your largest investments back to life. Save the life of your paint by allowing them to clean away the corrosion of winter and protect for another season.
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Words | Week of May 10, 2012
Wilson. 7:30 p.m. Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-447-2074..
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Kids Calendar | Week of May 10, 2012
Bilingual Spanish English Storytime/Hora de Cuentos Bilingües..
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Like a Joss
This was going to be a rabid, frothing defense of the superhero genre, complete with impassioned pleas that appealed to cinematic intellectuals who are apt to dismiss such films. But Tom Hiddleston, who ironically plays the evil Loki in The Avengers,.
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Barnabas, stay buried
Barnabas awakens and returns to Collinwood, the ancestral home, a delightfully creepy run-down 200room mansion complete with turrets, peculiar sculptures and secret passages.
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reel to reel
A group of British retirees (Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith) who decide to “outsource” their retirement to the less expensive and seemingly exotic country of India.
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Dance-climb fusion project moves to Boulder
“Because of the discipline we’ve created it’s really been interesting the variety of backgrounds we get,” Von Rittberg says. She gets frequent inquiries asking what she’s expecting in a performer, she says, and the answers vary. Her background is in ballet, but now one of her strongest performers has a background as a rock climber and musician.
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adventure events
It is not an overstatement to say that burro racing is one of the most underappreciated sports on earth. If you don’t believe it or if you want to learn more about this amazing endurance sport, then be sure to check out the documentary Haulin’ Ass.
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Schooled in the outdoors
The 15-year-old Girls’ Wilderness Program encourages girls to go backpacking, whether they consider themselves outdoorsy or not. This summer’s courses include “Adventure Camp” wilderness sampler classes for middle school girls, “Wilderness Expeditions” eight-day backpacking trips for high-school-age girls, a rock climbing camp and a Yellowstone trip.
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Richards returning home
National Geographic has announced that Boulder-based mountaineer Cory Richards, whose expedition to Mount Everest was interrupted by a medical emergency that ended in him being airlifted to Kathmandu April 28, will not be returning to Everest Base Camp.
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Tidbites l It's crafty, so get around
At its local pub and other locations, Boulder Beer will kick off the week with a simultap toast of its Flashback India Brown Ale on May 14. Taps will pour at 4:20 p.m. with a nitrogen-infused version of the award-winning black IPA..
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Restaurants rise from the ashes
Recently, a couple of new additions have decided to brave the fierce competition, and they’re doing it from the gravesites of some of Boulder’s recently deceased restaurants. In April, the StarLite Diner took up residence in the building that once housed Ruby’s Diner at Twenty Ninth Street.
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Upscale Mexican street food
One of my pet peeves is the eatery that appropriates inexpensive ethnic food and gussies it up beyond recognition with little resulting benefit. Adding insult to injury is the establishment that jacks up the prices on affordable chow to something approxi mating the cost of a taco truck rather than the taco itself.
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Clay’s Obscurity Corner
Comida’s queso fundido induced a cheesy flashback to my youth, and I decided to email my dad regarding his recipe. He replied thusly, “I am about to reveal to you a long-held family heirloom secret ... revered by epicureans worldwide.” Dad advised me to take a trip to the supermarket and “carefully make your way to the canned soup aisle .
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appetizers l The Louisville Rex
Located in East Boulder on Arapahoe, the Royal Clay Oven dishes out a reasonably priced lunch buffet with an emphasis on freshness and service. The lime-marinated tandoori chicken has a lively citrus undertone, and vindi masala, spiced okra, has a pleasant crisp-tender consistency.
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Astrology | Week of May 10, 2012
According to my understanding of the astrological omens, you have a sacred duty to cultivate more slack as if your dreams depended on it. (They do!).
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