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Letters | CU should rethink 4/20 crackdown
Your attempts to suppress civil disobedience and free speech against unjust laws only shows how out of touch you are with the feelings and desires of your student body.
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Mitt Romney’s gang of highway robbers
Unlike thieves of old, this gang is not out to rob bags of cash from banks and railroads. Instead, they are bankers and high-rolling railroaders who’re using their own heavy bags of cash as weapons to steal our elections and turn our government into their servant.
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4/20 smoke-screen
We should be deeply troubled by the closing of the grounds of a public university and the manner in which this suggests the limiting of vital discussions of topics that an institution of higher learning ought to be promoting, including the politics of marijuana.
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—President Barack Obama, commenting on the controversy over Democrat Hilary Rosen saying that Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, had “never worked a day in her life”.
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Advice for a thirsty world
Though most of us have heard that drinking pre-bottled water is wasteful of resources, few of us understand just how harmful pre-bottled water — and the business of bottling water — is for our little blue planet..
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In case you missed it | Baked with fish sauce
One of the many questions we have is whether seafood stench will still be in effect on Sunday the 22nd, when the Quad will play host to an Earth Day event celebrating the CU Environmental Center’s 40th anniversary. So we asked CU spokesperson Bronson Hilliard.
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CU’s misguided 4/20 approach
The strategy involves 1) hermetically sealing the campus borders to prevent the entry of corrupting outsiders, 2) arresting and prosecuting anyone who penetrates the cordon sanitaire, and 3) fertilizing the Norlin Quad, where the pot smoking has occurred in recent years, with a fish-based fertilizer, which presumably stinks.
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City responds to Valmont concerns
On March 30, Joe Castro, the city’s facilities and fleet manager, sent a letter to Carol Affleck of the Valmont School District #4 Cemetery Association, Steven Moore of the Valmont Butte Heritage Alliance and LeRoy Moore of the Rocky Mountain Peace...
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BW wins awards for environmental reporting
Miller won third place in general environmental reporting for her June 16 story, “Watershed woes: Runoff from Fourmile mines could taint local water quality.” Dodge won first place in that category for his Oct. 27 article “What the frack? Controversial oil/gas drilling digs in around Boulder County.
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The Magic Bullitt
To try listing all of the impressive bullet points in Denis Hayes’ career as an environmentalist is like trying to count all the sunflowers in a 30-acre field.
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Green sandwiches and the invasion of the carrots
This coming Earth Day, the Carrotmob will descend upon University Hill at Half Fast Subs in an effort to raise enough money to help the sub shop become more energy-efficient. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, all revenues from Half Fast will be used to make the outdated restaurant more green.
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eco-briefs | A few fun ways to celebrate Earth Day
If you feel like traveling a bit farther, all National Parks in the U.S. are offering free admittance during Earth Week..
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Going wild
Craig is reminiscing about her do-it-yourself kayak trip through the Pacific Northwest’s Inside Passage. The 111-day journey started in Washington’s Gig Harbor before traveling more than 1,200 miles to Alaska.
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Electronic Community
But as pop music shifts to accomodate the creeping influence of dubstep and other forms of electronic dance music, the Communikey organization and its festival are themselves morphing with the times. Lesta and company are rebranding the festival this year.
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Cracking wise
“Mostly it’s just us fucking around,” says Victor Vazquez, aka Kool A.D. “A lot of the music we do, we aren’t trying to think of anything specifically. Early on we were just trying to make stuff that made each other laugh, and maybe our friends laugh. Something that would entertain ourselves and our friends.
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Angular music
Under the title “Celebrating Takács,” the concert features the renowned Takács Quartet from CU’s College of Music as soloists with the orchestra (Saturday at Macky Auditorium; see details on page 30). This is the first angle: Boulder’s premiere orchestra celebrating Boulder’s premiere chamber music ensemble.
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Black Friday for record shops
In the age of the Internet, buying an album is about as personal as checking the weather. Gone are the days of awaiting the next release of your favorite band before buying a copy at your local music store and popping a copy into your player at home..
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Event calendar | Week of April 19, 2012
Anderson looks at politics, evolution, families, history and animals with a collection of songs and stories (Communikey Festival opening concert). 8 p.m. Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St., Boulder, 303-786-7030..
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Theater | Week of April 19, 2012
Staged Reading: Henry VI Cycle..
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Art | Week of April 19, 2012
Viviane Le Courtois’ Edible? and Jason Rogenes’ Sp4c3cr4ft..
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Kids' calendar | Week of April 19, 2012
a.m. Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303-441-3100..
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Words | Week of April 19, 2012
Goat, 1709 Pearl St., Boulder. 303- 440-4628..
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Reel to reel | Week of April 19, 2012
Hollywood 1927. Silent movie matinee idol George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is enjoying the good life, although he seems fonder of his faithful dog than of his trophy wife (Penelope Ann Miller). He meets funny, sexy young extra Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), a dancer set for a big break, and sparks fly.
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Camp Crystal Fake-Out
It isn’t. In fact, the entire fundamental concept of the film relies solely on existing themes and tropes, on the relentless repurposing of the same mundane series of ideas over and over again. It just gives us an excuse to devour those familiar elements like so much comfort food.
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Eat, drink, shop, walk: Taste of Pearl
Considering the fact that Pearl Street restaurants, wineries and boutiques hardly ever get any business due to their unfortunate location, Downtown Boulder Inc. decided to host the event Taste of Pearl to help draw visitors to this neglected area of town.
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Butter get busy
This week, I decided to talk about something dear to my heart: getting laid. This recipe is the ultimate time-to-takethings-to-thebone-zone meal, unless you’re cooking for your family — in that case, I say, do not cook this particular recipe. It’s just too powerful.
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Royal Indian dining on the east side
While this factoid may be a commentary on a changing manufacturing base more than anything else, it still goes to the prevalence of this cuisine abroad. As we took our seats, Andrew noted that Indian food is more of a late-night meal in the U.K., accompanied by plenty of lager.
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Tidbites | Let them eat cake
Also on May 5 is the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, for which Kim & Jake’s will make the Derby Julep, named after the popular beverage. The Derby Julep features vanilla-mint cake soaked with Makers Mark bourbon, filled with vanilla custard and iced with mint chip cream cheese.
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Jai Ho, the Boulder spinoff of a popular Aurora restaurant, offers an intriguing blend of Northern and Southern Indian food, ranging from street-style eats to the ubiquitous lunchtime buffet.
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Astrology | Week of April 19, 2012
I nominate you to start the trend, Virgo. You’re the best choice, since your tribe, of all the signs of the zodiac, will most likely have the wildest rides and most intriguing adventures in the coming weeks..
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