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TO THE LAST BREATH: A MEMOIR OF GOING TO EXTREMES Featuring author Dr. Francis Slakey, Tuesday, May 15, 7 p.m., Chautauqua Community House, $10 ($7 Member)

In July 2009, Dr. Francis Slakey became the first person to summit the highest mountain on every continent and surf every ocean. Slakey has now written a memoir titled To the Last Breath: A Memoir of Going to Extremes which has been published by Simon & Schuster. Slakey spent 12 years completing his adventure, which he refers to as “the first global surf-nturf.” From Mount Everest to the beaches of Bali, Slakey overcame obstacles, met interesting people and learned lessons that changed his life. Slakey will be telling his story, sharing his insights on adventure and selling and signing his books this week.

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HAULING ASS: A CELEBRATION OF PACK BURRO RACING Friday, May 25, 7 p.m., Chautauqua Auditorium, $12 ($9 Member),

It is not an overstatement to say that burro racing is one of the most underappreciated sports on earth. If you don’t believe it or if you want to learn more about this amazing endurance sport, then be sure to check out the documentary Haulin’ Ass later this month at Chautauqua Auditorium. According to the Chautauqua website, the film was shot “during the 2009 burro racing season. The hour-long film cap- tures images of this remarkable adventure sport as it traces the personal world of three devoted competitors in their quests to take the Triple Crown while overcoming their own mental and physical obstacles. This film will make you feel like you’ve physically and emotionally been to the top of Mosquito Pass with each of these characters.”

Competitor magazine Editor Brian Metzler will introduce the film. He is an appropriate choice, as Metzler himself has actually competed in pack-burro racing. The racers featured in the film will also be present to prove their sanity as well as answer questions from the audience. They, too, will have books to sell and sign.

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