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Tony Hessel, chef at The Mediterranean Restaurant, a winner in the Best of Boulder County 2012

Boulder is one of the most famous little cities in the country. It’s one of the foodiest towns, one of the best destinations for an outdoors enthusiast and one of the best places to live for a local-food advocate. What makes it the best are the businesses and the people unique to this town. Boulder offers some amazing restaurants, stunning shopping options and remarkable entertainment choices. This year’s Best of Boulder is our biggest ever simply because it’s so tough to narrow down what to talk about. Our survey, completed online through the month of March, works to respond to previous reader requests and Best of Boulder voting records. The Best of Boulder winners are our readers’ choices. Boulder Weekly staff has chimed in here and there with a “Staff Pick” for a business we just couldn’t resist mentioning and a few news items still worth a laugh.

We’ve crafted this year’s guide to be a Boulder County local and lovin’ it type’s celebration of everything that makes us love living here, while also providing a guide for those out-of-towners who want to sample the highlights of the county.

We hope you enjoy this year’s guide to the best of the very best in Boulder.


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