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Letters | Save poop — and water
(Re: “Drying Times,” cover story, Feb. 23.) In millions of households across Colorado, people are defecating into water and flushing it all “away.” What a waste! Flush toilets are the rule, in spite of the gross misuse of water they cause.
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Stepping steadily upward on Massey’s corporate ladder
Every day on the job, hundreds of miners descend deep into the earth. And every time they go down, each of them wonders: “Will I make it back to the top today?” These days, though, miners and their families are wondering if federal prosecutors will...
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‘Birth control moms’ fight back
Nine days after denying the existence of “birth control moms,” Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she testified before Democratic Congressional leaders as to why she felt it was vital for contraception to be included in all insurance plans, even those provided by religious institutions.
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Climate change & the ingratitude of the eighth generation
The resolution, which was introduced by Mayor Applebaum at the urging of the Center for Biological Diversity in Arizona, declares that climate change “is not an abstract problem for the future or one that will only affect far-distant plac-.
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—Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, explaining why he described Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute” in calling for women who use government-funded contraceptives to post videos online of themselves having sex.
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POSH Paint & Wine Studio
POSH is Boulder’s only paint and wine studio where you can do step-by-step painting in a very fun, relaxed atmosphere. At POSH we work hard to bring you a memorable alternative to the ordinary night out. Enjoy a festive atmosphere, upbeat music and soak in the creative juices flowing all around.
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Wedding For You
Well designed cere- monies are transformational and allow us to celebrate thmore fully, make commit- ments more deeply, and man- age our challenges and losses (303)350-5533 with greater ease and acceptance. Most people think only of weddings and funerals as the ceremonies of life.
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Healing Touch Veterinary
At Healing Touch Veterinary we believe that healing happens on many levels. In our practice we attempt to address not just the physical problem but any emotional or spiritual issues as well.
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In case you missed it | LIMBAUGH LOGIC
The short version is that Limbaugh explained to America that any woman using a contraceptive paid for by anyone other than herself, and particularly by taxpayers, is actually a prostitute who should be forced to put all of her sexual encounters online for Rush and his listeners to watch.
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RTD runs the old bait and switch
In 2004, area voters approved a 0.4 percent sales tax as part of the FasTracks ballot initiative. The money collected from the tax was to be entrusted to the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in exchange for its promise to build, among other...
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Boulder’s fracking roots
in a producing formation with explosives. But because the drilling was vertical, once a well reached an oil- and gas-laden formation, the fracking impact was limited, perhaps four to 80 feet depending on the thickness of the producing layer of rock..
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Farmers lose GMO suit
The suit was filed by farmers “to protect themselves from being accused of patent infringement should they ever become contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically modified seed, something Monsanto has done to others in the past,” according to the website...
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Wilder paths to rejoining civilian life
The Women’s Wilderness Institute, a Boulderbased non-profit organization focused on helping women build strength and courage through wilderness experiences, recently teamed up with the Sierra Club and the University of Michigan to research the benefits of outdoor activities for veterans.
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eco-briefs | Climate change could cause 900 bird extinctions
Each degree of warming, depending on habitat loss, can lead to approximately 100-500 additional land bird extinctions, which increase faster than the rise in temperature. 3.5 °C warming by 2100 may result in 600–900 extinc tions of land bird species, 89% of which occur in the tropics.
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Tapping into history
Eighty-eight-year-old Harriet Butcher vividly recalls Sammy Davis Jr. tap dancing on the stage of the Roxy Theater in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.
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Of adverbs and experimentation
I could write a review that was harsh, but honest, about the book he tried for years to get someone else to publish, and then ran an IndieGoGo campaign (to which I contributed enough to buy both a copy of the book and a karaoke song from him), and...
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The album that almost wasn’t
“That was the record that kind of made us almost famous, I guess,” Hood says. “But when I hear it, it still drives me crazy. We were way too ambitious for our talent level and more importantly, what we could afford. … I still wish we could have made the record the way we heard it in our heads.
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Event Calendar | Week of Mar. 08, 2012
an evening with Aron Ralston to protect the Greater Canyonlands. 7 p.m. at the Boulder Theater.
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Arts | Week of Mar. 08, 2012
Cafe, 1203 13th St., Suite A, Boulder, 303-579-1644..
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Theater | Week of Mar. 01, 2012
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change..
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Words | Week of Mar. 08, 2012
Get-it-Done Series: Short Story and Personal Essay Writing Class —.
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Kids' Calendar | Week of Mar. 08, 2012
Boulder County Parks and Open Space Junior Ranger Adventure Day..
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Seuss is spinning
Most of the picture, as did the book, unfolds as a flashback to the Once-ler’s rabid capitalistic youth, when he harvested the precious Truffula tree for its velvety tufts and commercial prospects. Taking its cue from a single line in the original about the Once-ler’s family, The Lorax.
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Teen dream, parental nightmare
Things only start to go wrong when they rip off Costa’s well-armed, disturbed drug dealer. Costa has blasted the invitations all over social media, so the socially anonymous Thomas will be hosting hordes of “randoms,” peers who don’t know he exists. Not to worry, though.
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reel to reel | Week of Mar. 08, 2012
After the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of Navy Seals is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt to foil the attack. Rated R. At Century, Colony Square and Twin Peaks. — Los Angeles Times/MCT.
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Buddhist BOXING
Boxing may seem like a strange stop on the path to inner peace.
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Mixing up martial arts
Verno turned around, the spotlights were on him and he was shadowboxing, getting ready to walk out to the ring for his fight, and he looked at me and said, ‘Bro, you all right?’ I’ve never heard of a fighter asking the coach if he was all right before a fight,” says Trevor Wittman, owner of Denver’s Grudge Training Center.
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One baker’s road to cakes
“The funny thing is, I come from a family that does not cook or bake,” Robin says. “‘Homemade’ meant that you got a Betty Crocker cake from the box. So when I first told my mom that I was baking cakes actually from scratch, and not from the Betty Crocker box, she was shocked.
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Raw kale: There’s just something about it
No matter who you voted for in 2008, you’ll remember this odd feature of the political landscape that emerged once Obama got the Democratic nomination. Older white people, on camera or through micro.
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Santa Fe in Longmont
Despite my friend’s inherent snideness, I’ll admit I appreciate a business with a name that unambiguously identifies what it offers. Such is the case with Longmont’s to-the-point Santa Fe Coffee & Burrito Co.
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Tidbites | Justin's releases candy bar sign
Boulder-based Justin’s will launch an all-natural candy bar line at the Natural Products Expo West this week in Anaheim, Calif. Available in three gourmet flavors — Milk Chocolate Peanut, Dark Chocolate Peanut and Milk Chocolate Almond — Justin’s Candy Bars are a blend of organic chocolate, nuts, caramel and nougat.
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At dinner, starters range from Thai-spiced mussels to traditional escargot and shrimp Louis. Classicism marks the entrée menu, which includes filet mignon and rack of lamb. The lunch menu features lighter options like a tuna nicoise salad and a salmon, lettuce and tomato panini, and both meals feature the can’t-miss lobster ravioli.
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Astrology | Week of March 8, 2012
controlled hysteria. It’s agony. But everyone has agony. The difference is that I try to take my agony home and teach it to sing.” I hope this little outburst inspires you, Aries. It’s an excellent time for you to harness your hysteria and instruct your agony in the fine art of singing.
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