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By Helen Driscoll in article - Wed, 04-04-2012
Thanks for the fresh approach to writing about green weddings. Some other suggestions: a plated dinner over food stations - less wasted food. (caterers make each guest a serving per food station.)
Green weddings can be a great way to illuminate the choices that are now available - to your guests and your vendors. There are a number of great designers working with peace silk, vintage fabrics, and other sustainable materials. Also, there are at least 3 large websites that sell previously owned gowns at a great discount.
Another point in eco choices is to support manufacturers who have taken the huge risk of making recycled good. Paper - for example. Most of the paper we recycle curbside - is shipped to Asia. More than 80%. Not used by US mills. (one of the few mills that make 100% post consumer paper closed down last year. Another went bankrupt a few years earlier....) So choose tree free paper (Cotton, mulberry, etc) and 100% pcw papers.
We've probably worked with about 30,000 couples over the past 16 years, helping them green their weddings. It really helps if the eco choice is also the superior choice. We've found that families sometimes have a hard enough time dealing with eco invites -- emailing a wedding invitation doesn't really help convince anyone to take the green path!!
Some examples here:
Colorado has been in the green camp for a long time. Cheers to you :)

By Ice in article - Sat, 03-11-2012
I read your post and wished I'd writetn it
By Magalie in article - Sat, 03-11-2012
Nhu em da noi ben trang kia . Em la truong ban van nghe ky nay . Em rat mong muon moi nguoi gop y kien de cho muc van nghe ky nay khong bi nham chan va buon ngu . Se co nhung tiet muc vui nhon va hai huoc .Nhung duoc su gop y cua cac ban khap noi thi that la tuyet .Tuy Phuong.
By Sticky in article - Sat, 03-11-2012
Phenomenal berkadwon of the topic, you should write for me too!
By Bhiyaant in article - Sat, 03-11-2012
Wonderful explanation of facts aavialble here.
By Nare in article - Sat, 03-11-2012
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By Yuli in article - Mon, 05-11-2012
Thank you, Marti; we remember fdlony Lee's gentle way of sharing his intuitive understanding of permaculture- and his kindness, which seems to be a trait shared by all of his family his effect ripples on.
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